poetry book


Poem from the book


I hate my computer
it goes slower than a turtle
good news I´m not infertile

I hate my dog
he farts
and makes feces bigger than tarts

I hate wordpress
widgets, gadgets
nothing works it´s over my brain budgets

I hate my broken ankle
it´s boring to no end
since I can not by myself fend

I hate….I just hate, haters hate!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

U.S marines/Grateful-promotion

This post serves two purposes. I’ve written before
I had two friends that joined the USMC after 9/11. So I lean more towards that branch
of the U.S Military. So happy birthday 3 days earlier to the USMC which is on the 10th
of this month.

The second purpose it is to promote my first poetry book published, thanks to
Thursday Doors (& Poetry book by Charly Priest)
who edited it,classified the poems by category, made the cover, put it up on amazon,
she did everything really, without asking nothing in return. She’s an angel.
I also have to give thanks to what I think is the first person who bought it,
apart from my mother. I can also call this person who’s blog is fascinating history
a friend, a virtual one, but a friend. I’m a history buff myself and specially
about the U.S military so I have been following him and commenting for quite some
years I would say at this point. He made a review of my poetry book at the end
of what he posted today. I find what he writes about the military fascinating,
little details that you wouldn’t see in a documentary and about the famous “Smitty”.
So thank you a lot to GP for putting up a review on your post of my poetry book.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

The strange anoint

Read what you read at not great speed,
Believe what you believe and don’t retrieve,
Art is the art of words to enjoy for cool nerds,
Fiction and fiction creates a beautiful friction,
Fiction with some reality is life’s insanity,
Write what I write keeps a semblence of my sanity with rarity,
What is the point of this “poem” point?
I might as well say that I’m the anoint,

(I have to promote, feels strange for me actually, you can find my poetry book here:
https://www.amazon.es/Uncommon-Poems-Common-People-Self-Anointed/dp/1699582262/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=charly+priest&qid=1572992748&sr=8-1 )

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My poetry book published and the great story behind it

“Uncommon poems for the common people”
“From a self-anoited poet”

The beautiful story behind it. I myself didn´t even know that it was in Amazon!
It is all thanks to Yvette,https://priorhouse.blog/. And since her comments go to
Spam(have to check what´s wrong with that) in my blog she couldn´t get hold of me
to tell me about it. It was sheer luck that I saw her comment on another blog
so I commented to her on that other blog. Me, the dummy, read something about
the book is in amazon. I had no idea what she was talking about. I did send her
the book a long time ago, maybe a year or so. She edited it and send it back to
me (all through email obviously) so I could make some changes. And me…slaking off,
didn´t do anything. I forgot about the damn book, not kidding. I completely forgot
about it. So when she commented in the other blog that the book was on amazon, it
didn´t register that she was talking about that book I sent her.

I say it´s a beautiful story not from my part. Yvette is the true beautiful story, a
beautiful person. She not only edited,put it together with a very nice cover that I
sincerely like very much, hanged it on amazon and all from her own sweat and money
spend on me. I guess she obviously knows that I have no idea about this things, I have
no idea how to put a book on amazon or any other place for that matter. She knows I´m broke,
I have no idea how much she spend on the cover I don´t know how to make covers and if
she didn´t how much did it cost her and really put the whole book together
and hang it on amazon cost her?
I´m just amazed. What a person…. how many people do selflessly do that? Extremely few.
She is truly a blessing. Just a beautiful human being, a screw up like me….and she took
the time, effort, money, to do all that? It´s hard for me to comprehend. I´m just amazed
not only for this poetry book in amazon but more amazed about the story behind it and
more grateful for the story behind it,(I know is not going to sell nothing the book)
gratefull for Yvette that she would do that for me, a person that she has never met face to face.
And today back to the hospital to see my mother, and since she has been for a long time telling
me to publish something, like Yvette, when I tell her about
the book it is going to lift her spirits up and all thanks to Yvette.