Kill Kids!

(try to follow)
Jesus Christ, ….. does this makes sense
Quarantine we are, althought the Kid can go out
Forget about people coming in and out of this house,it truned in to a whore house
literally, and who? my self proclaimed girlfriend Miriam Lorenzo Calero
And others obviously
She did go to my fathers Facebook and proclaim nonesense hence I will expose you.
As what you are, you fuck for money you are a whore.
the neighbour to me left has three kids,
so what this kids do is play soccer against the room,
In my time in Spain it was called “fronton”, you kick the ball
against a wall, get it with one feet or the other or chest or whatever
Getting me nuts this kids. Not really.
Kind of crazy the whole situation. And I went from whores to kids, that was ADD at is best
or call it “stream of consciousness”, then put on public, aquatic

My famous diary

My famous..or infamous diary. Make it quick and becoming tired of this. I need to write,
poetry, my very cool short stories, my very cool novel.
I do see the statistics and quite a lot are from Spain. I only told one person
apart from relatives I have a blog. So…humans are humans this person told
not a pretty bunch I have to say. So be ready to get killed? Yes, and the reverse
if necessary. It is scarry but again necessary. Never thought I was going to live
over 25 (army days), then age 30 back in hospital, I´m 37 going on eleven, but still here.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Laura the butcher(50 word story)

The door bell rang, Laura stopped cutting a piece of meat and opened the door.
To the surprise of his friend Frank her white sweater was covered in red,
Frank laughed at her simple explanation and left, she returned to cutting up
her now ex-boyfriend Mike who had been late for dinner.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

killer grandmother

I´ll make it short for your house resort.
There was once a grandmother(may she rest in peace)
She had a goat, my mother and her brother loved to play with.
One day the goat dissapeared!
My mother asked grandma where the goat went,
and as a good mama, she told my mama that the goat was in God hands.
Later on my mama found the goat in her belly…..what a disgrace grandmother!
I know you´re living the life UP there, love ya.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I told you

I told you once, I told you twice,
but you kept rolling your dice.
I´m a strong female, and you,
a distasteful male. You said you love me-
forever, I believed you-
forever, like a dummy
you played me like a heartless mummy.
She was blond! She was blond!
Now, open your mail box
Open it!
And find her head in a stick.

Sorry babe, I still love you I re….aaaaaaaaa! no please no!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.