Neo nazi… video(again)

Quick notes and then you better study Spanish to see-hear the video.
1-No wonder I can´t read you since I literally put a “barricade” on my rent bedroom.
2-The channel is very far left, no problema with the left but very far?
3-He did kill, not good obviously but he explained it,”It could have been me.”
4-If I put a “barricade” against my door, would some feel like him?
5-Today is Sunday, tomorrow Monday…better get a cell phone and get in touch with mom.
6- I´m pacific but not a pacifist,I will defend myself. That is the difference.

I´m a nazi(over 99.1 years old)

I´ll make my thoughts quick and if you want to watch the video your decision. Hopefully
WordPress bans me.
Living in a country ( I do know these people) that you are threaten by ….Spanish communist
Honduras, Ecuador, Latin Kings(where the fuck these idiots came from?),
Colombia, Marruecos, fuck me! Even Brazillians, that was a new one for me.
And they are in a country, most of those illegaly and very few % working to not sell drugs, or steal, or…
just to fuck Spanish people up? So there was the point,.
while smoking a joint. Had to rhyme. People, the silent majority are not fond of it.
To say the least. I´m not a Nazi,Nazi… they don´t even think straight. I am a person that
sees and experiences those threats, should I be scared then? Justice system works here perfectly…
Video! He did took a life, but no wonder for me if I feel surrounded.(126 words, was quick)

I´m a racist

Today, hitting with post after…last one this one.
I can read you later since I am the innovator and creator.
Debate me, WHITE PRIVILEGE. I get bored so debate me, noooow!
I did see a cow, flying.
I had to laugh at the first woman on the video, you disagree with me?
Then you got the card of WHITE PRIVILEGE. I did heard a word or swords?

Personal Responsibility.