Don´t depend on anybody

The title is not subtle
The sayings of my father “don´t depend on anybody”
The other phrase I remember from this man is ” At the end of the day you are alone”
So make your own home.
Maybe is not the things they say now a days with all the “safe spaces” and BS really,
that is too much silly.
Overall he does have a point, but ” at the end you are alone” well, the man calls
me when I least expect it, guess what, now without mother I also call him.
Goes both ways, yet not call him day after day, not in his nature
to be that creature. Nor in my nature really.
Yet overall
I do take his sayings seriously yet with a grand of salt.
And having one neuron left do know who is who, try to asses their loyalty-morality as best I can,
and then eat a meatball can.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Rant!!! (over 18?) Long…

Fuck, have no idea if tu put over 18 in now too politically correct society,
or just put (over 0.5) Parents is your decision and obligation to know what your kids read.
Not about that, going here there and where? Gonna be long so I expect to get a lot of
LIKES and FOLLOWS since it´s me. This looks like a diary and diary is personal I´m just
crazy and write it for the public to enjoy, my misery, my gladness (some), my fuck it now.

We as a family make a good team, my father for his nature is not able to be on top day in
day out on top of my mother, It´s been 1 month or more that I literally became from a “cool”
infantry soldier, kill or be killed literally ( 37 now, military experience happened
between 2001 almost 2002 to 2005) to a 24 hours caretaker. I bring up that shit, for a
simple reason, people might say my father is not with her, fuck that shit!
He though his contacts and they are high level, brought the best team of experts on
my mothers cancer to not treat her as a “usual”. She is the queen of him, he will move
rocks in the atmosphere if necessary for her to get the best doctors. But is just not
in him to see the day to day fuckness, so that is our team. I am able to see it, hence
I revert to my military practice that to tell you the truth you got to be born with it,
forget about military, you are either calm and have empathy to a point since if you are
mentally to involved you do not react well to the person that you are looking out for,
so STAY fROSTY-calm, cool, collected, and other adjectives. Good ones that is and it only
happens to me in extreme circumstances hence my father knows so he puts me on that part ot the team.

In my mind while I was..fucking shit fuck! I just like that word,
“No pidas peras al olmo” It is a Spanish saying, My father love my mother obviously and got the best
doctors and a private hospital in Spain, which is rare the private hospitals here in my country.
We do have one payer system. Actually that saved me being able to go without paying….except all the
years I paid the government for my work, including the military and scary but loved it.

Pissed off really, even with the hot nurses, I find myself like a bloodhound. Did she (mother) take
that pill or did you change it? The nurses say “we have to check” go back to the head doctor of all
and ask him to give me the ” chart” of all the meds at what time they give her,

Now with these rich people in this hospital …fuck that that would be too long to write and now seeing the hot
nurse next to me while I´m writing but I do pause to phisically go to their “station” and if they don´t give
mother their correct medicines… chewed up one pretty nurse the other day, it´s against my animal! Insticts!
She wa hotie didie but gave her two times the morphine prescribed, so that is a NO NO for me.

I thought I would write something more insulting or controversial…fuck it, although I´m still flirting with
a 20 year old nurse…what the fuck was this? so there we go


Author of this work: SOCRATES

battle of the minds(100000,sorry. 1,oo! 8 two words)

I did in my early years study in San Francisco, which we Spaniards conquered.
Anyways the point is, philoshophy, I did argue in
that class after studying 3 philosophers with their 3 great philosphies
(no proofread so my guess there´s just one grammatical error), that war was
good and killing civilians was necessary. Did I believe that at that time?
Up to you, you yes you and you,no ……. Obviously all the students said it was terrible,
to me it was boring to argue that, so with this 3 great phylosopehers and 3 great phylosphies,
I argued war was good and killing civilians was not good but necessary. Complex argument, so
not to bore you…..debate me! I´m fucking bored, today I read, wrote the novel that not even my mother
is going to read, so debate me!!!!! Get some adrenaline out of me or I´ll just punch one of this idiot
selling drugs marrocans I have right now outside my window.
Just a weird thought that came to mind, and of course I had to share it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

being tolerant is good..bullshit.

Here is what I say I love to be intolerant. I´ll go again INTOLERANT is the way to go.(I just found out the google tool bar and I can change colours, this is great)

People are always talking about being tolerant to other people,to their way of thinking, to their way of acting, to just about everything. So tolerant becomes then norm, the accepted word. Is the good word

But if I think about it for a moment being tolerant leads to catastrophic events if it becomes the norm, the good word the philosophy why everybody should live by. If we are tolerant of everything we start rationalizing everything and anything and most likely end up empathizing with things that turn out to be just the contrary, intolerant.

Let´s say I tolerate child abuse, a child abuse you could say is an intolerant person since he doesn´t tolerate any morality towards kids. Or I can tolerate Muslim terrorist, that way when I was over there in two fucked up countries I would be shaken hands with them with my rifle on my back and they would cut my head off since they are intolerant so I would be on the side of intolerance then. Or I can tolerate men that hit women thereby siding with the intolerance since they don´t seem to tolerate women after all they don´t have any respect for women. Tolerant of bullies we can also be, so we in turn will become bullies by accepting that form of thinking.

Let´s make it even harder, let´s say I tolerate gay people. They by nature are intolerant since there is no way in the world a gay man will ever go out with me since I´m not gay. So by my own rational he´s intolerant because I´m tolerant to my own ideas of not making out with a man. I don´t mind lesbians though.

So here is MY THEORY , When all these people say “we have to be tolerant”, o.k, that sounds very good but what are the consequences of being tolerant as  a norm. The ones that I cited two paragraphs above. Those are the consequences. You do have to not tolerate thereby being intolerant towards certain things so there is some order in the world and it doesn´t all turn to anarchy. You loose your morals, each has their different morals about things in life and people and how people should be, but if we where all tolerant about the same things which means being tolerant about everything good bad, doesn´t matter just be tolerant and respect everything. How does the world function like that. No, you have to be intolerant in most parts of your life, intolerant towards crime, terrorism, bad governments, and governance. Family matters, relationships. Most things in our life´s we are intolerant because we do not let “everything go” in those arenas I just mentioned.

So GO INTOLERANCE since at the end, humans by nature are that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.




present here
mystery there
my heart there
with you
until you dare!

touch her
touch there
go here
go there
move right
speed right
make her scream right!

read here
read there
write here
write there
learn everywhere!

that´s a fact,
I knew that much
it´s just such just me and only me to do that much.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.