See that bitch
She is actually a witch

She put me for trial on abuse charges
And they were dismiss as bullshit imagines

You can´t really see her
That is best even for a fucked up bear

I had 400+ phone calls from this girl,
how in the world do you make 400 and plus phone calls in one day?
A narcissist and sociopath, that is the only thing that I learned in that crazy path,
hard for me to understand, how a person for months will give you bullshit for her
to be comfortable economically. Silly, for me to put up with this shit,
is not always the man I guess is my point. And I just forgot her name, except bitch.

Just a real big bitch, thank goodness I can express it in writing and then forgetting.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Narcissist bitch!

You see her!!!!

I just used the word bitch since I thought it was a catchy tittle.

No, I’m not really going to put out the real one. I got it from google…..
So since I do know what a narcissist is,
she or him, in my case it was a she,
she is self observed, everything revolves around her,
if she has a problem is “definitely” not her fault,
she has to blame, the other person, or the government, or e.t.c.

The good thing about these type of people is that they don’t reflect on
themselves, if they did something real bad, and I won’t start saying all the
things, actually none, except maybe fucking a black dude while I was having
coffee in the so called kitchen. And that is just one, apart from taking out cool knife’s on me.
Plus having a problem with the sex thing,
that person will always try to convince you it is your fault.
There are more
characteristics about these type of people, bu right now…I get bore just thinking about them.
And I love her, all the best for her to fuck everything that moves, although that is
not a characteristic of a narcissis to fuck all cocks, that is another problem,
actually not a problem, I love that women can be “open” about sexuality,
the only problem I have is that if I even spoke to a girlfriend she would actually hit
me, and the time I grabbed her fist after getting hit quite a lot, I got put in jail.

So you got to understand
that for me sex is not everything and anything, I think I already had too much of it,
By the way she is still shouting “he is my husband!!” talking about me,
so you can imagine the laugh the others have. “you really see this crazy bitch?”
and not only men, my girlfriends tell me the same. I do say no, and that is actually
a truth. But they still don’t believe it.

So hence, that is another part of the narcissist, the control of a person a.k.a ME,
and I’m aware of it, just trying to change her but I figured, run outta there sista!
Another characteristic, they don’t have any remorse, wich actually it should be great,
you can kill someone, like this bitch took a knife on me, and the next day everything
is great having a great cappuccino.


I’m not a psychologist, but that was some narcissist analysis.
so, lets run! and run!….to the north pole at the very least.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hard labour for me…(pic´s)

Disclaimer-in all pictures I had to photoshop, either to make myself no muscles or to make my self a bit fat. Didn´t want either male or female who ever reads this piece of narcissist  writing to fall over in shock and be thinking of me for 24/7, don´t want any stalkers….whatever if your a girl and sexy remember, I´m all muscle contact me at 666-666-666. Getting of track.

I was talking with my broker about how much money I wanted to investIMG_1365 in a international arms trade. I know, a bit heavy but shit happens and you got to do what you got to do. Then I was interrupted by a growl And started to be given orders and I said What? You ain´t nothing against me I´m too cool to go to school, you see!!DownloadedFile I love my cool 24 year old version little me. Just put that bulky uniform and bullet proof jacket to make me cool, plus the weapon that´s another 3 kilos plus the hat that´s two kilos, plus the boots that´s almost one kilo each, plus the steel plates inside the jacket, yep, short cuts in the budget we actually had steel plates inserted in that cool jacket. But I was too coo for that too and just walked around naked and in flipflops, it´s called psychological warfare I´m Sir Spaniard! So you, you!IMG_1057 Yes you, mother, not going to tell me…..shit, that hurtsIMG_1109 You little monster and your in advance age, no wonder I had to escape to the army. Now you just screwed my pancreas and now I have to walk with this tube. Hold on mom! I´m hiding it and going down. Where here?IMG_1371 Make up your mind will ya, I´m backing up the truck IMG_1375no? This is not it, only thing I saw around. I sold mine, you know, bad economic times, why am I living with you now after 15 years….Damn You have no mercy I can not find the fly IMG_1379I searching! How do you want to kill a fly…. Are you kidding with me? Cant see nothing! O.k, you little…what? go back to digging, and now with this…IMG_1370can´t you see my face! You scaring me!! No I´m not on drugs, (it´s photoshop though)This is screwed up, all because what? I´m digging a grave to put these two bastards in itIMG_1368. Come on, don´t you have a heart, they look peaceful and in love, no? Sorry, yes mam, look IMG_1378 come on, I´m pleading you, screwby! Not doing anything moreIMG_1372Can´t bare it anymore. Going to eat a shrimp nowIMG_1363 O yeah, much better now after the shrimp a little puff puff goes the dragonFoto 46 damn I feel good. My back is in agony, I also have chronic back pain. Had some quite rough jobs throughout my life, but that´s cool though. So, this was hard labour, I´m telling you, specially if you have a sergeant like mine. Although I had to do it with a very hip style. Ladies, Gentlemen…you o.k. I´m doing fine after my cigarette.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I have no shame. My number again is 666-666-666.

A love poem to myself.

Since nobody has written  a poem to me in my life I though I would write this beautiful ode to myself.

I love you

for all that you are,

all that you have been

and all you´ve yet to be.

Because I love you,

and only you,

so screw you.

Hey you!

Remember this,

once you get out of the stage you stay out of the stage.

That´s got to be age.


Stay frosty gents and gentesses.