I´m going to A.A
Alcoholic Anonymous
That should be a plus and a minus
Whatever you think
It does stink…..
for me I mean to stay clean
hard as hell and I have been pretty much near that part
although for my sake and the ones around me the word is….
SOBRIETY which comes with alot of anxiety
have to re learn how to live life without that bottle in my life
so minute after minute, hour after hour, and then the day finishes
without me being diminishes .

And one more day of sobriety
doing a good for me and family and…
even for the freaking society, they got to love me or is just me?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

I´m deep and can I be shallow…..

Did I just cry?

don´t say it or even write
or I you just might….
cried like a little girl
with curly hair swinging in that early innocent pearl
never saw my father cried in my life
and that maybe something to strive, but
i myself have obviously cried

I did not experience throughout my life any stupid nonsense lies
just quite fucking amazing things that i think of if now and it seems
like, who what why how?
life and death every day and that is no bullshit kind of gray
so that´s  is that now……….

gonna be shallow
i  like to be wallow
in the hallow
bunny bunny
where is my hunny
sexy sexy
where is my texty
you know as in dirty text message…that is texty!!
I just got an idea….don´t run, I just got an idea
with some diarrhea…..with a freaking Shiah!!

Now, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Early morning feeling

Tick Tock,alarm clock hits six a.m
He wakes up feeling like a human scam
Life can be a traffic jam

Tick Tock,minutes go by,
then an hour,
then he thinks of his grueling day ahead….

Tick Tock…he has to wake up
if he stays in, is going to be a close-up

Tick Tock!
Time to get over the shock
It´s not a damn hard lock
That humans can not unlock

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Charly Wax

Wax on
Wax off…..
Now you got them off balance,
you jackoff !

This is Charly Wax or Charly the Wax or max?
Either way you’re going to eat, say “hey hey !”

call me
you see me
then believe in me!

I’m taking a bow
Just to see the snow plow
I just saw a snow cow……..

Hey, this is Charly Wax
Did  you get  my fax?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just Chilling…

Sitting on a cool brown bench
time passes by and I´m looking at the sky,
I wonder….boom! I’m hit by thunder.

Damn! It’s 9:30 a.m and my medic will receive me at
11:30 a.m , what a freaking sham, I still don’t know my
way around, so I was bound to get an early bus just in case
later on there was no more, seems I got that wrong-score.

Know I know and…..sitting on the bench, writing on my booklet
my outlet….and looking up to the sky I wonder why,
“Why the hell did I get so early here!”
Just sitting and looking at the atmosphere, quite interesting I might say
in this way, that at this hour there are only walking humans over 100 years
of age and they seem to be turning page after page these bastards.

I can hear it, I can hear it !!!
The sounds of crutches, hell they are quite solidary
I too walk or limp..skimp on crutches, solidary…kind of scary

O well Merry….two hours to go and now I would like to see a
“peak show”, but as of right now I sigh with a “wow” and…

Just chilling

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The town

On the road I walk up and down
with a firm stroll. Walking up the hills of the town-
town situated on a majestic mountain, give you the
chills and the key to life magic fountain.
Pouring with people…young, old, in the middle kind of the riddle
all kinds of people,
there is the born and bred in the town-townners
there is the ones from outside-outsiders
and then me,
walking up and down the steep roads
learning-my way around to not be pollutants
small two or three story structures
little type of great infrastructures
but a bustling little town, majestic since the Spanish Kings are buried here
near the bars, coffe shops open with the people talking under the sun in the open,
people coffee swollen talking in English. So the Yankees are here…
finally my dear.
It is the town
to which I will not frown.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Beautiful Monday

Monday Love
The God watches from above
Sun rises, and the man catches it’s light with his magic glove

Monday Work
Around the corner it lurk
Man just shrugs, and lets out a chill smirk

Monday Fighting
The man starts his biting
he reaches the conclusion, that there is no time for dumb sighing

gotta love the start of a new week,
hopefully we’ve learned something from the last one
and make a tweak or two or three and then let life be.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.