mother love

pure love

You know it, you feel it,
the love for a mother is a blessing
for me that is, now I also have my computer
broken so I´m actually writing not pretending
from the computer of mom. I might have to go later
to the hospital and check how things are going,
not boring a bit depressing,
but gotta have that smile on your face,
so read ya´ll later you animator!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

how can you not like this man?

After seeing video of video of him
how in the world you can´t respect him?
He makes it so easy, team player also that earns respect,
dribble to sible,(and more) even the “great commentarist of football”
(probably my grammar was wrong) have to say it.
Video, hit it! I know I posted a lot today, I also read your way.
It´s thanks anyway. I say!
Hit the video! Or on YouTube, they don´t let me pubish it here.
Fucking dummies,( so if you want go to yooou the tuve))
and this is my little tribute for mom. I do know she is
a bad ass and doesn´t want to see her son being a pussy.
But this is my strange tribute.

Sorry mom?

Look at that beauty! seeeeeexy!
I told you yesterday,
I was going over to your new house and help with packing-unpacking,
You called me at 6 a.m.
I don´t sleep like a man,
neither do you by th way
but you know my mental hay is in strange bay.
Not so much it seems
since I have been telling you I´m going to many times and then…lost in the mental hay
So, I can´t be all that sorry, but yet I am sorry for not following up with my Word.
I have things to do in my life to survive and overcome.
The great poetry is done.
Love you, I´ll try to be there tomorrow, who the fuck am I talking to? She doesn´t read this

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the one single…and she does not mingle

Yes, it is my mother, I´m 36 years old
She has cáncer, is not your problem? Na, mine
I probably got some of her, if not I wouldn´t go into the army.
Proud of that part of my life.

The mother,
I was almost crying like a bitch when today I phoned her,
and she said ¨ I don´t need you to motivate me, I motivate my self,
got it kid?¨

There are many women out there, but, she is the one.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.