Sunday stroll with Charly(photos)

Alright! Stop yelling at me, I know it´s Tuesday but I couldn’t get the photos
uploaded until today, here it goes Carolina and stop nagging at me. Cruel creature…

I woke up and first thing got my new I phone 35
I saw a bit of T.V, real hardcore news on my great pjs? just a mix…
I looked out the balcony and the coast was clear of killers
I went out running
If you have a magnifying glass you can see what here we call “tenderetes” on the balconies,
you just hang the clothes there to dry
This one is just the one we have in the little patio and the only one (mom is smart)of
the whole high-rise of 3 stories our “tenderete” if you will or just a rope

Walked down the road
This freaking town is build on a mountain, so walking down is great walking back up…not cool.
Got to a park, it was a great sunny day, kids playing evil monsters really
I asked a guy to pose for me, shit there was hot girls.. just kids, old people, parents…
Nice dog, and nice guy, we chatted
a bit and out he went and I was left yet alone reading a book and looking at my…
I get great ideas for my writing
looking at my feet.
Then up the hill passing my church
got home everything quite
I was exhausted and had gotten rid of a lot of pounds so I just laid in bed to rest

I sleep in that bed my ill mother in the one next to it, in several occasions we had to literally hear
her screaming and go to her room, so we figured (me and dad) I would be the one sleeping in the same
room so he gets his good hours of sleep, since she wakes up a lot during the night, and in case
something happens up we go to the hospital. Actually right next to the door I have a backpack
with a couple of t-shirt, cleaning things, shorts, the rest just in case we have to go to the
hospital and stay there.

So that was my great Sunday sunny stroll. Hope you enjoy the “great” photography, it is a beautiful
town, with normal people, not like the one I live in. Normal people… at least not full of criminals.
Enjoyed the stroll and sitting in the park and reading, nice day.

Hard at work in the garden

Hey, before I start I should say that I had been cutting trees,
fighting with roses and you can’t even believe what I had to go through.
Anyways so here is the photo of my mothers bulldog wich I feel quite related to her, she’s even more lazy than me.

But as you all know she has to get her ass out of the ground
so, I got to this conclusion that my family is
a bit of sociopaths so they make her do this

Dog abuse.

But as she’s no dummy then that little bastard gets this

Her teeth are whiter than mine.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Have a great weekend.

The patriot

Sorry this was not a patriot
I’m just blooging
Forgot, shitty di shit di di, I feel like I’m back to this shit

I’m back in Irak, although that picture was taken in Afghanistan, but in I the Rack
they had some kind of infrastructere, point being,
I fucking live in a town full of MUSLIM Marrocans, yes I did say MUSLIM,
the other point is that you win some you loose some

That is not me right now, but yesterday…! Fucking pieces of shit these marrocans
although I have to take half of the blame since at the end most of them are selling drugs
in my case is weed, I figured out weed is better than alcohol, so…. well that is why
I’m seeing a psychologist and therapist and all those kind of things.
I pray to God, yes I’m a Christian, that he will let me in if he wants since
I’m a pretty bunch.

So this town if full, I mean full, of this MUsliM marrocans, and they are all selling drugs
or stealing or both, just petty criminals.

There I was sitting talking with some girls and the next thing I know is that I’m surrounded
by 6 or 7 Marrocans just bullying me basically, but I told my mommma I will not get into more
fights, and then the hit came into my face, smaaaaaK! it sounded, and now I actually
have the left part of my face swollen, I did give back some, but they were too many,
so I had to loose this battle, than goodness the police happen to pass by and they ran
since I was on the floor trying to fight back quite a bunch.

I will add that one of my best friends is a MUSLIM marrocan, and he is one of the best
persons I know, he actually gives me jobs here and there. I tough man hard working person,
not like these fuck heads.

It was funny since when one day I met my mother here in this town, I was listening to her
but my eyes where scaning every place, just back to Irak, every place, person, and she
actually noticed it. Told me if there was something wrong, I said nope my grand pope
but I walk around this fucking town wich is a very small one and I will encounter them,
you just can’t have a detour through other places.

But I’m a

I’m a Spaniard in my hometown, but full of these fuck ups and by the way that is the shirt of the Spanish Infantry,
so fuck them, I fucked them off one time this was there time to fuck me up.
Although I am just one and they are….. who knows how many but too much.
And this is one of my women when I tell her about my battles with these nut jobs, me included
she goes fuck you….but to me!!!

So fuck her also, my town, my country, they will not scare me, I will fight back and harder.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Fuck, my face hurts like hell, I just need some womenly love…..kisses

Hi guys

Hi, my name is Tina,
I already introduced myself once or twice what’s with that?
So here I am chillin with my buddy
Man, the poor dude is loosing hair and he put on several or quite a lot
of severals pounds since he stopped drinking, but he says he is sexy….
I don’t know, it’s so and so.
At least the other day he gave me his food
O, and new ball for me to ripp apart
He’s not all that bad of an owner, still the poor bastard needs some improvement,
he never knows when I talk with him what I want, if I want to go pee or poppo, he seems
to day dream quite a bit
I think he goes in a catatonic state. I wonder….
Anyways I’m going back to sleep

He told me to say…. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
What the hell does that mean?

Yo, just chillin….

I just watching the U.S Presidential inaguration,
Just chilling here waiting for a margarita dscn2899
I see people like thisimages-2
and people like that images-1
Yo, I’m just chillin, hey Charly! bring me the Margarita and a cigarette will ya!
I want a drink
to think
let me begin
with my rapin
tired now
wanna eat a cow
my name is Tina
the cool dog
that ate a frog

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Love is in the air…..


Dog: “Hi sweety pie, you want a kiss?”
Me:”He he, you are funny, but sorry babe you are not my type.”
Dog suddenly feels jealous and attacks me while I´m trying to write
some Shakespearean writing…. look!dscn2889
Dog: “I got you now boy.”
Me: “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” And tears start dropping throughout my face.
Dog: “You want more?!!! e, come on, you want more!!”
Me: “Shit o.k, o.k, I´ll go out with you.”
We ended up heredscn2866
And there we find ourselves…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Danger! Operation “save logs” (pic´s)

Some people know I was in the army, 21-25…didn´t spend all those years there! You kidding, what a nightmare. It was the age I entered and when I left. And we did some nutty things not only in the land of wild bulls a.k.a Spain but also in two far away land full of nut jobs. Thing is, that after my military experience I do know certain things, and I have applied them this afternoon, I´v  put my vast military strategic knowledge into action.

First, check weather conditionsIMG_1399 as you can see, the number on top, yep, 36 degrees celsius this afternoon in the land of the wild bulls.

Second, asses the situation. See how many hostages I had to safe. This was all done my old fashion reconnaissance work, sneak and peak I like to sayIMG_1391doesn´t seem much. After this, since I´m a one man army, I had to map out my infiltration route and it would also serve as exfiltration route IMG_1395 so it´s due north and then I have to go to my east in order to get to the safe houseIMG_1396.

O.k, I´m activated, now time to infiltrateIMG_1392. I know, not my old camouflage uniform but I decided to go ninja style here, there´s a guy to your left out of the picture. Now is time to terminateIMG_1393.Done. You have to be quick and violent. Forgot, this is where I´m going to stash my hostagesIMG_1398 It will do the work for now, just had to move some things around and walla!IMG_1402See? They are safe and comfy, all well rounded up in their respective areas. I´m what you can call RamboIMG_1400I decided to take off my ninja outfit and just relax after my covert mission. See ? ahahahah, all logs are gone! Time from infiltration to exfiltration took a total of 40 minutes. Sort of the same time the Navy Seals took to kill Bin Laden and gather all the information. I´m even cooler than those guys, I did it all by my self. I will admit that I did ask for help, because this is the face of painIMG_1401but as they say, no pain no gain. I was about to pass out to tell you the truth. Jesus, it still amazes me that I can´t do the same things as I did in my mid twenties. At least not the physical things. But that is the true face of pain but of relieve at the same time. Now, I did ask for help. I lied at the beginning, but my battle buddy……freaking bastardIMG_1382he was taking a nap! And wouldn´t get up. So he left me all by myself. As you can see, this is my childhood home, and my mother seemed to decorate my room all american style. Fine with me though. Sorry, these are the barracks for tough individuals which are not very cozy. Of course after a direct engagement with the enemy you do have to do your routine of puff puff the magic dragonFoto 273 And you bet I puffed on that sucker. Since I do suffer from chronic back pain I decided that after Operation Save Logs had been a success now it was time for a restIMG_1385. This is what you do after a well oiled fighting machine finishes his job. Hope I gave people some insight into what it takes to save other things, material or human.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.