War dogs

She picked the scent!
I only gave her one cent
cheap dog this one…
English bulldog Americana!
can drive you a bit bannana

This is the current dog we have, miss her also with this Corona shit.

Just watching videos of the dog that was on the raid of Binladen, if it´s already hard to move, shoot, communicate,
and the rest, then reading the dog….damn, that wass interesting.
Hey yo! Yes you Tina, mother named her that as in Tina Turner one of her favourite artist.
Yo Tina! Hear? You actually have better teeth than me you behaviour missbehaviour.
Send her to prison, but a cool doggy prison not a regular one, is there some?
They should make them then, I´m an entrepreneur so…. people gave you an idea

I’m hungry!!


Give me food
You idiot
Telling you on the spot
You give me some of that
Or I will cut your crap
Yo sayin?
Nothing little man
I’ m the girl that can over-stand
Better give it to me
You dumb and I have no problem to eating a bee
But as you well know
I want to eat that
Are you even asking what?
Yo dum…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You crazy hurricane


Look at you and then be true
you are actually the only one that is that…true
and you don´t even go in the face blue, weirdo, or wierda,
or stand still, since i´m your master the procaster and you
are, yo cool fool, always fun to be around you
you are even better looking than, Scooby Do!
You are a little hurricane
you also drive me insane
but i actually like you
can you really yell “mew”?…if not
we should work on that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.