The Priest is back on the block !

Yeeeha !
Just doing the funky chicken dance
while singing la  la in my trance

Finally got internet now
To me it seems like a big great wow

Actually, I was missing you people,
you humans you…..truants !


Good news, I just counted I wrote 40 “poems”
on theseFoto 293
and when the police saw this
they just gave me a wild geese

Yeeeeeeha !

Now is time for me to attack……your heart .

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses have a great start of the week.

Subliminial thoughts

getting in the threshold
so just hold……

because you´re mine,
yep baby you might have turned the tide
and maybe you made me walk the line

got me like an animal
got me so whimsical
got me empirical


you got me from the heart
just to do this art
Subliminal thoughts
is what you can spots

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Bending reality…just for you mom

Elite warrior is
what is called this kid of yours
like the Norriorus

ha ha ha

I see, no, I hear you read me

ha ha ha

damn, what is wrong with you woman

I write based on me but with creative license!!
so I can get in your head or them or, just their sense!

don´t read it and take what is on the strange page
to your heart, it is too big to break you though so do not shake

love ya though 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

My first love

My first love…I believe I forgot my first love,
she probably flew away in some crazy disarray.

I do remember and very clearly my second love
which has eventually turned into my first love….

Writing, since I´m terrible at singing.

I don´t do it very good, but is not is like is giving me any food
so I don´t worry much about ever getting published but it would
be a nice touch for that and such.


It´s an addiction, really, I´m not saying any fiction.
In the blog I write poems…I think hence I exist hence I got my groovy mix.
I also write short stories and a terrible attempt at writing a novella which
is turning out as an ugly Prunella. I don´t have the technical knowledge nor
a vast and beautiful vocabulary….that´s freaking scary.

What I have is a bunch of words and ideas swerving through my head
like a tornado which I then have to thread in some way shape or even form.


I have no clue but if I don´t write something I will fall through.

I just love it, I just enjoy it….Like nothing else in this world to the point that it
even excludes cigarettes and beer, those do elude me when I writing mostly for
whom? Me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Military young man…..

I started writing this, and rationalizing it……
getting no where and this time I won´t swear.
I think……

got yourself your own chair
just to see and be part of that flare
idealization of country?
fuck that shit monkey

they did what they did
because they truly wanted to test their bid
just a job, for most of us, that´s because
we knew the cause, which is….
mission accomplished and my buddy demolish yet still
too much of love-ish, should call them survivors or lovers
but not heroes or shit like that, since you did it for your
loving rat, which is our own´s, plural, rats.

fuck the fuckiing Marrocans or Taliban as
american´s call them,  those crazy nut jobs Marrocans
they are a stupid shit
gem, so hit it! just fucking kill it, those idiots
no remorse, going now to ride my horse of
drinking just thinking….you think!!!??

fuck them, got now me remembering
to hear  that stupid shit-ing
you know we are nuts…..yep,
for you fucking civilians who didn´t have
just one fucking nut or nuts fuck you!!…..

Did they just called me a killer?

Fuck you fucker, by the way I´m writing this after one hour
it happened, so maybe police is at peace now certainly not his
own chow

Fuck that fucker, and this was….

The mentalitiy I had, and maybe some residual got in the way
so freaking lets….. say hay!!!

The title was military young men….fuck, maybe just me then
but we where bastards to be not seen our jobs for your own
cozzy chairs, going up stairs…..now.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

She the Clandestine

Out there was
Allot of shrewd grass
Seeds of spoiled brass

Out there was
Great rotten laws
Fallen into dangerous paws

Out there,

She was the bear as well as she could vanish in thin air,
to their despair, she vanished where nobody could stare.
The traits of her job, required she jumped through those
gates she called hates.

Her art of camouflage
Made her the best at sabotage
Her art of incursion
Made her the best at subversion

Men where there and they would not be spared……..look at your loved one now gentleman.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Love in ten lines

*The dog passed away today at 5 p.m exactly, Easter Sunday, fucking irony. I had thought about doing this challenge this morning when I heard about it, what I didn´t know is that the dog was going to die. Challenge consist of writing of poem of 10 lines with each line consisting of 4 words and the word love has to be in each of the 4 words. Include a quote about love, this can be your own. Then nominate others who I the master of poetry think they are worthy of it….go figure that one”

Love In Ten Lines – Challenge | Idiot Writing Consisting


Nine years giving love
Love is concerning thereof
Concerning love you gave
In return asked not love
Good times love you
You love us more
More is to love
Love is to more
Rest in piece  love
Heavenly doggy love are

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


He had walked through too many valleys of the shadow of death
He had taken the lives of too many soul´s breath
He had seen the humans become inhuman´s
He had become part of that type of crewman

Day of reckoning
Now is existing
His not fighting
Just wants the sentencing

To hell he goes, might as well keep going
and destroying,
Is just one up in his mighty crescendo

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.