Attention please
sit down read and be at ease
they ask, “what are you going to do next?”
People give some reasons and some say “might as well go and touch the sun”,
I´m not a nun but a priest
and a human beast
like you
so we might as well go touch the soothing moon
not sit down sorrowing in a dark room.
That in it´s essence is priceless.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

crazy motivational speech

I understand why so many read and hear motivational speeches,
I myself do hear them from time to time
I myself got to a conclusion that is not an illusion
You can not try to motivate me only me I can motivate myself
Fuck is cold in this house by the way, but I got my cigarettes!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the sound of laughter motivates me

disclaimer- I have no internet at home so I´m in the public library,
so here in Spain I can only take so much time to read you all, trying my best though

You hear it?
I can, just listen quietly for a second,


They said I couldn´t read
but I will take books home from the library until my eyes bleed
They said I couldn´t write in English just in Spanish
so here I am writing for the big finish
They said I couldn´t rhyme
so that went up their behind
They said I couldn´t write or know the structures of poetry
so I was in no hurry

Laughter! and more laughter at me writing
At least for now I started this blog for your sighting

Who would of thought that 3000+ people would follow this crazy
I guess I´m not all that lazy

A peculiar character
You should put on your navigation charter

I did put my work on it, from Spanish to English
So I didn´t eventually write in Swedish

To not knowing anything about social media.

I did it, I write every time I can in English,
I stole your language so I feel…embelish!

Laughter all the way from people around me,
Laugh and laugh,
¨this doesn´t give you any money,¨they say¨ and laugh.

Maybe not today or in ten years, but I will promise that it will.
So laugh. Laughter motivates me,
So I hope when it comes my time because it will, remember…fuck you and laugh.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

father father don’t you see?

Look at that handsome man,
that is him,
my father… or not, I’ll snap you with a knot,
so I’ll get srerious then.

MY father…what can I say about this man…

always calm
hands never tremble
hard working
funny…in his own way
no self pitty
love his wife
he is great at his job
the bravest person i have known
not in the physical sense
but in the mental strenght
he takes care of my mother
and she actually doesn’t even need to take care from anybody
40 plus years together…damn,
although, how in the world does this guy makes her laugh in the morning?
i will never be him…
but i got that since i was at least 16
he inspires others
to be enterprenours
and that takes some nevers
that a lot of people disserve
my friends,
is a true man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Hey ladies, don’t get all excited
you can be shortsighted
or not, that is a good looking man
standing,I don’t know
but you can bow…to me.


Is all on me and you and all of us
that, you can trust,
as a very special woman didn’t say
just showed her way
nobody or anything can stand in your way

this special person said,
if life got rough
you go one more mile until your tough

i know and know and …well there are the bad parts
depressing and is quite a mess in the head
but eventually you might as well get your head out of your ass
and do what you have to do.


That is a phrase that stood with my little me
so thank you to she.

And…happiness, not all happines but a better living life
will come to you for one to strive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Change and growth

For some people in order to change and grow you have to get rid off certain people
that is a real sequel,
change is inevitable
scary to stay on that table
you do not know why
or how,
change is life
it’ s a must be for me and you in order to strive
Do what you can
With what you have
And where you are
Hopefully change and growth
will come
and nobody can stand, on the way.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.