Fucking Local police

Small town so they know me.
Although with the National Police or Guardia Civil never had a problem with them.
Always the Local, yes you bitches you are Local and thinking you have a true mandate for what…
You could be putting your effort, that as a tax payer I pay for that, put that effort in
the criminals in this town. Quite a lot actually and I´m not one of them.
Maybe I did piss you off for calling you out.
15 of you suddenly got to another station, basically they are corrupt and I did play a part in
taking 15 of them out of this town, no wonder they see me and get pissed off.
Today was fun, me waiting for the “Estanco” to open, and here comes this idiot Local Police
telling me to stay 5 meters from the other person also waiting in line for his cigarettes,
I was 10 meters away, but he had to do his fucking, I did say somethings to him to piss him more off,
my mistake…. no, it does not happen with the National Police or Guardia Civil, only with these fuck heads.
Plus I entertain myself pissem them off, they could also do their job, once in a blue moon and go after
the ones who are criminals, so fuck you LOCAL police. Plus you get paid a lot more than Guardia Civil.
Want to hear again from the ” Polillas”? Fucking ass holes, but I did get 15 of you out of this town when the time
was necessary and it took me a lot of patience to do so, might as well thank me as a former Spanish Legionaire,

Police after me

Woke in the morning
Something to do
And bring so sing
Lost my cigarrette
And Police and the others lost you on the bliss
You are dismiss
So kill you, catchy a title,
now going underground to have me beer title
Gotta have fun with these ones, although they might, I doubt, might…me?
That I won´t accept, might be idiot but fall, in a strange free fall.
Push me now
And figure how

Foot Note. Would be kind of scary if I can track down the Spanish
police and idiot heads and others, but specially Spanish who try to look at my blog
and see something out of line… might as well give them, or not, really, there is not,
but they can come up with something. Was a good poem thought.

Police scared (video)

I was in the army so to be politcally incorrect I killed.
What do you expect if you join the government as infantry guy?
How the fuck is not the army in the region of Spain called Cataluña?
The expense of sendng the National Police, Guardia Civil and others you won´t see
it´s a pain in the ass, for them that is. And they can´t even do their job,
try to hit one of those bitches with a baton, the pólice man will risk his carrer.
Fucking politicians,let us do our job for Spain and our families , not for you politicians.

Jail time

I´ll be probably out by this morning, have the police standing
around me as of right now. They know me, I know them and their last
police chief that was indicted for stealing the marrocans drugs,
prostitution, and a bunch of things. These idiots know me I know them,
The are actually waiting standing just over me, good news is that
they can´t read english, good news I´ll just spend the night in a better
bed that I have in my cool room.
They know about my past history and unfortunately for them I know them.
After spending almost 5 years in the army, these bitches for me, will
be great in the long run. Family is involved,the ones who I love. Why did they came?
It was an ugly fight with the marrocans, had to pull the knife specially
when they got access to my apartment. I just can not and will not stay back.
How you doing police shit? Those are actually my words to these two idiots behind
me, where are the cuffs? Nope, probably they had a shortage of them.

Stay Frosty gents and gents, forget about women, 😉

These idiots are still standing behind me, that can tell you something.

Injustice, so lets begin

Who would of though that I would be the one that says ¨fuck the pólice¨, in my town corruption
is their option, the story still stays, a long one so don´t wan´t to bother you too much,
so as such…… why the hell do I rhyme?

I almost sound like ANTIFA, did told his superior
I did spend almost 5 years in the Spanish Legion, so I did hit the fucker once he through me
and slap me, still have his marks, so what if I would do to him the same? I go to prison,
and that is what pisses me off, we did fight in the Legion, but not with civilians and some
did deserve it, but when I was in uniform, that is a no, just speaking for me.

He didn´t ask me for my ID, just came out got me by the neck, that is when I through the punch,
I just hope this fucking idiot could take off his badge….and also the pistol, still going through
the ¨great¨ legal spanish system, if it doesn´t work, probably I`ll be in jail. But with a fucking smile,
after I hit the shit out of him.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.