mental warfare

Look! Hurt my spine, while touching that little piano.

Look! After this meal I´m prepared to take on the world.

Look! yes that is me cutting down something in my mothers garden, but I did do that as a profession.
If you want to call it that.

Look! tired after work.

Look!drinking like a soldier.

Look! drinking milk.

Point being, it´s all in the mind, your mind is war, a constant.Won´t go deeper since I and you, who are you?
Getting bored.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Vacation pictures

I say vacation pictures but I´m in most if not all of the pictures, family doesn´t want to be on the blog, they´re ashamed of me…na, kidding. I´m just a narcissist that doesn´t want to be associated to them or for that matter to anybody else, just me. So Here I am freezing in my parents houseFoto 318and reading and learning and….well, smoking. I did have a soft spot when I left the two wild beast that I have living with me, a soft spot of living them behindIMG_1470.Look! at that dude, look at his face that was the picture I took of him just as I was about to leave, he´s eyes says it all “Don´t leave me here with my crazy ass sister!!!!” Yep, the female that looks like she´s sleeping, she´s really not, like human females she´s very deceptive and manipulative. She even manipulates me, a human, which is quite depressing. Fast forward 4 hours later in the bullet train and I´m here ! DSCN2409 with my cool  yacht behind me. warning i do realise that in all these pictures I have the white hat, they have already have given me enough grief so don´t say nothing about it….or do if you wish, if you wish an ass kicking from me that is.

Back to beautiful vacation, this is the port of Malaga, in the south region of Spain called Andalucia which the Marrocans invaded and then we re invaded them and they returned back and then we returned back and on and on. And home to the Spanish Legion, so I know the city pretty good. Specially the bars to tell you the truth, never went on tourist vacation back then. But this time with the family, well it was quite nice to see other parts of the city. Like this Cathedral that I forgot what´s the name of itDSCN2416 Or cool little traditional  housesDSCN2415 So you might be like in the other photo looking at the sea and you turn around the camera and you gotDSCN2410mountains! This is in the waterfront also. There´s a castle up over there on top. Some king, since we have had a bunch of kings why do they expect me to know them all, who cares kings are kings and I´m just a humble man.

Of course the traditional Spanish food, watch out vegetarians!DSCN2419 He´s on fire but he tastes…damn goodDSCN2420 And this is the same restaurant as in this pictureDSCN2421 They´re very religious down there, so religious that the restaurant owner has even made a virgin for himself, or for the restaurant that is. DSCN2427 Down town Malaga, this could be compared to Manhattan´s 5th Avenue, where all the expensive shops are, jewelry, clothes, e.t.c. And at night as you can see there are arches made of light bulbs so it´s really beautiful to see this at night. I was there at night but not on tourist mode, and in case you where wondering those two guys with the yellow jerseys that burns your eyes ,yep, local police and they where not there for me just so you know. They just got in the way….. fuck again! You also have cool dudes sitting aroundDSCN2424 see, now I don´t have my hat. I stole his!

I was in a small town outside of Malaga which name will be reserved and after waking up I just had to walk 50 meters to this placeDSCN2444 having a good Coke with me, no whiskey in it I promise and no cigarette in my mouth? That one is weird by the way. You take a stroll and sit down near the palm beachDSCN2440 Or you can walk and see meet with the famous painter PicassoDSCN2431 He´s cool, as you can see he let me use a bit of his paint. And next to Picasso we have another churchDSCN2430. That would be to the right of Picasso or to the left as you are seeing this.

They actually made some t shirts there, they where inspired by my presence her they go  in sequence………………..DSCN2451 that´s what the ladies always tell me. And…………DSCN2452 and alsoDSCN2449. Hey what did you expect, we are Spanish we need our afternoon “siesta” no hurries no worries that´s are national anthem. Did you notice how brilliant we are? In the last picture they originally put 9.99 Euros, then crossed it off and decided to round up the thing to 10. And then added a freaky yellow face winking at you! Bastards, what a humour. Brilliant, no wonder Spain is the most competitive nation on not only the earth but the universe.

O yeah, I have some move tooDSCN2462 look at the freaking ball is going in the middle and don´t give me grief about having those stupid little barriers on the side so the ball bounces of and gets back to the middle I was playing with mommy but I beat her !DSCN2463 Even our cool little Santa got carried awayDSCN2456. The Southern Spanish humour, this actually was a Santa in a store for not the thin people you can say.

And ofcourse made a visit to my uncle DSCN2433and grandma and grandpa all by my mothers side. My uncle died on March of this year, so I had a moment with him and gave him a cool little poem. Plus we had to buy the gay flag, it was one of his request. He never called it the gay flag, he just said the flag with a lot of colours. Good man, R.I.P big man. Beautiful church isn´t it. You have to see the inside, and is right next to the beach.

So that was my vacation, happy days.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Real note to ponder


This is what I call the chaos theory. Where everything seems chaotic but there is a pattern to it. And the pattern to it is……just a bunch of words, short sentenced, quotes,some quick flash falsh fiction, so not pattern at all really. So this ended up put together after three hours of jotting down the same words but into another binder and I even put this shit by categories so what you see on top ended up like this

Foto 293

and to tell you the truth I kind of like how it looked in the first place. It has a more….don´t know the word maybe a rusty kind of look and feeling to it, problem was I couldn´t quickly find something I wanted to and just went with whatever was in my head. No wonder that the poem I wrote today I didn´t have to scratch my head too much as to what type of poem I should write. Look it! I even put that yellow marker over the word-idea I wanted to write about just to let myself known that I had already written about that. Which in the first picture I would stare at all that mess and then go back to what I had written to check if I already wrote that idea, or word, or about some quote that all give me some kind of inspiration. I´m a neat freak again! (I say again since there was a time when I really was a neat freak) the freaking notes are even  put in by categories. And what I´m holding is a huge binder by the way.

Just felt like sharing my odyssey with whoever reads this.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Narcissist ME (pic´s)

I just realise I wrote the last 3 post´s about being strong, grounded in reality, things like that, all very serious really and the thing is that I really didn´t write it about me, which seems some people think I do. I do most of the times but not all the time. I wrote them actually for a special person to see if he or she got out of the dark hole. Didn´t seem to work by the way, only oneself can get out of it at least from my experience. So it´s 3:30 a.m in Spain and decided to write this thing, can´t sleep, so instead of going serious for others I´m just going to enjoy being narcissist me and making fun of me and then post it tomorrow.Enjoy if you like.

IMG_1390 O yeah, look at that stud, getting ready to go…have no idea but I was going somewhere. So that´s the first picture, I look even normal. There is a debate within the family that I sometimes look like a criminal, not kidding. What does a criminal look like exactly is my question? Anyways, so that´s me , I did call the post narcissist me though……anyways again, this was probably taken by my great mommy before I went out Friday night, or boggy nights as I call them. Cause I´m the boggy man.Foto 290  This was  the face of the aftermath of one of those nights out, why would somebody post things like this?go figure, I´ll talk with  my psychotherapist. Forgot, she doesn´t even want to see me, anybody out there that wants to help a pour soul?

Now me againIMG_1462 much better now, and ready to go on the great adventure. It is great for me since around where I live I can´t find much of theseIMG_1464_2 bookstores! And yes that´s me again bought 3 books, and see the last section, the one I´m looking at! Well only there you can find books in English so that is for me a greater adventure than getting shot at or stabbed or in a fight. Got some screwed up things that happened in my life that´s for sure.

The day doesn´t end there, then I take care of this beautyIMG_0894 . Doesn´t it look good! Damn it does, I´m the one taking care of the garden and stepping on the shit´s of these two bastards that look at them they´re in love, love, loveIMG_1470Can you believe the one looking at the camera is the male, we got to the conclusion that he is a bit gay, or totally gay. By we is the whole family, but he´s cute. A bit dumb for sure he´s suffers from the Piterpan syndrome, you know when people don´t grow up…..well translate that to a dog. But what can you do, he´s  part of the family. Holy shit, I forgot. They do have dog food but when they are in the house we do give them bread, so the bread that is left from some days back and not going into why so much is left but look at this thingIMG_1455Broke a hand cutting the hard bread and sweated like a pig all for the two bastards up there. So after the hard labour of doing the garden, not really hard labour. I worked as a gardener and that is not fun at all. But working just  an hour maintaining mom´s garden it is quite relaxing for me, I say it´s my yoga. Look!IMG_0910And like these one there are quite a few to take care off. It´s interesting to see how they talk to you, I´m not going completely nuts here. They do talk to you by means of “hey, my last flower is going a bit down maybe some water every two days or so?”

So after hard gardening labour is time to huntIMG_1460_2 took me a while to grab it but I´m fast as a gazelle. And disclaimer, for vegetarian people I do not hate animals I do love to cook them thoughIMG_1461hummmmmmm, roasty toasty tasty. So after a good meal what do you do? You sit down and talk with a friend with a cigarette in handIMG_1364, no not the dog is the friend, I´m actually on the phone with another human. And see the female doggy to your right, what the hell is she talking about…….look at her mouth, she´s saying something. I´m looking down probably cursing her out since I can´t hear the other person on the line and can´t understand what Daisy is her name, but she doesn´t seem too please with me. And I figured it out now, because I´m not paying attention to her! Women……. 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Danger! Operation “save logs” (pic´s)

Some people know I was in the army, 21-25…didn´t spend all those years there! You kidding, what a nightmare. It was the age I entered and when I left. And we did some nutty things not only in the land of wild bulls a.k.a Spain but also in two far away land full of nut jobs. Thing is, that after my military experience I do know certain things, and I have applied them this afternoon, I´v  put my vast military strategic knowledge into action.

First, check weather conditionsIMG_1399 as you can see, the number on top, yep, 36 degrees celsius this afternoon in the land of the wild bulls.

Second, asses the situation. See how many hostages I had to safe. This was all done my old fashion reconnaissance work, sneak and peak I like to sayIMG_1391doesn´t seem much. After this, since I´m a one man army, I had to map out my infiltration route and it would also serve as exfiltration route IMG_1395 so it´s due north and then I have to go to my east in order to get to the safe houseIMG_1396.

O.k, I´m activated, now time to infiltrateIMG_1392. I know, not my old camouflage uniform but I decided to go ninja style here, there´s a guy to your left out of the picture. Now is time to terminateIMG_1393.Done. You have to be quick and violent. Forgot, this is where I´m going to stash my hostagesIMG_1398 It will do the work for now, just had to move some things around and walla!IMG_1402See? They are safe and comfy, all well rounded up in their respective areas. I´m what you can call RamboIMG_1400I decided to take off my ninja outfit and just relax after my covert mission. See ? ahahahah, all logs are gone! Time from infiltration to exfiltration took a total of 40 minutes. Sort of the same time the Navy Seals took to kill Bin Laden and gather all the information. I´m even cooler than those guys, I did it all by my self. I will admit that I did ask for help, because this is the face of painIMG_1401but as they say, no pain no gain. I was about to pass out to tell you the truth. Jesus, it still amazes me that I can´t do the same things as I did in my mid twenties. At least not the physical things. But that is the true face of pain but of relieve at the same time. Now, I did ask for help. I lied at the beginning, but my battle buddy……freaking bastardIMG_1382he was taking a nap! And wouldn´t get up. So he left me all by myself. As you can see, this is my childhood home, and my mother seemed to decorate my room all american style. Fine with me though. Sorry, these are the barracks for tough individuals which are not very cozy. Of course after a direct engagement with the enemy you do have to do your routine of puff puff the magic dragonFoto 273 And you bet I puffed on that sucker. Since I do suffer from chronic back pain I decided that after Operation Save Logs had been a success now it was time for a restIMG_1385. This is what you do after a well oiled fighting machine finishes his job. Hope I gave people some insight into what it takes to save other things, material or human.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The nut has gone nuttier!

DownloadedFile-3 Hi there, anybody want to be my friend?

Don´t answer yet, you can meet my gang of friends first and then decideimages-4We look tough but really when the things get crazy meaning we did something bad well what we do is just run and run and also jumpimages-7 That normally happens after I have been on youtube and have heard a song of foofighters images-5.

I do like girls but sometimes with all this boys wanting to be girls I do get a bit confusedimages-9 but that only happens after me and my friend have had a night of party and when I say party I mean party!images-8 Hell that was a night that I probably won´t be able to discuss with the rest of the people but after those nights…..images-11Happens every single Monday. And I´m starting to get suspicious of my friendsDownloadedFile-2 Anyways, screw them, I just love to tell you this, sitting down typing awayimages-10 I feel so freaking excited!


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.