Genious or insanity

The great philosopher said…forgot
you can be dead
hopefully in a cozy bed,
i just pushed a marrocan out of my way
now i say hay!
genious no, smart no, total idiot no,
i´m going for a bro?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

what it did for me

She has her magic,
She is the Queen,
now, let me stop since I can do the poetry now wrong,
What´s up with mommy,
hommy, yo, let it roll, forget about it….
she is the magic, you talk about tragic?
it´s not in her genes
so that´s a good disease.
That is what is done for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I´m the immitator they are the originator,(sorry to embarass you mommy but this is my art)
women…. I really base that on my mother I can also be a tough mother fuking brother.
I know, I know,…… actually, quite a lot of times I don´t trust my own mother,
she did take care of me… That´s it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

It´s good to hit women(video of hell)

Did I say that in the title?
I can go to prison, with no reason,
Can a woman say that exame thing and go to prison,
No, and pólice won´t investigate but with reason.
25 of this month, walking around the shit town
I guess, maybe not, don´t know, that the last posts are
a bit off,mental off,25th abused women day..and men? It´s not manly? Bitch
it is a reason since who you are around obviously affects you,
that has no relationship with hitting a woman.
I myself have been through the process, she just lied,
Even the judge told me “I´ll put you in prison for being a dummy”.
Like my mummy,I still got the sentece “Not guilty”.
Not pretty even the outcome was for me normal, not for my lawyer.
I´ll give her a prayer,
plus she is hot.
See? Writting about this dumb shit in this shit town only,
really the point is to not surround yourself with certain type of people,
but as a master equal,
I do live here so is kind of a mute point.
Not even going to read you, got back to drinking, cutt it off tomorrow?
I did it once and twice and it´s up to my devise.
Holy! I´m willing to say there are more points to be made here.


Yes, I did put that weird thing on top of the E,
it´s called a…don´t know the word in English.
This is a poem, and I´m worried, scared shitless really,
I go, into the stats page, and believe or not I rarely go and
The crazy bitch send me the email with some music to listen,
I know…. dummy but not all that dumb, actually I haven´t listen to it.
Didn´t even open the email. Might as well do it now andpost it,
kind of cathardic…hey! LAAAAAADIES!!! You got a stud. Walking over mud.
Jueeeesus- I like dramatic; do
silly because I´m an addict
sing static
Blangladés, what a weird country. I went into Wikipedia once I saw they are
watching me from there….. So now I got the goods on you Bangladesí!!!
Blagladeses..Banglades perons? Told you it is a weird country,
I don´t know how to spell the persons that are from there,
I just hope they are Russians or Marshalls?….had to rhyme.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.