Spanish election day

Attention please, be at ease, it was election day
it seems like a replay,
the socialist will win with the support of the extreme left,the independent parties,
parties and more parties, even the ¨animal lover party¨as I call them got votes enough
to put people in our senate, jeeesus, these people will vote on how Spain is goverened…
by pigs!They are a party that supports animals, that is their basic platform, so they
must like pigs, I couldn´t even count how many parties there are….
so we are fucked, wouldn´t it sucked if in the U.S the government made decisions
for their people when they are in the pocket of another party that doesn´t want to be a U.S State?
Socialist, anarchist and independent- that don´t feel like Spanish will run Spain
what in the world happened to the SPANISH KINGDOM….what happened to those good old days?
their mixed up in a bunch of hays.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


rohn emanuel-the major

Major of Chicago that is,
he was the Obama president of chief of staff.
I did put it in little letters on purpose.
I can even reverse,
for shits like you
Chicago is worst than a war zone….almost.
But he did have a saying
take advantage of the bad situations

Hey, you elected this shit. with one t.

Now I don´t have to really deal with my Marrocan gang here,
by the way it seems they got my message after all, just walk like bird.

Punk ass politicians, Chicago style….Wasn´t Ommmm, sorry, Obama from there.
You tell me bitch.

white privilege!

Going political on you, should I make it rhyme? Na, fuck it.
Quick story, my best friend is a Muslim Marrocan guy called Omar,
which I tease him for his name, and he alway tells me that he is going to cut my balls.
Freaky the guy. Story continues…When I got to the U.S at age 14 my White privilege
has the norm to be in a school, obviously not cheap. The first day, still remember, I got there
there was a big black guy ( that is also my white privilege) standing on the entrance door,
and he did say something about these lines, ¨Where yo going bro, not for you¨, I´m literally half
a meter from him looking up at this idiot, he smiles after giving the bullshit, and at that age
he was a good kid compared to how I was with that age.
He did find the time to smoke cigarets with me at
his own time, funny guy by the way. If not we wouldn´t sneak out to smoke cigarettes.
But basically he didn´t want the other black guys seeing him going with a White Spanish guy.
Hope he turned out good. I never saw colours, I see people, and not because of how I was raised,
it´s just natural for me, I judge the person, good and bad, but a person. Have a little nice video,
I like it and she….is black! I probably like it since in my dumb mind she thinks like I do.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the day will come

Today is water day be,
aware of all the millions who don´t have clean water,
to drink so eventually their bodies rot and stink.
Yesterday was dog day be,
aware of how valuable are dogs compared to water,
they are humans best friend at the end.
The day before yesterday was womans day be,
aware of male dominance the evil patriarchal system,
males make women drink dirty water while taking out the dog in the fog.
Certainly all those crucial days will be remembered throughout the year, did you hear that dear?!!!
We need to put names to days days to names, round around we go, playing games.
There is also another day
in the fray,
it is a constant for humanity all year, the victimhood days.
I just popped a whiskey bottle and swallow while singing ¨wallow wallow¨.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Blog, kill bunnies,kids march… I´m on a rant!

Rant one I saw the other day a post that was talking about what to do after
you hit the little button ¨Publish¨. Meaning that for this person she is waiting to see all
the LIKES, FOLLOwS,COMMENTARIES, STAT´S. Really? What the fuck, I normally have read quite
a lot of posts before I hit publish, there are days and weeks that I don´t even publish,
lately yes, but I truthfully rarely look my stats (most likely is because I´m lazy).
I hit publish and keep on reading others and make my little notes that I may or may not
use later on. When that freaky bell we have on our top right gets illuminated bright orange,
after I put on my dark shades I´ll see what is up, but not in a hurry.
If this would be my stress then I´m truly screwed in life. What a fucking post…

Rant two Kill those bastards! Yes the Little cute bunnies. People have them
as pets? I can´t believe that shit, they even have pigs as pets, that would be good for me though,
wouldn´t have to spend money on meat. I´d just adopt pigs and bunnies kill them in the
living room and eat them while watching the ¨dog whisperer¨. Fucking bunnies here in a region
of Spain the population has grown so much they have eaten all the grass so now
they go after the crops of the farmers. Literally,they have put thousands of farmers out of work,
forget about the government taxing them and their products to an extreme which translates
for the consumer to buy that product at a higher price in my cool socialist country Spain.
I think the cute bunnies work for the government. Just kill a lot of them.
Or hire me, I´m a pretty good shot.I can make myself a mercenary of the war against rabbits.

Rant three This famous kids march 3 days ago….against global warming.
In 115 countries. They skipped school to go for themselves to that march, so that was
intelligent of them. Did they drive themselves there? Point being it is a very well
organized effort and my guess is not by 12-16 or whatever year old kids. I won´t get
into the global warming argument (although in most of the pictures I did see all the
little kids with wearing t-shirt….). I think is disgusting to use kids as props to push
an ideological agenda, kids that are being indoctrinated since their minds are not fully
formed and informed about the issue. Again, using them as props and saying the ¨kids march¨
as if they themselves got together, drove by buses, made all the show happened.
Whatever your position is on the subject…..you really think is good to exploit kids?

Wooooooo! Now I feel better, my anxiety level has lowered, going to smoke a cigarette,
just to pollute a bit the air.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Twitter executives

Everybody has an agenda. Twitter has obviously a big platform with their agenda.
That agenda is their politics and everything involved around that. It is a private company though,
so even if I don´t agree with their algorithms, I think the algorithms are made by humans…..
They can easily be charged in a court, a court that is fair. But life is not fair.
If you don´t like it , just get out of twitter since I found out another platform trying to compete
with Twitter.I can be smart and since in twitter you will get thrown out for not adopting an extreme
left political position I will use it for my crazy poetry. Be smart,or live what I believe in?
There is a line in the middle for the two objectives.

Just a smart thought as I woke up and I made it short and simple, you should thank me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.