34 degrees celcious plus……masks!!!

By law we have to go out of the house with masks and is freaking hot,
34 celcious would translate to 94 Farenheit, right!!! Riiiiiiight!
So people are going a bit nutty, no jobs, heat and they make you weare a dummy mask,
Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sorry about that, insanity is now my morality.

Pay day

in Socialist-Communist Spain
2 hours waiting in the bank line with a mask on
with all the heat although I did manage to before… nothing good with that idiot,anyways
got to a conversation with a cute girl
only since she had one curl-
people are angry
we all are hungry

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The hunt

Just woke up at 4 a.m in the hospital watching my mother dying,
no crying, but….
I have no idea why but I wanted my Nestea with lemon.
Curious thing,
The hospital vending machine
you can pay a 2 dollar thing with a credit card
but the freaking Nestea is 1.90 cents and the machine won´t take
the remake,
of a 2 euros coin.
So, no coin now I´m in pain with no gain,
up the elevator again…check in the room and see one euro with 80 cents
plus the freaking 2 euros coin that I´m asking every sould I see if
they have change, people looking at me weird… NO! I just shave my beard
and I want that Nestea near
might as well add a beer
by the way,
after what seemed like a day…. Winner! I got a person to give
me coins as change for exchange of the 2 Euros coin, finally…NESTEA!
feeeeeeeling gooood, and what is the process in my head?
Waking up in a freaking hospital, kiss mommy that is in comma, next thing in
my head is the Nestea, go figure this one out, I can´t, but I eventually
got through all that ordeal, that is what I consider an ordeal,
not death and life situations,
those are my normality situations
but no Nestea? I got nutty.

Memorial day(Video)

I thought President Trump (like him or not) got pretty much the whole thing,
If you have been in the military like me, you salute but how? There is a litte process there
anyways, he seemed good so nice optics.
Holy, might as well get a memorial day here in Spain… no gain.
Happy Meorial Day there in the U.S, specially for those who know how to really sacrifice.
Be happy for those crazies, I was one you have the batalion.

Gheapest thing in the world

The cheapest thing in the world
although as poets, we just talk,
i don´t even consider myself a poet
i get into wordpress and express.
TALK it is the cheapest thing in the world,
part, of that art,
it is not to follow through when the real deal is going down.
I just call them hypocrites.
Talk talk talk….. walk the walk then.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The war of “Likes”

“Hey yo!!!!!”
“What brooo=?”
“Haven´t read you why do you have a like of mine?”
No answer…. Does piss me off for the other one to get a LIKE
I didn´t even read the post, how does that work? No clue, but
If I catch you I will get the like and un like, now
taking a hike.

(My moral principles got devastated) O shit, forgot to say
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Smell of fresh blood

This is how I motivitate myself….
I do remember once talking in wordpress to fellow woman in the military,
I told her that I remembered the smell of blood,
She said the smell of rotten bodies she remembered,
yes, but first came to my mind was that weird sense of blood
Point being, cut your hand and smell it. Just kidding.
I did have a call from some of the army days friends,
so I´m not the only crazy that remembers that, specially
if you fall flat and keep it on you for days. No time to wash it off,
just keep going. Plus there where no supplies.

End Story, Corona Corona lock duwn, but still a lot to do.
Like cleaning my fucking room, this looks like a dumspster.
Get my act together here, good news mother good to go for today,
got a call from these army guys, and what else…. read ya´ll later you innovator-s.

Oceans 11

an effect
a prefect
Or just watch a documentary
Good news is that I´m able to still talk to my mother and father,
the rest just pass beyond me, so maybe the title should have been
“The things that matter” It just came to mind the title of this
book by Charles Krauthammer, the things that matter focus on that
the rest you discard them, have a good moral compass I think is important
and at the same time don´t let those things that matter destroy you
if they go down hill, don´t be naive overall with other situations apart from
the things that matter.

Have a great Sunday gents and gentesses.