The one percent

Damn man, I can´t sleep
nightmares are like spears
it´s 7:22 am
on a saturday night
fuck it,
sorry for that word
i´m just a simple dork-ord
fortunately and also unfortunately
i have no more fight in me
ha ha, na, still do
don´t regret what i did do
i´m a hero a girl told me
after she heard i was in the spanish legion
for what reason?
kick ass and take names
as the americans say´s
not for King or country
didn´t belive in that shit
the least person you can expect
the least person to detect
to do that job
it was me, so go figure if i´m nuts
you do have to be a bit off i guess
so you can go and do that mess
fortunately and unfortunately it also was a bless
no touchy feeling here
talk about that girl, she was silly
a hero she says
idiot, i´m a fucking mess
what was here perception of hero?
i thought to myself and then… i got out of her a euro
hero, that was fun
even to my son,
i don´t even have one
if i had,
hero certainly woudn´t be in my mind
i have fun with that run
never thought of a career in the military
i was there for the kicks of it
i was really a tough mother fucker
but also a sucker
the one percent
are my guys
that said their good by´s

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Nightmares. (poem)

They say,
a man who has nigthmares
they say,
every day of his life,
they say,
is in pain.

Nightmares are part of me
just me don´t remember the last time
when, I had a nice resting but that´s fine.

It´s feels actually strange if I don´t have them
but now it seems I rest better, but not forever
eventually they do return, yes, them.

Probably that is why I have trouble sleeping
I just decided to not let them be keeping,
of me.

I wake up and brush them out
so I can go out and shout.

they slain
ever gain
so lame
fuck the pain
just trot on again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,





Early in the morning rising to get high, light me up a cigarette and that way I can fly. It´s 5:30 a.m can´t go to sleep and I don´t know about a scam I might be delirious but I´ll get you when I can. Got my opener, the opener of cans, that´s some shit right there which will get you nowhere so I just ramble on to write what I can, just from thought to hand is what it catch you when I can, so just writing with no meaning in sight I just feel like doing so because I just can, so did I loose my mind in some great wine, those who taste like shit but will have you in my list so I puff away to my cool little cigarettes, and I just don´t think, I just write some random stuff and keep an opener to be buff……………. What?