Sherlock “the Charly” Holmes

Foto 372

So here I am
Ready to hit the mean streets of New Orleans
well, just some small town village in Spain
still, the mision is of great gain
I have to go from bar to bar
seeking my phone, not a car

But I already found this!Foto 374
And also this Foto 373
But you little humans
who don´t have my brains
you´re locked in chains
the two picture look the same
or you see a little subtle
thing….?whoever sees it I´ll give you back the space shuttle

So now, is my time to put all my knowledge
that I never had in college
to find my cell phone
and we shall, since Sherlock ” The Charly” Holmes
is going in search of all the village homes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Lurking in the shadows

PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fieldsa

Another great prompt by

The telephone rang waking her up. She stumbled to the telephone, “hello?”

“I like it when you are sleeping in your panties.”

“Who is it?” She asked while looking at her black panties.

“I´m your friend, your lover.”

“You creep!” She said and hanged the phone.

She was about to go back to her bed when the phone rang again,
” stop calling” she said forcefully, “get a life.”

“Wave at me honey, got the balcony, the black van….. I´m here.”

Carissa put on her pyjamas and opened the door feeling the cold rain making her shiver.
Suddenly she felt a cold sharp object on her neck and a second later she was decapitated.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Forest(prompt)

FWF by   #FWF Free Write Friday: Time & Place Scenario | Kellie Elmore

He felt his feet melt with the snow. Each step was a lost step, why more steps if he wasn´t getting anywhere. He knew it deep down inside that this forest had taken his life slowly, pound by pound, inch by inch, and all because of what, because of a midnight stroll to clear his head from his nagging fiancé? Why was she such a………he couldn´t even think straight. Gushes of cold wind clipped his face like knife´s, he could barely see three feet in front of him. He though this would be his way to go, he already had suffered too much in this world, he had done and seen what most people would never do or see, his time was up. He was now remorseful for walking out in his wife yet again he knew it would happen sooner or latter. But didn´t expect it to be in this forest in the middle of Montana.

He suddenly saw what appeared to him as somebody carrying a flashlight, he slowly walked towards it his feet not feeling anything his whole body didn´t feel any wind any snow it was dying but he kept going on.

“Yo bro!”

“I need help I think.”

“hahaha, I need help too”

The man pushed him into a wooden cabin, his ears started ringing, more flashes in his face, women suddenly naked started to undress him and eating every inch of his cold body.

The next morning Jordan woke up and saw all his friends and the girls he came to the party spread out through out the living room of the wooden cabin some naked some semi naked but all where passed out.

“Jordan my man”

He turned around and smiled “Hey Charlie, that was some trip we had yesterday, good mushrooms you brought, can´t remember nothing.”

“You bet they where good, you started wondering around through the forest saying something about a girlfriend and what not, haaha”

This is what fraternity boys did, and Jordan had been introduced to their world. And this cabin in the middle of the forest will be they´re little hangout for the rest of his four years of life at Montana State University.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

A woman called Clemencia.

The priest came running out of his office sweat pouring from every pour of his thin body starvation was hitting every person of catholic belief. Starvation of liberty. He just received  an unexpected phone call, no matter how much he prayed to his dear God his prayers went unanswered and he was starting to doubt his own faith the world was swirling all around the Catholic Church debris hitting her like a human being hit by a hurricane so frail compared to the outside forces. They would not survive for long. The priest entered the Bishop´s office.

“What´s the matter? Compose your self.”

The priest finally caught his breath, “The archbishop of Boston has been killed.”

“It´s the second fatality we have had in less than a year, are my suspicions correct when I state that they are the same people who killed our bishop in San Francisco.”

“There is no doubt.”

“O.k, you go with the congregation, they are looking up to you and God for support. Reassure them that God will amend all these atrocities, we will survive, the church will survive. Go on and God be with you.” The priest nodded and took off to pas mass for his followers.

The bishop stood for a minute staring at the brown wall ahead of him, so empty of photographs or paintings, just as empty as his thoughts. The thought´s that had also been stolen like the pictures and photographs that had once been on the wall a year ago. They had full power now although it had taken them years to achieve this they where now on top and it seemed that no line was too red to be crossed. Here he was in the twenty first century and his thoughts retrieved to 708 when Islamist invaded and decided to wreak havoc among the christian population of the Iberian peninsula. He reached for the phone and called the Vatican. They gave him the go ahead.

She was sitting on a black chair standing out like an elephant in a room with her white nursing uniform, but she had been in that chair in that office for over two years and people had gotten use to see her. She actually was part of a greater campaign to have the people who didn´t live in the house appreciate even more the owner of the house. She could sense the stares that some of the people working there would throw at her and the nice phony conversations they would share with her thinking she was just another stupid prop they had to use to get the outside people keep on liking the inside man. She was there for a purpose, when God will call on her she would use her skill to do what HE needed her to do. She knew every single room every single closet and what where inside those closets her situation awareness and hearing where amplified. She was the only one who could administer the shot of morphine every day to the inside man. That was the only thing he wanted her to do, she had accepted with the condition she could bring with her her dog a picture perfect beige labrador-retriever,who wasn´t camera shy and very photogenic which suited fine the hole image of the the beautiful white house she was working in.

The dog stood up and started liking her right palm. “I know honey, I know it hurts, but the time has come.”

It had been in the making for years. The Pope had designated her, she had a unique ability that God had given her, compassion and the gift of not being able to see. Being born blind never stopped her from accomplishing when at a very early age she heard the calling from God of what her destiny and purpose in the world would be. She  graduated with honours from Harvard walking out with a nursing degree. Her not being able to see never got in the way of being the best. When the inside man stood in front of the house giving a speech about universal healthcare and the right of a woman to choose, but at the same time proving to the world he was respectful of everyone. He would point out at her, Clemencia. The dark hair hispanic christian nun who had graduated with honours from Harvard like he had he said jokingly except he said she was the precious jewel of the american people. Then jokingly added, “She´s the one who keeps me going every morning, literally.” People could see her disability and at the same time see the heart of the man they had entrusted their country to move in the right direction. It was perfect for him, his numbers at the polls had been declining week after week and scandal after scandal was hitting the house. She was in effect, his precious jewel.

The time had come, the microchip implanted on her labrador-retriever more than three years ago had finally given the signal so she stood up with the dog and walked towards the east wing of the house passing by ten secret agents before she reached the door. She knocked.

“Come in Clemencia.” The deep voice called out.

“How are you feeling today sir?”

“I will be better now, that´s for sure.”

She could smell the the distinct damp odour of the musallah as the president stood up from it after being on his knees for his six minutes of prayer. Since he was in the United States he had to face east-north and that way he would face Mecca. This meant a five minute fast walk from the west wing. But he too was on a mission from another God.

“Well, how was your day Clemencia?”

“It has been fine, the dog seems a little hungry.”

“Ooo, cute dog we´ll get you some stake after my shot, best in the free world.”

She administered the shot into his rear end. “I didn´t even feel it.”

“I´m glad Mr. President, you will feel another thing in a couple of seconds.”


“My name is Clemencia Mr.President and it translate to clemency in english, which is what I´m giving you for your faults.”

The next day the nation mourned.