My love

The best I have seen…

No!!! not that one
Even if I feel young
People are not dumb
So I will let no crumb

The best I have seen….

It was her!!!! and the best one,
I was a sniper believe it or not people seen sighter
Wich is comes good to see this
just mom, I am a mama kid, even though of a tough life, she is mom.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

what do you want to be remember for?

The answer to that question is being a good son, good person.

Those who have read about my little crazy life maybe know a bit,
been in the Spanish Legion wich I´m sure now that it was something
that my mother hated or was afraid probably more than me when I was deployed,
after that part I became a drunk, homeless, ended in prison, numerous times
to the hospital wich if I didn´t die in the army I was also quite close
to die in the civilian world because of the drinking.

Now It is my time to take care of this person, my mother.
She has cancer and I felt strange when I saw her after the doctors
removed the cancer and now that she is at home I´m her rock,
my father of course is there, but he does have to work aaaaalot to
pay for the bills. Great man, what he has done to provide for the best doctors
and him also helping at home is quite a different father that I knew. So is quite strange for me, and I´m 35….
but to see my mother so weak and me taking care of her, well,
that is what we are going to do.

So in my life as a fuck up, when I die, that is what to be remembered for,
a caring son. No drinking no nothing, I go to her and apart from taking care
of her home wich if I don´t cut the grass or trim this little trees, well,
she loves her garden, and her house clean, so there I am,
when I go to do some chores she will say ¨Carlos, stay here with me¨,
I never heard that, and me, as I am, always with dummy stories wich she laughs,
but I have to ¨church them up¨(ya knoooow! just twist all the real bad things into something funny)
and that makes my heart a bit more full. She is a woman that she can´t stay still,
she always was in the garden or just moving somethings around the house, now she
has to rest in bed or in the sofa, and there I am with her from Monday to Friday,
now that I noticed it sounds like I´m writing like I´m this great person…… No,
but mom is mom, she´ll pull out of it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Live day to day like it was your last day.

A normal conversation with mommy

I´m waiting on a line of God knows how many dudes, I can hear the guys on the phone
telling their family members what you always say in those cases when you´re about to
get deployed and you have signed the cool letter where it states that in case you die
over in that shitty country where are your belongings and money going to go. So there
I am standing in my cool uniform and pain in the ass since it´s over 100 degrees Farenheit
people are already starting to insult the guys in the phone booth to hurry up, I´m one of them
who is throwing out insults while you hear the guys saying “don´t worry, it´s safe, no problems,
I´m strong, bla bla bla” So is my turn then.

Riiiiiiiing….now the phone is ringing. Quite truthfull to the real conversation but that did happen
quite a long time, but this is not too far off, believe it.

“Hello?” that´s dad
I tell him when is the date they have finally announce were going to be deployed, he tells me
that they can´t make it to the farewell, not strange by the way, and that he´ll see me when I come back.

In comes Mom.

She, “Hi, how´s everything?”

Me, “Good, gonna deploy again on the 6 of June”

She, “That´s what you wanted, right?”

Me, “I´m not complaining, I´m just telling you.”

She, “Well that´s good then, by the way, bring me some sand.”

Now my face turns probably a bit awkward since the guys behind me are staring at me quite strangely.

Me, a bit dumbfounded ” What?……Did you just said to bring you some sand?”

She, normal, as talking about bring me some apples from the grocery, ” Yes sand, just take a taperware
and fill it with sand.”

Me, ” What for? Why in the world would you want sand from that shit country?”

She, ” I have to show´em to my girl friends.”

Me, “Fuck, you really are serious.”

She, “Yes, just take the taperware and fill it up, see you when you come back, love you.”

Hangs up.

Now I´m standing there thinking to myself, fuck me, I need to go and buy a taperware and I have no idea if
I can reach the town or what. What is she going to do if I don´t bring the freaking sand?…. Now I´m really
starting to panic. Forget about people shooting at you, I need to find a freaking taperware and hope to God
I don´t forget to bring the sand. No crying, no be careful, nope, the taperware filled with sand. Plus
the conversation does keep you from thinking about stupid stuff.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Who created mothers?(poem)


Hon, the baby is crying
Love, no worries I´m not dying
Hon, you haven´t slept in months
Love, think of me like nuns
Hon, that makes me horny
Love, go buy yourself a pony
Hon, the baby is driving me nuts
Love, go out and play with those sluts
Hon, that´s actually a good idea
Love, you have no idea
Hon, the kid got in trouble in school
Love, I gotta double double so he looks cool
Hon, is this thing ever going to leave the house?
Love, yes but he´ll always be my little annoying mouse.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.