9 days no food

This is what I want, no money so no honey for food, cigarettes but no regrets.
I did fuck up yet again, I´m quite great at giving advice to people about overcoming and shit
right? Well not all that great at applying it to me. So after seeing that my body is not the
same as before as in that photo taken probably 5 years ago, I fuck it up with alcohol,
money to alcohol all my mind upside down in a bottle, this is what I get a wallow wallow.
But cry me a river, I do have a little room, a Little stove, internet, t.v, so doing pretty
good overall. Even my father said he´d help me transfering me some money, problem is that
since my credit card is in their house, here in Spain if you want to get money off the teller
it has to be before 11.a.m so now is 10 a.m and all this is me corresponding with him through
Gmail since they stole my phone, making the poor man walk to some bank. All because of the alcohol,
I need food man, I walk through the streets stumbling, I can feel the weakness sliping into each bone.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The man(video)

I feel like a weird grupie… but the point is that he is true to himself,
danger is what he knows to handle and a pretty good bullshiter.
Stick if you wish with he is true to himself regardless the consequens
I can relate to that not in my military experience but just life in general.

I just hope it gives you and also me perspective.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

hate me

I believe that the more you hate me you love me…
o.k, not true, I do manage for people close to me and they are few to love me
so i might do something good
they know me, not 100% percent but most. Hate me you people that follow!
This shit turned into a diary?
That was a blasfammy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

writing is my passion

It is a lonely JOB, I´m trying to sob.
Writers block is a myth, and if I have to listen the experts…
about how he can teach writers not to block I´ll commit suicide.
Writting it is the fantasy world in a sense, you and your mind trying to find?
But fuck me I did do alot of other jobs, I´m going with this one.JOB.
Don´t worry you Charly Narly, stress? We go into a deep mess.
But writing is…and breaking the “writing rules” is my own guess.
Writing is…my relieve, and more important focus.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.