They might detain me (video)

Now a days in Spain with the socialist-communist government…. might detain me.
Spanish readers know ( some history of this one). I am proud.

Eminem guest blogger!

You are about to witness writing
in the most un-pure form-ing
writing with syringes
i made Shakespeare extinguish
with my new writing of English
Looks like Eminem brought his own Batman and renamed Robin
to dobbin
i´ll sail through this fast with unheard wording syllables
eating at your head while performing miracles
just call collect
to read a duet
one of you are going to get wet
sing! one, two,ozero zero, hero two.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I think the guy is a real good song-writer. And I don´t know why all the groups I listen to are guys…..and I´m not even gay!
Enjoy, I did.

Zoolon Audio


‘The Magic of Shadows Set Free’

Just a song, plus its lyrics, today. It’s called ‘In Praise of Shadows’ and it’s from my first album ‘Dream Rescuer’. I hope you enjoy.


This is a song for all the shadows
Where the good and the bad both hide
A safe haven for the lost souls
Where no one takes up sides

No colours in my shadow
It just follows me around

No danger in a shadow
It’s as constant as a heart
An island in a sea of light
A restless piece of art

No colours in my shadow
It just follows me around
It never gets to fly away
It’s stuck to me on the ground

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My take

I´m going to jump a bit in my arguments, so please bear with me.

I read this fellow blogger that the post he posted I respectfully disagree.
He said that to have a succesful blog is basically to keep your standard and be consistent.

I´m getting bored now, there is this group called 21 pilots.
They managed to make various things work together in my opinion.
They can rap, you have two guys that one sings and performs in a lot of instruments,
meaning he can shift from rap to a mellow song, Rastafari, different type of showmen
You got the guy in the drums that finally these people thought it would be a good idea to put
the drummer on front stage.

I can´t compete with that talent obviously, nor I want, but my blog ranges from shit to …..
a great hit.

( why do in this video call her Pink? She is blond…..)

I figured to post all the things I saved in WordPress , tomorrow is sobering day. Say Hay.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.