I have no patience in the sense I read I write badly, and,
If I see a video I keep certain words in my one neuron hence
I fill compelled in this blog that is to spout it out as it comes to my mind.
Patience, that I do have in my every day to day life, dealing with dumb criminals
and so called normal people. You need the patience, either to do good or bad.
Just hit them when they are not looking and are distracted.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Social revolution (Video)

Social revolution
It´s no elusion
One faction will take advantage of this
I the Grand Priest will proclaim the his

I just like in the video the music and a big ass guy hitting two Antifa
guys with his sun glasses on and his freaking cell phone on the back of his
pants. I never went into a riot with sun glasses and a cell phone. Just found it “funny”.
Point being is the great poem I wrote.

Alternative pronounce

If people right not now are having a debate in the media, normally is always the crazy left
which does translates to good viewing for some or sommess or orgees,
really? we are off the cliff. We are just sky diving without a parachute.
Where does these type of people come from? And I thought I myself was from Mars.
Although I do get their broader agenda.
You are not dumb, so simple is simple is, you start with gender pronuonce to be the law
little by little you are in charge. Probly? Is that only few people will be in charge of the government
and all those dumb protesters that I actually believe they believe in their dummy cause,
eventually (it is history and history if you know it or not does repeat itslef in different forms)
they will become the slaves of their own “great”cause, by people in power.
But it is all about gender prounouce….
damn, I already hit the drug dealer quite lietrally so now gender pronounce,
tell this idiot drug dealer I smacked him to tell me about gender prounace, “get the fuck outta here,”
I´m from Brooklin.
Got the point bitchess or bitch-men? or … might come with another word at this time.YOu.

You are smart, try to follow bitches… or… got mixed up with gender pronounce.