Friday party!


(It´s the only picture I have of a girl and me on the computer and she took it, believe it or not
I don’t have an I phone, I buy my pre paid card phones for 15$ in a shady shop,
they don’t have wasssap nor any cool things most of you have. I just don’t use wassap,
nor internet on a phone, just need it to call receive calls and text a message once in a while,
I know I´m a troglodyte, and the girl can´t say shit since you can´t see her face,
so nobody know who she is, better since this one was more crazy and really a bad bad creature
of nature, quite a freak really)

In a nice town I find myself in
let the sunshine begin
Friday was yesterday
I had juice in my mind
hence I had to find…
a woman
been quite the while
since I was with a normal female
did I said that outloud?
anyways there is one dark cloud
above me now
not yesterday though
know what I man bro?
mother actually hook me up again with that relationships
so I sailed the ship and crush her hips! You peeps.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

8 a.m Drunk

It´s 8 a.m
after party of Thanksgiving day
i think I am
a delicious ham
but a bit shit face
you could say in place
i have no disgrace
in the ungrace I craze…to kill!
damn, I just popped a pill
what a thrill
gonna jump a down hill,
how is that possible by the way?
ha, because I so say
wanna screw by the way
and yell, heeeey!
Well well,
this is so swell
fuck it, i´m drunk
as a horny skunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Friday Night Hustle! (poem)

It´s almost time so Charly goes out on the dime,
not much money but no problem honey,
rich kids wondering around old school talking about that and the other clown.

Getting  prepared since I´m not scared
getting prepaid since they can end in a maze of hay.

Go on and about shouting that´s a trout!

Everything is cool with the groove just feeling smooth,
I watch I´m keyed up I´m in the zone the snooze with some booze.

Beer here,beer there, whiskey now, margarita later
o yeah, pocket your money later
and then see ya alligator!

Friday night hustling
while is bustling
Charly goes whistling
girls goes, o, darling!

winking winking
smiling and being kin of the king
Friday Night Hustling!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

STAY FROSTY, the strange meaning of it.

I always end up the post with “Stay Frosty gents and gentesses”.  The meaning of Stay Frosty I got it  from a U.S Marine Sargent who before a firefight started, since they, the Americans can monitor the radio traffic with their own radios will hear the enemy that they are about to be attacked. Didn´t have that in the Spanish army, but I don´t know if it´s better to just walk around knowing you might get shot at but maybe not, or know in advance for sure that you are going to be going to be shot at. But that is not here or there.

Anyways this Marine Sargent will always lead from the front so he´d turn around and tell his fellow Marines “Stay Frosty gents!” I might add that since a fellow blogger pointed out that there where female readers I should address them too instead of just finish with the gents, so I came out with gentesses which I´m pretty sure is not in the dictionary. So I just created a new word. I have a beautiful mind.

Stay Frosty= Stay calm, cool, collected, with all your senses working at their peak, and put into action all your training to terminate your target.

Which perfectly translates to the civilian world. For example, when I go out to bars and I see a group of girls alone or a lot of times mistakenly I though they where alone and when I approached my target to terminate her in bed resulted she had a boyfriend not too far away. So no wonder I end up in fights and getting thrown out of bars.

But here is the thing, I´m staying calm and collected that projects confidence and girls dig it since they seem to think it´s cool. All my senses are working at their peak, my little me(the one down there….is also at his peak), I´m listening to her, asking what she wants to be asked, watching her body language which tells a lot. Maybe a song comes out and she says she likes this song or just by her body movements you can see she likes it and songs tell a lot about people. So basically all my senses are working at reading this gorgeous blond sexy girl so I´m putting all my training into place to terminate my target a.k.a her, terminate her in bed yelling until she finally says “Thank you”. Then I stand up, stretch, smoke a  cigarette and say “Call you beautiful”. I´m just like a James Bond type of guy.

I will admit that there has been occasions that some girls have just given me the cold shoulder, their lost, but that doesn´t dissuade me. I´ll just walk two steps to the next girl who has been probably listening to my whole charade and do it again. And guess what? Some actually find it funny, cause I am quite a funny guy, at least for some people they find me funny or is it just me that finds me funny….Fuck it.

Forgot, that same principle you can apply it at work, dealing with your boss, with your family  and in all facets of life. I just to horny and put the example of my successes in picking up women. Which at the end of the day they want it so everyone wins. Everyone uses each other…..Fuck it.

Stay Frosty gents and in second place as always….gentesses.(wink wink)