How do you measure the human heart?

How you do meaure that humn, a heart?
Each person with their mental things.
I have, since I am smartesr man in the room,
with a broom
I can faint a heart, that is choice we all have,
the art of bravery
is to let it all go in some situations
no nations, day to day people I have to interact,
is not a what? You walk out of the house and there they are,
with a signature in ther head saying ” I´m the cirminals star”
Just of punks really so you meausre that compared to my experience,
make them look good but at the end they know what realiy with me, and is
not good in their interest to piss me off.
I did gain in American Hyschools year od the …year an A++ for nothing,
Day to day life, was a sariçfe,b ut you know what you know, hence much easier to deal with,
(did I become a motivational speaker or some kind of philopher?)
This post was weird.