Nanowrimo (poem)

National novel writing month
what an ugly acronym you got
I´m just writing like a snot
writing liking headaching that´s one cool name I inventing.

Nanowrimo I´m at almost 6,000 words
but that number count is very worst
let alone the story in itself which can burst
even the web page tells me to hurry up and how much I should write now per day
what a way, getting instructions by a computer now,
how?!!! That is really when I go…wow!

Nanowrimo is of help to me
although now I just wrote less than one thousand in an hour
how is that possible since I´m the Shakespeare of this tower….
the tower of writing, everything that i write I think is great
even the dogs nod and tell me that, yet again they maybe throwing me a bait

Anyways, just keep writing bitching and fighting and absolutely no rewriting.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses