There you go

I have too much time in my hands I think, I can write for
2-4 hours, and the rest of the day…I could do other
things wich really wouldn´t be good ones, I have my issues,
so I stay at home and eventually wind up seeing this.
3 quick things, I love how the idiot hippies are recording
this guy while they are not showing their face, second
I like how the old man tries to make him look good and all
sympathetic and asks the guy wich batallion he was in,
and have to love the response of the other one, wich is basically
I don´t give a shit where you were I was here in “X” batallion
or whatever you Americans call the specific units, and third
I hate these fuckers, being from Spain these hippies communist
I can´t tell you the times we got in fights with these idiots
just because of wearing the Spanish uniform, wich didnt
end up too good for them I should add. Fuck them,
Any comments plese call 911.

What are sons for….

So yesterday I swung by my parents home, had a good meal with them
but that was before thisemboscada, yep
child labour. That´s my use in this family of mine, well not that you can call me a child,
let´s say.. force labour. So this was early in the morning, and mind you I have a broken
ankle, bad back, my lungs are filled with nicotine, I coud actually write a post about how
screwed up my body is, and that would be a long post. So after this, I was lead to
this!DSCN2646Cleaning  out one room in the second
floor of the house. Seems like little? Hell no, to the right of you is more junk they want to either
give to friends, sell, which I volunteered to sell with my shady connections to which my mother
since she knows what connections are about in my past gave me….well there is no other way to
put it, she just bitch slap me basically, lookDSCN2647she seems
as if she´s doing something…..don´t let her fool you, in that second I was saying something or just
fooling around taking a photo maybe and when she saw I wasn´t helping out, well out came the “Rambo”
in her and
Foto 274look how I ended up. By the way you saw all the junk
to your left in that pic? A lot of things to throw away. They want to sell my childhood home, so that´s that.
Anyways after my bitch slap I decided quickly to pick the first thing I saw laying down on the floor
DSCN2651That has to be at least 50 years old,
it´s a relic. Actually good new is that most of the things I´m the one who will keep them,
if I´m able to get an apartment for myself and not live with these two crazy´s I have as roomates
who are now snoring like pigs after a night of, a lot of
bubly bubly alcohol. So here I am at work, no shoes a cigarette in mouth, but working never the less.
Then I carried this baby outDSCN2652of the room.
I remember me at age 15 playing with that thing. And don´t ask me exactly what it does.
I just know it vibrates So after a morning of pure hell, a morning of being mentally and physically
abused, then I had this face when everything was done. I don´t know why people go to the university
really, we need more skilled labour. I should write a post about that.

.DSCN2650So this is me because as they say
em3980_pr0000096472_1So she was happy as you can see by my face.
You better wish she is I guarantee you that. After all I´ve been through life, this person is probably
the only one that scares me to almost death. So in my case, what are son´s for….slave labour.
Forget about helping the refugees, help me!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The evolution to get to be, a Kamikaze gardener!

Once upon a time a little child was born, he was destined to be the King of Salomon
a beautiful child, a majestic little babyDSCN2630called
Charles the Great. As time passed he had his up´s and downs, but he was always a good person
even treating his dog, the only one that is left after the other one dying some months ago, treating
this beast, that farts, shit´s everywhere, pisses everywhere, and actually barks at Sir Charles,
so this beast is in bad condition now and leaving aside all the misery that causes the Great Charles,
he gives her his own food!!!DSCN2613 DSCN2612You saw right, my damn hamburger chopped into
little pieces with my rice. Hope this monster lives until pigs fly, so loooong.

What does this has to do with being a good gardener you might ask yourself.
Well it´s easy, as a gardener you have to treat your garden with love and goodness in your heart,
and love comes from inside, as you can see I after this demonstration Charles the great was destined
to be the King of Solomon and create the best garden ever.

Starting with little thingsemboscadachop chop here and there
trimming the sides. And taking it easy and with care and love.

Something happen to the great Charles and the majestic little human suddenly went a bit,
or maybe a whole lot off the railFoto 353. and he
changed his name to Charly.
Tired of being king, and he decided to go after the big time, not just trimming on the ground but, innovate.
So up he went DSCN2635, that´s what I´m talking about!
standing in a tin roof that is 20 years old build by the grandfather of Charly.
So those freaking big trees and the one that is right in front of me and you, well they let fall
onto the roof some nasty little things that overtime becomes big things so you have to
go to a place where nobody dares to go…..exceptDSCN2636
Charly!!!! He even went so far at to do thisDSCN2637,
what can I say, it was just in the middle of me racking and it just pissed me off, but that comes from
genetics as you can see  by what Mama “Rambo” wearsDSCN2610
for crying out loud mom! Between that freaking shirt and this quote that you love
al-capone-quotesyou scare the bejesus out of me, you just crazy
which no wonder I turned out that way, jumping on a 20 year old tin roof really
because of you and your threats, but I prevailed and this is the result of the cleaning
DSCN2641 doesn´t look like much you think? I´ll kill you
if you think that since look what I enduredpata and worst of
all the branches seemed they wanted to attack me, actually didFoto 274
this is what a Kamikaze gardener does, no guts no glory,Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

A normal conversation with mommy

I´m waiting on a line of God knows how many dudes, I can hear the guys on the phone
telling their family members what you always say in those cases when you´re about to
get deployed and you have signed the cool letter where it states that in case you die
over in that shitty country where are your belongings and money going to go. So there
I am standing in my cool uniform and pain in the ass since it´s over 100 degrees Farenheit
people are already starting to insult the guys in the phone booth to hurry up, I´m one of them
who is throwing out insults while you hear the guys saying “don´t worry, it´s safe, no problems,
I´m strong, bla bla bla” So is my turn then.

Riiiiiiiing….now the phone is ringing. Quite truthfull to the real conversation but that did happen
quite a long time, but this is not too far off, believe it.

“Hello?” that´s dad
I tell him when is the date they have finally announce were going to be deployed, he tells me
that they can´t make it to the farewell, not strange by the way, and that he´ll see me when I come back.

In comes Mom.

She, “Hi, how´s everything?”

Me, “Good, gonna deploy again on the 6 of June”

She, “That´s what you wanted, right?”

Me, “I´m not complaining, I´m just telling you.”

She, “Well that´s good then, by the way, bring me some sand.”

Now my face turns probably a bit awkward since the guys behind me are staring at me quite strangely.

Me, a bit dumbfounded ” What?……Did you just said to bring you some sand?”

She, normal, as talking about bring me some apples from the grocery, ” Yes sand, just take a taperware
and fill it with sand.”

Me, ” What for? Why in the world would you want sand from that shit country?”

She, ” I have to show´em to my girl friends.”

Me, “Fuck, you really are serious.”

She, “Yes, just take the taperware and fill it up, see you when you come back, love you.”

Hangs up.

Now I´m standing there thinking to myself, fuck me, I need to go and buy a taperware and I have no idea if
I can reach the town or what. What is she going to do if I don´t bring the freaking sand?…. Now I´m really
starting to panic. Forget about people shooting at you, I need to find a freaking taperware and hope to God
I don´t forget to bring the sand. No crying, no be careful, nope, the taperware filled with sand. Plus
the conversation does keep you from thinking about stupid stuff.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Cecil Cecil !!!! the lion rant

America is angered they are staggered they want blood and revenge for the act
of cruelty of killing poor Cecil. Agreed, not something I would do nor think is right,
I know it´s a big industry and the rest.
if I hunt, and I have, I do eat what I hunt, gut it and fry it. The old way.

Poor Cecil , by the way aren´t there other lions out there that are killed by their own
or lions who kill the little cute puppies of their own.

Point being, I´m fucking tired of hearing people moan about a freaking lion. Yes, it was
not a good thing to do but get your priorities straight will you. What about those videos
that has surfaced that show Planned Parenthood literally dismembering fetus, you know
as in little human being where they discuss how much is the heart going to cost, and a leg,
arm, e.t.c. They say is for advancement of science….well you have to admit then that the so
called fetus is a real person since they´re chopping of his or her little parts to then make a profit
from it. And that is fucking disgusting.

What about all the problems in the middle east with terrorism.

What about the great deal with Iran, I think they Ayatollas or however the hell you spell the name of
those nutcases, they are rolling in laughter. Came out the other day that neither American nor Canadian
inspectors will  be aloud to go into inspect, also the UN part that is suppose to monitor these idiots have
an independent agreement with Iran than what the U.S a.k.a Mr. Obama, has made. Lifting sanctions giving
them billions and I´m sure they will use it for health care, gay rights, and humanitarian aid. What a joke.

What about hunger in Africa, how can we help  other humans live a better life? But nope
forget about all those things…..Cecil.

And here we are, everybody mourning Cecil. And my theory is quite simple. It´s morally easy to do so.
But when faced with issues like you see with Planned Parenthood or issues of terrorism and how to deal
with it let alone letting a bunch of nutcases that after the deal was struck to lift sanctions in Iran so they can get easier the A bomb the same day they are shouting in the streets ” death to America” Great deal this one.
But nope, forget about that, it´s poor Cecil. Since it´s morally easy to do so, and not so morally easy to face
the others. And that is cowardly, which I fucking hate cowards and also hypocrites, that their moral compass
is a bit to say the least screwed up and priorities are up their ass.

Did I piss anybody off? Maybe I loose some readers…what can you do. My father always said “that if you don´t have
enemies, then you are doing something really wrong with your life.” Like for example in this case not to write
what I think is the real problem.

R.I.P my dear Cecil, you have the whole planet with you. And ofcourse we should hang the hunter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

My life

Seems some people think I constantly write about my life, the “poems” I mean. It is obviously true, but getting a text message by phone by someone in wordpress is kind of strange. Specially that “poem” I wrote about mother, or my mother or whatever it was. I actually got the idea of that from reading another post. So you want to hear my life….. might as well just say it out to see if there are some kind of scout out there to reclute me and probably sneeze me.

19 years old I was when after a fruitful but quick sting in the university I got back home….the land of the wild bulls a.k.a Spain. Did a couple of jobs and then goes the army. Army, bastards I was with and I include myself, few saints join the Spanish Legion actually quite a lot joined just to get out of pending cases, criminal cases that is. Joined up, by the way I am a hero, that is what she said. That rich girl in the bar (nothing against rich, if they are rich they are smarter than me) but she did have some kind of strange version of what it is….to be a hero? She was paying for the drinks, which is all I wanted, she kept asking questions like if I had shot somebody, and what is with that fucking fascination by this girl. But as a good hero I am, I said “ofcourse I shot, phew….waw, you can´t even imagine….” By the way I´m talking here from the Spanish perspective of their military which is quite different from the American.

I was there, with a bunch of  bastards, which I lost 3 of them, we did what soldiers do, we take lives to save lives, not much to it. So hero…here I am the hero working my tail of in a fucked up town to earn basically, so the Americans can understand it is like being a Mexican in the U.S. Low paying job with no social security involved. They pay you for the day.

So back to this person that texted me to my phone with a lot of these !!!!!!, and saying where I am and what the fuck I´m doing. She did use the F word. Well, can´t say much about what I´m doing says a hero, but I can tell you this, what do you care if I don´t even know you.

At the same time, i´m just venting for the first time. That person knows me and I know that person so really this is an apology if that makes sense. Since it took me a bit to realise that a person that does not care for you would not have asked that. 

My life…ex soldier, a women lover, working on shity jobs that are few and rear to find, and a person that it is all heart and my familly is that hat.

I´m constantly thinking of words or ryhmes, and ideas and I go nuts if I don´t write them down on some screwy piece of paper or napkin. So that is my life, I do not have much access to computers as I would like, I do not have an iphone or ipad or whatever gadgets there are, I´m a trolodite when it gets to the new era of information.

But I do know this, I love writing, just watching me do this…,  just love it.

So that is my life in case you care. By the way, this sounds like a confession or something just busting, so hopefully tomorrow I get paid and return to a freaking computer that is sound and good not like this one although is not like the one I have in my parents house is top notch but I do have more time to spend there reading quite a few of you people by the way.

Anyways, Stay Frosty gents and gentess.