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Tiny house(pics)

I’m going interior designing here, quite the profession by the way. Only in the
U.S you got people like that, you rarely find them here in Spain since there is
no demand for them. This apartment was build probably in the early 20th hundreds,
a 1506,4 square feet, all the wood you’ll see is handmade by the previous owner.
This is the apartment of my mother and father which they just moved into from having lived
in a big house in the middle of the mountains.The wood you’ll see is all handmade by
the previous owner who passed away, it´s old… oooold school. We did get to the conclusion
after having met the daughters that this man was a bit paranoid. In total he had 3 boys
and 2 daughters and none of them speak to each other. Why he is paranoid, he has locks
on his bedroom and closets, we found later 3 safes, literally like in the banks…safes! 5 kids
running around or more likely outside since he was constantly putting up all that wood
so you can imagine, took him 20 years to put all this handmade wood, a real treasure actually,
not for the kids growing up so they are phischologicaly damaged
because of their father and his friends coming and going and a permanent remodeling,
so no wonder they hated him and the 5 siblings hate each other. It´s a small town, people
talk, so we know. Hit the tour!

See the door at the end of the hallway? There is all the cleaning house stuff. To your right
is the entrence door and to your left is thistiny kitchen,
I’m now temporarily living here since I’m the caretaker of mother “Rambo”, she has cancer, very week,
so if she raised me by her own what kind of man would I be if I wasn’t here taking care of her and
the freaking house, and going here and there for shopping food and different items, I would be a
disgrace a coward. Good thing to have a tiny kitchen just one step I reach the plates, another
step I reach the pans, another step the fridge, e.t.c. Problem though, I’m bruised constantly
from all the bumps I hit with the light hanging on top of that table, bumping into the table,
bumping into the fridge, I should get the nickname Charly “the bumper” Priest.
going down the hallways you go to the tiny
saloon! Full of my fathers books again all that
wood made from the old man who passed away.
Another view of the saloon. That’s my fathers place.
This is my mothers place….and her evil dog.
So there goes, pretty little apartment, I like the wood and what my mother added to it and how
she used the spaces, I sound like a little girl…. interior designer plus writer master I am.
And here is now living, alert ! alert ! The man, the myth, the legend- Charly Priest with his new
book on Amazon, you better buy it since I do have a bad back after rearranging all the furniture,
so you might help pay the doctors bills. Think of yourself´s as humanitarians.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.