Spanish proverb

I do promise that I will read you later, I want to. If you don´t mind.
That is not the proverb, I got it from ¨The new writing from the new world¨.
It seems my roomate lives it in the doorway go figure that one out Charly.
Proverb- Listen my son to the discipline of your father and, to the law of your mother.
What a nutcase this book.


the chineese proverb

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one

Keep that in mind while I write,
day 22, and i have no money
so no honey! I shouldn´t have paid te wáter and light…
I´m just that bright
I sight
I might
I…shit, I think I own one idiot my idiot I bought some thing from him,
I think he might be a bit angree, hence hungree.
Why I don´t read a cool Spanish proverb? Only Chineese proverbs,
Domininant phylosophers.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

fuck you(peom one)

I wanted to rhyme, but I will not commit this crime.

Stop following me people, am I that interesting?
You can give me your phone number to texting….
another rhyhe,
Now lets be serious, how many people are following me?
Believe it or not, actually is a not, it´s 3.078?
If I got that figure correct. I do promise and I do not know why,
I don´t pay attention to the statistics, followers, viewers,
I just write dumb shit, yet again,
humans are humans, what do I need to write dumb shit and publish,
publish….sounds right. Human nature.
I was going to make a very deep pi di di point,
and as i´m writing i´m hearing my next door roomate,
hooooot! is waking up after her last night, since i´m sure is her laaaaaast night.

Shit, and now I heaar she is calling his Italian boyfriend…Italian but it seems
she likes Spanish stallion, or greek stallion, or… just one of those.

So fuck you, got out off topic, I have….I´m drunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Strolling through life and suddenly you are struk by lightning.
Adaptation is curious-ion,
I know, that I don´t know when and what.
Therefore I don´t sweat too much the suspense rat.
I might have, as we all, a bit of brain and know it might be commings,
but alot of times I find people too worried and paranoid with their head belongings,
Just take it, it´s hard,not the end of the world, I have to keep on reminding myself
that I have been in far worst situations, that I was able to adapt.
Charly snap!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.