motivational video

Hit it!!!

I know I only put these motivational videos sometime and they are all related
either with the military or fighters. But what he says you can apply it
to anything in life. I´m putting the work on a book, actually 2, so
that is in my head 24/7. You will know when I´m a famous writer.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the fighter

I know, in my mind on family time, listening to this is bullshit,
In my family time, it´s just shame
listening to this you are a weak person, but
I have a problem…..I might suffer weakness in the sense,not sensible really,
that I do not shy from hard times, but until they come up,
then the motor starts running

You freaking weirdo.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

tell them the truth

This speech for me translates to all affects of life, including the prayer, wich I need.

Going to run now to see if the place you can call on “locutorio” in spanish if it is open, since
first of all lets see if the phone booths work…it seems I live in a great town, everything is perfect.
Going to call…yep, mommy, she has cancer
and I’m not even there to help, shame on me.
Can’t sugar coat it, so the another reality would
be her, wich she actually reads my blog.( I think I fucked up helping her with this one)
Hey mom! well, this is what she will say ” You are full of shit, you have no feelings and stop with
that bullshit on your blog, most of it is a lie, you put yourself in a pedestal!”. True.
Hey mom! Well I don’t yell at her, she scares me, hello mother is just “creative writing”….most part.
It’s my reply.

(hope you got the double meaning of the title, is not only for her, she knows me)
Hold right there…forgot, kidding, I know my mother she hates this kind of dramatic
scenes, this “self motivation videos”. You people really think they had back in the day this stuff?
actually I gess,no,since most of you are older than me, shit, I’m just calling you OLD PERSONS….
being a wimp, doesn’t run in my parents DNA.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the 90%

I would add 10% more. And in case of more I should add I wrote this yesterday,
having trouble sleeping, because of guess what? Alcohol, harder than I thought
to be on my own and not drink that devil drone. Working on it, if this guy can
do all that he does all screwed up, what is my excuse?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Change and growth

I know these type of videos are corny, actually if you would tell me about seeing
these type of videos 5 years ago I would laugh at you, and if you would have told
me this at 19 the coooooooool, army boy time, I would laugh and then smack you.
Now at my age 34, actually the number doesn’t matter.

I have always beeen a big drinker, even at age 13 when I started to drink.
After army days it really got out of control, I ended up homeless and a criminal,
unfortunately I have a criminal record because of the booze.
That was quite something to say in public, fuck it.
But what they say in this video, specially the first one minute and a half
it is what is happening to me as of a couple of weeks. And is hard, since I do
live in a small town where the old so called friends live and other towns I move around
I see other so called friends, you can imagine what they do for a living…. and is hard
to not fall out of line and go out with them on a party trip, hard hard as an addict since
I AM an addict, it is hard. And tomorrow again to the detox center, and this has been for
a week or so, And life is really starting to look much brighter.
So this was a real cool video that as I was hearing it I was thinking to myself
this is exactly what is happening to me now.
Gotta take out the laoundry now, since we are 4 in this house so you got to
get there in fast, read ya latter!