motivational speech

crazy motivational speech

I understand why so many read and hear motivational speeches,
I myself do hear them from time to time
I myself got to a conclusion that is not an illusion
You can not try to motivate me only me I can motivate myself
Fuck is cold in this house by the way, but I got my cigarettes!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Make your bed

Really? So easy.I got a crazy theory….

If you make every morning your bed, it’s just a small task right?
But making your bed it reinforces that the little things matter in life,
reinforces that you wake up and have that small task to do, and from there
you can reach the sky. So…. make the bed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the 90%

I would add 10% more. And in case of more I should add I wrote this yesterday,
having trouble sleeping, because of guess what? Alcohol, harder than I thought
to be on my own and not drink that devil drone. Working on it, if this guy can
do all that he does all screwed up, what is my excuse?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

father father don’t you see?

Look at that handsome man,
that is him,
my father… or not, I’ll snap you with a knot,
so I’ll get srerious then.

MY father…what can I say about this man…

always calm
hands never tremble
hard working
funny…in his own way
no self pitty
love his wife
he is great at his job
the bravest person i have known
not in the physical sense
but in the mental strenght
he takes care of my mother
and she actually doesn’t even need to take care from anybody
40 plus years together…damn,
although, how in the world does this guy makes her laugh in the morning?
i will never be him…
but i got that since i was at least 16
he inspires others
to be enterprenours
and that takes some nevers
that a lot of people disserve
my friends,
is a true man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

coward not

is not physical
is more mental
but the second
can lead to the first
sometimes is critical
and stand up and be empirical
pointing fingers
while you´re passing through the ringers
that is cowardly
sadly and badly
is not because of him or her
that gave you the bad stare
is you
all on you, even with help
still is on you to propel
the spell
and get out of the dark
and see the light start

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

My own motivational Speech

* I did read and see these motivational speeches so I did take a word
here and there, but the rest of it is mine, you should buy
me a shrine, by the way, I do feel like that dime*

Success,each to his own can measure it in his
own way, but there will be stress.
Success is the:
“progressive realisation of a worthy goal”
and if you don´t fix it you will be a bitch
for the rest of your life,
Aristotle said, ” no virtue is developed in a vacuum ”
I added, “also in the lonely head bathroom”
don´t read about it (as I did with the blogs)
don´t talk about it
seems to me quite fictitious
cause i will be malicious
point being,
just go out there and fucking do it, actions
speak more than dumb writing reaction.

So that was my motivational speech after Reading
some thing in my hearing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses