Masturbation. The law of the land.

Just woke up, it quarter to six a.m here in Spain and I have nothing to gain and this thought just popped into my head. I don´t know why and how it just did. My mind does function in a unique and wonderful way.

Why the appeal of masturbation?

So here I go with the flow. In the case of some dudes they don´t have to pay for a hooker so it´s free on a personal level. There is also the heavy lifting factor(at least in my case) so you also do a workout. I know you can workout with sex, but if you like to play baseball and baseball is one of Americas greatest games it helps a lot if you masturbate. I tends to increase your batting average. So you are not only doing a pleasurable service to yourself but to your baseball team you belong. All those teenage kids that eventually get scholarships to go and play to the university and then up to the pros….yep, they masturbate at least 4 times a day. And once they reach the pros that average goes up to 6 times a day. And we man do it so all of the American society and the Japanese too, this dudes are also into baseball go figure. Well actually I did figure, they did loose WWII, so they adopted some U.S customs. Anyways, what I´m saying is that millions of people are watching the game that puts money into the league and the players, the league and the players pay millions of taxes which should make the left feel good since they are the 1% and they should pay their fair share plus they also contribute to the economy be spending millions of dollars a year in cars, restaurants,vacations, jewelry and investment in their banks  and I can name a few more but lets analyse these.

Cars, is one of the great  job creators industry. All the million of people that are involved from making the frame of the car, to making tires, making bolts, the gadgets that cars have, e.t.c. all that goes into making a cars are people.

Restaurants, also a great job creating industry with millions of people working in that sector. Plus all the people that make the plates, tables, glasses, forks, knifes and the list goes on.

Jewelry, girls love diamonds. So said Marilyn Monroe in her famous song. And it´s true. So not only are we helping out the jewelry store and also the pawn shops which when you run out of money you give your jewelry to the pawn shop but women are happy.

There will also be probably a decrease of babies which would help with the alarming growth of the U.S population and the more population the more modes of transportation will be used therefore furthering polluting the earth and making global warming worst and pissing of all those environmentalist. Also less rapes will probably happen so woman will be safer and less money spend on jails for these criminals.

What´s the economy all about? Investments, that go round and round ending up in Wall Street, Wall Street keeps the stocks up and the U.S looks good, and is good at least intangible speaking. That is also a deterrent for Americas enemies since a key thing to destroying a country is by destroying it´s economy. There has been blockades against Iran, so they won´t export their oil and that way cripple their economy and if there is no money? There is no military, no military, no defense when the foe comes to invade. So where screwed without masturbation. The U.S would probably be speaking Arabic right now and following sharia law. And the U.S has to be leading not from behind as Mr.O says but just leading, someone eventually will be the top dog on the block and I´d prefer it would be the U.S than communist China or strange Putin.

Also and very important too, it is not a sin in God´s eye´s. If you have sex before marriage it could be a sin but not if you masturbate. So the more you do it the better Christian you are.

So as you can see it all comes together. Masturbation should not be a taboo word but should be embraced as the way us men are saving the world from self destruction.

Just a 5:30 a.m thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.