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Beautiful voice, song all the elements come together including the post as a whole. I just love music artista, maybe I wanted to sing or what is up Charly? He is a male, but ladieeeees! I´m straight. Although he is a Good looking male …… point being before I go into a strange ramble, no point really just like to conversate with a musician. I actually sound like a little girl…….

George Blamey-Steeden

G5 (B&W)‘Defeat Looms’

An adapted story. I say adapted only because I turned it into verse for this post.

What’s the worst thing you want to hear about if you’re an artist, photographer, writer, poet, musician, whatever apart from being ignored? I’d often wondered. Now I know.


“I kinda like your kinda great kinda music

I kinda like the way you kinda write a kinda song

I kinda like the kinda words for your kinda lyrics

I kinda think we might kinda get along”

Not sure if I was being dissed or liked, my reply;

“I kinda think I better be off now”

Was my kinda way of saying goodbye

I kinda hope she hasn’t kinda killed my kinda creativity

If so I kinda think I’ll just break down and kinda cry

There’s got to be a song in there somehow. Having said that here is a song. It’s an…

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