mothers day

smack him!!!

(the fucking photo goes down…..what´s with you word the press people? Haaaaaaaaaaa! gonna eat you a leg)
It is my mother
who again,
there was a point in time we had each other,
anyways, I had it written down
but I love to go on my crazy writing of my own.
So the point, smack the kid after he did a bad deed,
now a days it will be child abuse,
so now after 20 plus years I´m gonna sue your masseuse
in the head, I still feel pain, actually is a chronic pain
so I have to get some gain while riding in my private plane,
what else, hold on I´m typing quickly and not so mickle
had the idea of the mother, so there it goes my brotha!!!
Do not fuck with her, don’t say shit about her if you don´t want
me to go after and smack you silly, you willy, and then,
the message was….
the only thing that is really really, important in your life is that,
the family.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

no fear

No Feaaaaaaaaaaaaar!
actually this is for my mother
since there is no other,
if you piss her off she can be wild of as bull
and cut your skull.

She never ever passed me fear,
i´m the black sheep of the family
wich seems now to be a strange normality.

She truly is something, although
if you get on the wrong, side of her
you will be capture
by two or three stinging bee´s in the net
so that is said.

I´m actually a pussy compared to her,
yooooooooo!! Heard?

My old woman,
she is superwoman
she literally was the one who took care of me as a kid
although i did slip, but got up, so fuck it, and down and up
and up and down and

She is getting older
but she has the strength of a bulldog
they call those monsters a dog? Fuck, she bought one…

I will make this sound aloud in my song,
No fear is what she did not pass to me.

So I might be the wrong sheep but no fear, whatever it comes
so no fear, that is what my mother showed to me, not said,
just her acts, and that is more important tha stupid word facts.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Happy mothers day…one day late?

Hey mom
I´m dropping you a bomb
I´m gonna be perfect
And I didn´t join a sect
So…..forgot, we actually don´t celebrate
that thing which for us is not innate,
not conventional, in that traditional
i know you love me, you know i love you
so since all the posts from yesterday
and today had some mother thing, i thought
we could go out have a beer, mother and son
and do a “bling bling” after we sing… “my little hurricane”
since the kid is just a bit insane, but..why in
the world is a mothers day? what about a son day?
every Sunday?!!!…. love ya, yet again who wants to
know that apart from me and you, but i figured to write
inside my iglue and spill some wroten shoe.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.