The CP king

I’m the kinger
Of all the ringer
the other one is my queen
she is my….o my!
As the kinger
I went through the wringer
I killed
The blood spilled
I had my shield
i had to save the queen
just had to turn up my cool scene
“hello how are you?” i said
and on my behalf i stole his neck
what a wreck
I eventually saved her
And…..she says hello
While I’m eating jello
wo is a beast
this CP
will be your pitty

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Priest is back on the block !

Yeeeha !
Just doing the funky chicken dance
while singing la  la in my trance

Finally got internet now
To me it seems like a big great wow

Actually, I was missing you people,
you humans you…..truants !


Good news, I just counted I wrote 40 “poems”
on theseFoto 293
and when the police saw this
they just gave me a wild geese

Yeeeeeeha !

Now is time for me to attack……your heart .

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses have a great start of the week.

I´m deep and can I be shallow…..

Did I just cry?

don´t say it or even write
or I you just might….
cried like a little girl
with curly hair swinging in that early innocent pearl
never saw my father cried in my life
and that maybe something to strive, but
i myself have obviously cried

I did not experience throughout my life any stupid nonsense lies
just quite fucking amazing things that i think of if now and it seems
like, who what why how?
life and death every day and that is no bullshit kind of gray
so that´s  is that now……….

gonna be shallow
i  like to be wallow
in the hallow
bunny bunny
where is my hunny
sexy sexy
where is my texty
you know as in dirty text message…that is texty!!
I just got an idea….don´t run, I just got an idea
with some diarrhea…..with a freaking Shiah!!

Now, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Early morning feeling

Tick Tock,alarm clock hits six a.m
He wakes up feeling like a human scam
Life can be a traffic jam

Tick Tock,minutes go by,
then an hour,
then he thinks of his grueling day ahead….

Tick Tock…he has to wake up
if he stays in, is going to be a close-up

Tick Tock!
Time to get over the shock
It´s not a damn hard lock
That humans can not unlock

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Into the aligator pit

So here I am
it´s no scam
in the alligator pit
I just sneeze and spit
doesn´t make me sick….weird
so, up the ladder I go no matter however
just survival I guess, not a mess
you Queen sense
I even own a computer
which by the way I´m not very sure if it works good
so screw a meuw?
anyways, fuck the aligátor pit i can eat write and also….
hell I can be quite slick

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


There was a man that had one hand
the precious right hand which held the delicious
cigarette, he just called them all his girls Yvette.
They said he was Marlboro man, to which he responded:
“I´m going to put your face in the sand”
“Marlboro man is one I can´t stand”
Silverado is the way to go
cheap and brown is here to stay
keep  your dirty hands away
Silverado man died one day,
one man asked his family why
to which they responded with
a smile and a “Hi”
they waved the man to come to see
and what that man saw brought him to one knee……

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


The man of Chivalry
has a few things to be of delivery:

Thou shalt believe the church teachings,
and absorb the meanings
Thou shalt defend  all weakness
with absolutely no meekness
Thou shalt not recoil before my enemy
he´s my adversary
Thou shalt never lie and remain faithful to my pledge word
which will never be blurred
Thou shalt be generous and give largeness to everyone
even if it´s a undeserving no one
Thou shalt be the champion of the right and the good against injustice and evil
all these are really kind of medieval, but does ring true to try to climb that upheaval

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Moving on

Moving on
Moving along
To another house….
Not having much
Internet to touch
New life….
Was about time
I´m emitting a big chime
of, again….
Harsh economic times
Brought back family ties
But who are we kidding
A bit trying at my age to be sitting
In a constant family bidding
It´s good to renew
I´m out of here
This Saturday I will have the money to finally disappear

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Crazy infidel

I´m an infidel
Who has his own citadel
I´ll cast my spell…..now!!
do not chop heads off, Christians are cool nice people, also
Muslims which are your cousins who you kill in the dozens
and you want what? A Kalife?

Moronic is just a symbolic what you ask for, after what you do you are subhuman
that is less than human call it, death is what you are no spare for you
just kill you with a smile on the face says one who did
it once or twice or maybe more with no remorse…..Fyou, subhuman species feces is what you look
like to me, so let it be; you underground.

Says the Infidel in his citadel.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Scramble Scramble !
let´s get ready to rumble

Scramble Scramble !
gotta play the gamble

Scramble Scramble !
now I got another angle…..

look right then left
click click, open eyes and ears
look around and see the best on your behest
Scramble Scramble !

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.