Left watch(thought)

Why do most people weare the watches on their left hand?
Even the lefties weare them on the left, like me,
Just a 9.38 p.m thought that came to mind.
(Don´t tell me that was not a bit weird thought, have to write the fantasy poem,
like all others, loosely based on reality and other just pure fantasy, my job as a writer)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

4 a.m thought

It´s almost four in the m and just woke up, happens to me, can´t sleep
so for those women out there my recomendation is to not take me as another sheep,
and akafdjkfajkd, bleep.
So obviously I woke up saw the computer that still works, quite the miracle, and these
different thoughts bombard my brain. Of course I felt the need to share it. Human nature.
I can go into the psychology of it….na.
The Priest and the Psychologist, that´s the name of my novel, you heard!!!! But, I don´t
know to put first the Psychologist and then the Priest…
The othehr is that I live with two very beautiful women, I can handle it though,
but it is a pain in the ass….. not really for me, that is the weird thing, it should be
weird with women right? Hey guys, wake up and give a shout or just round about.
I know them ( yes YOU monster women), not everything I´m certainly not the smartest guy in the room,
but I do know what I am not, hence I know what I am, I can do e.t.c. So I just figured to be myself
with these two hotties, no flirting and that pisses them off, just me-read-write-once in a while I´ll
talk with one of these two laaaaadies! and back to my thing. Just be me, it seems it pisses them off
though. Yes, you are hot and I should be flirting with you no? Not in this case, which for me is rare..
but i do know one thing, I´m living with them day in day out and even though I did fuck one, the better
thing is to keep to myself and appear when I think is necessary.

4. 17 finished thought. Hey men! Wake up.

Just a weird thought……. Hey men! Fucking wake up. It´s already 4 a.m.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Crazy Priest Philosophy in life

Ben Stiller, great commedy actor and I was watching yesterday one of his movies. For about 20 minutes.
To summarize it, it was a dark commedy about this 40´sh year old man that has a stable job,
son going to the university,good wife, but he asks himself what has he really done with his life.
He´s miserable right?

I ask myself, what have I done with my life. I´m blessed. I´ll keep this short and to the point.
I have been blessed with the art of writing, which I´m pursuing day in day out today. Yet I screw up.
(when I say the words ¨srew up¨ I´m talking about my alcohol addiction¨)
The novel I´m writing takes forever. Forever and a half.
Through hard mental work I´m sober for now. Interestingly some american pshychologists,
consider alcohol-drug addiction a mental problem.Don´t know about that but maybe.

My body is a wreack, literally, start from the pancreas,liver,back pain,arthritis on my left hand,
two throumbus near the heart so I walk 50 meters and I´m tired, and… there are more but I forgot.

Trying to keep this under the 300 hundred words. Which probably Will fail.

My mother did kick me out when I screwed up in college, so
I joined the Spanish Legion. I´m proud of that. With the bad and ugly.
I have had any kind of job you can name, name one, I probably have done it. Even homeless
I´m proud to have my little room in a bad town, full of criminals and I was one of them once,
got out of that life and I saw the world of writing, I´m proud of that too.

I´m proud to re engange with my familly, proud to write, proud to live happy, proud to
get up early do the little exercises I can with my ¨great body¨, hey that is ladies!
you had to see me in my prime….wooooooosa!
I´m just proud of the big things like having spent 5 days literally braking my back to get
my mothers big garden fixed since she wants to sell that house so obviously the better it looks
the better. Proud to have been with her through her almost death experience with cancer.

I never thought at one point I was going to make it until 25, passed that, and at 30 whith the pancreas
they put me in a induced comma, after I seemed to survive I asked the nurse point blank
what where the chances of me living. She said 50-50, got it. No worries really.
But I am proud of living in a shit hole, living and writing in a computer,
,familly and 5 friends that I have.
More than enough for me.

I couldn´t watch that BS movie of Ben Stiller. Tell me a joke, Jeeesus.
And where did the fucking proofread in WordPress go?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m worried…

I´m worried that the evil conservative party in the U.S won by a landslide…..I hate democracy.

I´m worried that Christians are being prosecuted and killed in Irak, Iran, you name it. Most if not all Muslim countries……but always feel free to raise hell when somebody displays the Christian symbol in some public place in the U.S. And hope the moderate Muslims never say anything against that, no no no.

I´m worried that in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and probably left some out, that women are treated as basically second class citizens and in some they are literally stoned to death…..but hope the feminist in the U.S or for that mater here in Spain just start screaming about the real important issues like the so repressive societies that they live in and how men still put them down, lets focus on the real important things, poor Oprah Winfield.

I´m worried that gays can be killed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and probably left some other, my recently diseased uncle couldn´t have gone there to see the dunes, fuck that is a freaky thought my gay uncle in some dune……..but as the Christians lets not give too much thought and the media outlets even less. Let´s stick to what Christian sadomised some poor kid and lets roll with that for eternity. And the gay activist I hope that they keep raising some hell about gay marriage. Hope they don´t focus on those unimportant things.

I´m worried that girls are now going to fight in the front lines… lets lower the standards to become an infantry soldier. Might have done that while I was in the Spanish army. Sure would have made me a much more efficient soldier.

I´m worried….I forgot what I was going to say.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Folly of humanity(poem)

I´m so perfect
that deserve a medal
so I can pedal

I love people
they talk
and walk
they reason
and no treason

I love perfection
gives me a weird erection
that takes me to all direction

I love animals
there are cute
and mute
and have a certain look


This is some bullshit i laid down
because I just can say to stay
being a liar in the ground
sort of poem anyways as they say

I hate perfection
doesn´t give no erection
gives me headache´s .

I´m disgusted by quite a lot of humanity
a lot of vanity
screw most of humanity.

Animals scare the shit out of me most of them
so screw them
I have two dogs to take care off
and that´s more than enough
I see a lion or snakes
and I´m the one who rattles and shakes

What a world we live in
wouldn´t it be better to kill
most of those that are not worth standing still?

The folly of humanity is my folly since I´m an atom of society.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Humans have only one thing in common.

I found the true answer.

I love when people say we all are equal. We must do some kind of cross culture talk to better know each other and achieve a common understanding. Then I start thinking, what the F…, we are taking the wrong road here. You know what we have in common….our differences!! We are different!! I said it, I found the answer.

Imagine if in a same society all where equal, apart from being damn boring the society as a whole would collapse. If everybody could do the same type´s of jobs, equal everybody equal. How do you sustain a society like that is beyond my comprehension. You need, carpenters, you need people who are skilled labour to build houses, electricians, you need gays and anti gays, vegetarians and unvegetarians( I think I just invented a word) because it would take all the fun out of it if PETA wasn´t around. Specially the woman of PETA who I don´t know why they all seem to be hot. And where would dissention be, where would arguments about these being better than the other thing be? And that is how societies work in it´s best form. When nobody is equal, in respect to genre and respect to social status.

Now this cross culture talk about how to best communicate with other cultures. Sounds great at the surface. But when you get to the nitty gritty details, societies and cultures are so different, that there is no way of reconciliation some things that in my culture is the norm and in other cultures they find it disgusting. So it eventually ends up in an argument saying how disgusting you people are while the other say´s not you are the ones living in the stone ages.

Different is the only thing  we have in common as humans. Plus I have to get it in there, that “I´m so sorry apologetic run around the world tour” by Mr.O, didn´t seem to go to well. Look at  the freaking world now, it´s much worst than before. They would lead you to belief that America has regained the “pardon” of the world, that in the world´s eyes American is now good when before with Cowboy Bush was the worst of the worst. No, America has lost all credibility, they have no respect towards the U.S and that not only affects citizens in the U.S, but the allies of Europe that now we have to lead from the front? When has Europe done that? Last time it was before little mustache Hitler took over the Western hemisphere and on his way decided to kill everybody on sight.

Hey, if Mr.O really felt so bad about America and it´s stance in the world, he could at least have some reservations and not go on a campaign rally around the world to apologise for them. That makes the U.S weak, that makes countries in Europe fearful, and why do you think Europe doesn´t immpose harsher sanctions on Russia, because we look at the U.S,we see that there are only red lines that the president is putting up and the others don´t do but cross them over and over again and we figured, hey, we have economic ties with Mr.Putin, we shall play both sides here, we are not that dumb,specially since we don´t have the military might to scare this guy.

I remember when Bush was mocked when he said “that he had looked into Putin´s eyes and he had seen his soul”. You know what, I found that funny too, but at the end of the day he kept in Poland the defense missile system which the Polish part of NATO where more than happy to have those weapons as a deterrant. To me, it´s good diplomacy. You praise the enemy in public, but behind Mr.Putin knew those freaking missles where there, a good reminder that Cowboy Bush wasn´t to be pushed around and NATO countries had the backing of the U.S. Mr O, comes to power does an apology tour to try to make everybody feel good,everybody inclusive, and takes out those missels and long in behold Crimea is  gone for the Russians. Why Crimea? There´s rich gas to be exploited on the shores. Gas is a source of energy therefore makes money and demand, money is traded as well as demand hence Mr. Puttin has the upper arm.

The only thing we humans have in common is that we are different, be it for good or for bad. Most of the times turns out to be for the good if you weight it in a scale. Since we are not perfect. That´s the truth. I had a moment of inspiration and had to write it down. It all came flowing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I too have cool quotes.




images-3 My cool friend Socrates. I´ve been reading in the reader some other posts which have uplifting quotes and I figured I wouldn´t be the lesser person. He´s quite a nice guy, those glasses where a gift from me. Had to pump up his image for the youngsters and he gave me a cup of coffeimages-1 then he went on a rampage on the power of knowingimages, can´t get him to write correctly.


I can only help you so much images-5. And then one last words of great wisdom images-4

So I´m no less than others with quotes, I´m cool and so is heimages-7 Absorb our knowledge.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.