Follow the money

Just a thought, if you think a bit it´s all about the $$$$$$$,
Somebody is making money out of my blog hence that is why it´s still up.
So it can work both ways, those who want to shut it down against those who are profiting
from it. Money wins so it´ll probably stay up. (Not only my blog)
Grand scale of things… Corona Corona! I call her Madona, who profits from it?
Yes you got it, the Chinese. A great philosopher once told me, just follow the money.
Basic human behaviour if you want the truth and the truth will not set you free I should add,
neither should dissapoint you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses ( get one of those trained dogs that finds currency)

Glory hounds

I was in the infantry, say combat and did what I had to do-
Point being, the psychologist told me not to see this things,
but apart from the human tragedy I lured that is also the freaking
dogs that sniff that shit My only dog, she is something, and
ever time I see her is relaxing. So maybe this idiots (psychologist)
have a point.
So this is what I´m seeing right now at 12 a.m in the night

And this is what I see tomorrow, which to tell the truth I can´t wait..
and her
All the other veterans out there, this things do work. At least for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.