Veterans Day my way

In the U.S was Veterans Day, yesterday
Let us pray.
You talk about sacrifices?
Most people are not able to have those devices.
Hey! Believe it or not this Crazy Priest,did
His sting in the Spanish Legion, at that time was my religion.
I think that at that young age I was just not conscious of the reality,
Of that beautiful-dark insanity,I won’t explain why is beautiful,
It would take me too long and bore you to death;
Death was part of the job description,
We actually loved it so it´s a contradiction.
Now I look back and don’t even recognize that mentality of mine,
And that is more than fine.

Happy Veterans Day to those in the U.S, probably quite some soldiers it pisses them off
or just don’t care. We didn’t care, In Spain there was no parades no nothing, fine with us.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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