My tribute to mom…bit strange

In Spain
Is mothers day….so I actually asked her to tell me three names fast whatever came to her mind
leeeeeeeeeeets hit it!

I had such a big stomach
that I thouth I could sell the house
it was full of mouse
but I just had a really ugly plant
and her name was…. Truant!

LOve ya beautiful… that’s for mom though not for the others women…. how many are there in the galaxy?

I got the best woman in the world

Two ten a.m
is not to hard to understand
but i can’t not sleep
because his name is Stand.

34 years old
and I do know thing about her
she is not the type of tuchy feeling
that is why I love her….. not her gold earing!

She is a bit pissed off at me,
which actually is normal
although I’m a
but I will get there.

You can believe that, gotta love her, although she probably read this,or not, and said….that’s a mess!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

For you lady

IMG_1477IMG_1472IMG_1385IMG_1227DownloadedFileimages-19Foto 105
All for the photos, and that is for mom, I think she obviousoly rmember those, not me in the uniform,
but the rest…you bet, hey mom! Remember those two dogs over there…. I was taking care of them, or maybe
not all that much but you know I have to say that in public.
Then we got this crazy ass girldscn2866
Freaking nutcase this one, do you only get dogs that are weird or what! Maybe like the so called kid.img_1061
That is not me……this is me, but you know the kidFoto 352
hold itDSCN2468 Remember this one…..
Anyways, fuck all that shit, since we are lloking in the future so i think this is the one, I guess
but I can be a bit of a mess…
love ya….sista!!!

Motherly love

Sorry, that is not her…
That’s the woman, even much more good looking that the other blond, that barby is a forgone,
my barby is the the one in the other photo.

Here it goes!

If your child is in need
You scratch and hatch and whatever he bust need
Tough love
It has to be a must
To survive life’s lust
But if the so called kid screws up
To much
Then do not count on her
And that is why you got to love her.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Army boy

Yes, you can believe that,
I never got photos, this was from
a…. dumb,
looks like me
you better believe
I got shot at,
I got blown off
I didn´t see a nice woman in 8 months
I guess that is why is all the, and,
the best of me if this, writing while fighting demons
in whatever but I did run from the past
at last,
no drinking,
a bit of fighting
but in my defense is to get
out the adrenaline stress
Anyways got ya here in my cool photo
Foto 329
Then I realized what is really important, just one woman, the others can go
and take a hike with a kite,
gotta love her.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You got to love the woman


That is her, my woman
although i did had more hair….what happened….
that is my mother,
brother i kill for her, not kill since she wouldn´t like for me to say that
but i say this is a incognito fact,what i guess i´m trying to say is……
fuck these whores that i surround me with, fuck the males that i surround with me.

She is what i live for, or at least she is the one that i can make her life, for….
and by the way, hell baby i´m pretty cool myself when the shit hits the fan,
so the road goes both ways. i´m cooler though…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Happy mothers day…one day late?

Hey mom
I´m dropping you a bomb
I´m gonna be perfect
And I didn´t join a sect
So…..forgot, we actually don´t celebrate
that thing which for us is not innate,
not conventional, in that traditional
i know you love me, you know i love you
so since all the posts from yesterday
and today had some mother thing, i thought
we could go out have a beer, mother and son
and do a “bling bling” after we sing… “my little hurricane”
since the kid is just a bit insane, but..why in
the world is a mothers day? what about a son day?
every Sunday?!!!…. love ya, yet again who wants to
know that apart from me and you, but i figured to write
inside my iglue and spill some wroten shoe.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

New member to the family

I would like to introduce you to Tina,
yep, Tina, I had no clue why what that name,
but mommy,or Rambo Mom, she said after I said
“that name is dumb”, then she said “No, you are dumb
her name is Tina, as in Tina Turner”. So that was the
end of the converstaion, after that she smacks me, what an
evil person she is. So there it is, the new member of
the familly joining us, next Sunday. Forgot.
That is not really she, I got that photo from google
since I couldn´t “copy” and ” paste” from the original

Tina Tina
you don´t look like a hyena
you look more like…whatever
hope you come up good, since your new mother
is going to treat you like a shrine
you´re going to be devine.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Interesting conversation with mom

Sunday Sunday, that time of the week to sit down with my great mother a.k.a Rambo or
also goes by the name Al Capone and have a deep conversation.

This happened this morning when I got here for breakfast.

Out of the blue…” I love John Wayne.”

Me-thinking, where is she going with this this time, finally I say
“He´s old and outdated.”

Her-“He was the true cowboy, riding on his horse, smoking his cigarette,shooting
guns, crossing the prairies with all the snow and sun against him and with all those

Dad chips in, just to make everything more of a normal conversation
” He didn´t even leave the Hollywood studios for that.”

Mom ignores him and looks at me, now my heart beat starts to increase and she says
“What do you think?”

Me- Silent

Her “Would you talk!”

Me- ” There was also gay cowboys.”

Her-“There are no gay cowboys. I have watched those movies since a little girl and they
were not any gay cowboys.”

Me- “How do you know?”

Her- “Because there just weren´t”

Me- “So you have no basis for that argument.”

Her- Slap on my head followed by “I said so, so I said so. Shut up and eat.”

Me- “You are a bit of a dictator, no, Castro?”

Her- “You want to eat lunch today?”

Me- Silent.

Jeeesus, nut job of a family I have. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My mom has an enemy….called google!!

The conversation
Mom- I don´t like people following me.

Son- What? ( a bit confuse as to where this came from all of a sudden)

Mom- People in the internet follow me

Son- Mom, who in the world is following you if you rarely get in the internet

Mom- google

Son-google what?!!!

Mom- google follows me, I hate that.

Son-How in the world is google going to follow you, is this going in the same
direction as to the “cloud” thing.

Mom- What cloud?

Son- You know when you said you send emails and they get lost in a cloud….

Mom- Shut up idiot, I´m talking now about google following me.

Son-Google doesn´t follow anybody!! (my face turning red)

Mom- Yes they do, I type a word for them to search and then I get a message
telling me that nothing is found with that word, and they keep sending me
more messages.

Son- (thinking, what the, this woman has gone the deep end) Mom it´s a
notification telling you that they haven´t found anything related with what
you have put in the search, they´re helping you.

Mom- I don´t want anybody helping me! Let alone a computer that knows every
move I make, a person follows me, it irritates me.

Son- You fucking kidding me….

Mom-No, and stop swearing, but I hate that google person.

Son- Is not a person.

Mom-Well how does it know what I´m searching and then it also gives me ideas
as to what I would like to see,I know what I like to see, why does this person
has to tell me what I want to see.

Son- If you click in certain places it tracks that and then it gives you web pages
that you might be interested in,is not like you have to go there by force.

Mom- See? I told you, that person is following me.

Son- (sighs)

Mom- ( a smirk on her face)

Forgot, father- laughing out loud, nodding his head.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.