I feel overrated

I wrote a song about peace in the world;
about how to achieve this wonderful idea
leaders around the world suddenly had severe diarrhea.
Then called Mia,
President of the World, or PW for short
she send me an escort,
and here I am typing in her castle called Wonder Land
astonishingly this witch made it of golden sand.
I don´t disserve it, but I did it for you.
Now the world is more blue.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Peace is the only way for the understanding of man kind,
it’s a mutual accord if humanity can afford….but no,
is not how this life go,in my country Spain there is a lot
of turmoil now wich the Catalans, people showing pictures
of the police charging the violent manifestators wich they
are the puppets of their creators, liers and manipulators Peace…..
there was half of the other part of Catalonia that finally
manifested themselves in huge numbers in favour of keep
being part of Spain, “silent minority”, why so late did they
go to the streets in favour of staying as part of Spain, because
of their pain, and fear, they live there in fear,there was numerous
incidents after the manifestation that people wearing the Spanish flag
got attacked, neighbours pointing fingers at other neighbours, they
are the majority but are silence by a violent minority the Catalans are
divided, but you can’t talk peace with those who violate
a countries laws and are violent themselves, you talk peace through
strength get the army out and put them in their dumb shelf’s.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

peace out

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.”

People writing about this word
Eating those apples with silverweare
Atrocities committed in the name of evil
Chanting us to defeat it through words,diplomacy…unreal
Everyone writes to defeat it, all good but we´re going to end up in the newsreal

Peace….did accomplish a lot for the Jews as they were
peacefully going a long, rounded up, and you know the rest of the story.

Only evil will be defeated
Uniting tough motherfuckers
To grab a gun and do what it has to be done

Peace out everyone, and Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The garden of Eve

The garden of Eve
is where I should live

The garden of Eve
is what humanity should perceive

Green prairies
Kindred spirits
Loving stories

A place of love and forgiveness
A place where there are no grievances

So today on Thanksgiving eve
I invite you to live with me in the beautiful garden of Eve

God bless and as always, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Power Blogger!!

DownloadedFile-1 That sentence is for cowards we are strong look!!images-4 Fist fighting our blogging way out of things and expressing things and communicating with each others, look again how we communicate and how powerful we are. We´re going to become the masters of the universe no more news agencies because of us!images-5 You see your face someplace in there? I do, mine is right in the middle. Whole bunch of people from a whole bunch of different backgrounds expressing themselves, communicating with each other and you can even make friends. Who in the world would have told me over a year ago that I would have 100000000 followers and people that I have virtual relationship with and that I learn from, and that are interesting each in his or her own way. That´s pretty cool if you ask me at age 31, who pretty much recently decided to enter into social media. What would we do without it….DownloadedFile. Even God I think is please by this, his message is spread much more quicker to a broader audience instead of having the Apostoles walk up and down mother earth preaching. Now you just type it out sitting downimages-11 pure love emanated from it also. Then once in a while……images-9 you do have some strange encounter. I just hope that I  don´t end up like my friend Joe Doe over hereimages-1 Although I got to give it to Joe, I do want to have that mean beard and his hair too since I´m loosing mine. Hope all  you guys don´t end up like my friend Joe but I will say this you better stay on your toes since I have my other friend…images-6 yep, he´s Danny Sunshine, and he´s a mean writing machine. Forgot and what about images-10moms, now they can vent their frustrations against their kids by cursing them out in their blogs. No need for physical therapy like I had as a child, little smack in the back of the head here and there. Probably I should have needed more now that I come to think about it. So you people are strong like a rock and soon you know who´s going to need your help?images-7 Yep, uncle Sam over here. No army thing or nothing, we will fight wars with blogging words. So you´ll probably receive your draft notice in a near future.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, fellow bloggers.