I am complete

Sorry about that one “Steffany”, got to get my head a bit in the right direction, not much, just a bit.




I´m not complete, army days where fun( for me at that point in life) but if I have to be complete it has to be,
shelfessly loved and me loving her ( I know that much I love her) the great and only

M%M women, that would be mom I know…

She´ll put you to work, and no bullshit if you piss her off. Although I do think I can piss her off and she still love me.

Now I am complete.

The unbecoming mother

Johny yelled, “is mine!!”
Sara grabbed what she saw as an apple harder she thought she was smarter,
Johny yelled again “miiiiiine!!!”
The hand grenade exploded evaporating their mind
The mother came out….She smiled, her dark eyes,
Turned blue for a while she then called the police
Telling them she was now at peace and going to live it up in Greece.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Look at that beauty! She´s even promoting Eminems.
Strong?I thought I was strong because of my army experience…no.
She came today were I live, she has stage 4 cancer. She came… I didn´t.
Although in my defense I was the one staying in the hospitals, back at her house
doing all the cleaning, cooking, the freaking dog she has ( love ya Tina), so
I did something right.
She came to see me since I don´t have a cellphone, stoled by…won´t name her.
She pretty much called me a dummy and other things. But she came to see her only son.
She did say at the end after basically calling me a dumbshit that I could pass by her house.
Just this mother for me, is the greatest woman on earth. I´m a mammas boy in a sense. Mother-kid.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

mom in the hospital…again

Probably why I didn´t feel to even get out of bed, like a bitch I am.
Thinking about me….Jesus, what has happened to me? I wasn´t like that before.
My mother had cáncer less than a year ago, and now back to the hospital
for..I don´t know. I´ll see tomorrow since it´s when I´m able to see her.
There is no buses to that hospital, I don´t have money for a taxi, I don´t
have a charger for my phone so I constantly have to borrow one or just turn it
off so I don´t burn the battery.Again, talking about me.
This is not looking good for her, I should have gone to see her weeks ago and
didn´t. Now is all regrets. I did talk to her today and the first thing she said
was that if I was going to go to see her to be “presentable”,forget that she
is in really bad shape and not to say she´s maybe dying. She is thinking of me,
and to not embarass her since this is a five star hospital. Strong women?
You don´t know what strong is until you meet my mother. And then my father,
with all he has in his plate….fuck.

read you latter alligator( My weird tribute to my mother)

alligator…..just had to express my self to you,
you do a good work in keeping my mind,
have been in the army and deployed, so sometimes i do,
find myself annoyed.
First I called my mother, but always with a positive side,ride!
she does not know my aggressive side. I do have maybe a sneaky suspicion
that she actually might have known that I do call her talking really about bullshit,
I also have the real sneaky suspicion that she doesn´t really know how far I can go….
but if she does know she knows that if her voice comes up it calms me down,
so just hearing her voice calms me. Go figure this woman.Or me.
Latter I write in this blog, it also calms me.
I saaaaid read you latter you..people? Because I want to learn.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Individual woman, hate! to feminist

Yep, I´m a mammas boy but I probably have experience most hardships than you,
yes, I did say that. I call them these type….the vikings.
Come to your own conclusions, and you will comment on my or your own conclusions.
There are two, one and the other that this American judge basically gave her what she needed.
Apart from the first one, I can´t comment on the other one without insulting her.
Yes, I hate feminist.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Happy Christmas?

I hate this holiday, specially now, mother with cáncer and weak, I have
two appointments with doctors to see how fucked up is my body on the 28th
of this month and this is what I´m listening too, before I go to my mothers
house and try to bring, some joy to the world!

Fucking weird I am.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, Happy Christmas, hope is better than mine.
But I do very much appreciate the comments some people leave, I´m very greatful,
I do hope that for all of you people it Will be a great Christmas.