mothers day


The title was in pularal,
yet get me in my normal…..
I do believe, in that weird in my case that is,
I did stop at one point in my age to walking and snaking
with mother,
now it seems she is “quite comfortable”, in the sense,
she knows I will die for her yet I did fuck up in life,
but that relationship she seems to be some sort at ease,
What did this trigger of writing come?
Well, her first soccer player she told me… Messi!!
(Not the first but the greatest as she told me)

I still remember as a very young kid, we as a familly happended upon(in a hotel)
these scoccer players, my father couldn´t care less, my mother? Damn!
She actually coached the coached. Hence I have his picture and autograph.
The guy was probably thinking, who does this woman so cute and and nice and knoledglable
about this soccer sport knows how much.

Apart from saying my mother is the queeeeeeenes, come on what else can I say about this womam?
She did also put me “in line” to get into that soccer field. No dummy my mother. Got to love her,
YOU. (me obviously but is not preety, so YOU)

I´m going a bit nutty with the quarantine

Corona quarantine
Let begin
Always thinking about mom
Calling her, she does has terminal cancer
Not enhance-er
And if she reads this
I won´t get a kiss
But a smack in the face
Strong woman she is
Does not like a pussy me-s

Video! Below. How the fuck does a woman takes care of 9 children? That was a chore for sure.
This video actually remembered me of my mother, I had to smile at the reactions of her and him
and the way they talked about each other. 7.16 in the A,M, woked up at 5 a.m, wrote my great novella,
and now watching this, also reading you people I should add. What´s with the mothers? I got to love mine,
not perfect at all but gotta love her, fuck me, SHE IS PERFECT. The video is very representative of how
she is and our relationship. I´m sounding like a pussy… fuck me.

Too smart mother( thought)

Starting on my mother,
i can say or you can say or they can say,
too much,
for my mothers watch,
she never went to school, no cool studies,
except… yew schooling me, his cool buddy,not so kiddy-
You just can´t, with her it is a chant,
not for those type ones.
Ones who think they outsmart her,
leave it there.
And like always. Me the kid will fuck you up.
Not the smart thing,
wouldn´t be a precious person
for her reason, in my mind prison.

Certain mothers day and fathers way,
I think it should ( for some not all) always.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m sorry mothers

I know today in the U.S you celebrate mothers day, and it should be a day for joy….
to whom by the way?
The mother? 9 months of the kid kicking you inside
What a pride!
The labour for the kid to come out?
And then a constant shout!
Funny if the kid stuck his head out looked left and right and said..
Not a cool place I´m going inside back again
That would be a weird end
No sleeping while his toddler years
We have women zombies driving around hitting deers
The joys of them being in their teens,
the fun then really begins….

I´m sorry mom, I have decided to rename this day, ¨Sorry moms¨ 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

mamas boy take on mama

Today is the day,
In Spain it´s the 5 of May, mothers day,
I´m sure there is no galaxy
that is like my mother so pretty.
Hold it!
she did at age 18 almost 19…
“You fucked up the university, you are out”
Or something to that effect but with a shout,
I do remember that.
I was to cool to go back to school,
having studied in the U.S and two friends in the U.S Marines
I got one job, another, got bored, always my adrenaline over a normal score,
I decided to join the Spanish Legion, at that time it was my religion.
Died? I´m writing! So no but close, went in vacations to cool fucked up destinations,
in strange nations.

It looks like I´m writing about me, and that is true,
one reason,
without explaining me at that time and now, I can´t explain my mother.

Lets make it quick….not really

Mom Alert!

You do what is in your best interest
You also can do that and help people
You have to be strong or you perish
Do what you love is very important
Enjoy the trip (to some extent if I´m in the army and deployed)
Fuck everyone else and be you, because YOU (me) are worth it
You screw up it´s on you

Basic values, she is the strongest person I have met,
not because she is my mother
she is a tough mother- fucker.

P.S. Crazy, she hates my writing shit, but I´m her mamas boy.
P.S 2- I saved her life based on what she tought me.
P.S 3- No baby crap crying.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My tribute to mom…bit strange

In Spain
Is mothers day….so I actually asked her to tell me three names fast whatever came to her mind
leeeeeeeeeeets hit it!

I had such a big stomach
that I thouth I could sell the house
it was full of mouse
but I just had a really ugly plant
and her name was…. Truant!

LOve ya beautiful… that’s for mom though not for the others women…. how many are there in the galaxy?

I got the best woman in the world

Two ten a.m
is not to hard to understand
but i can’t not sleep
because his name is Stand.

34 years old
and I do know thing about her
she is not the type of tuchy feeling
that is why I love her….. not her gold earing!

She is a bit pissed off at me,
which actually is normal
although I’m a
but I will get there.

You can believe that, gotta love her, although she probably read this,or not, and said….that’s a mess!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.