George Floyd

Yes, you watch a video of this cop killing this person, I was in the military so I do know something about killing,
this idiot police was enjoying his moment. He is in jail now and hopefully they rape him at the very least.
Having said that the system did work, the police officer is in jail as well as the other 3 police men standing by.
We had a protest here in Spain of “black lifes matter”, I just saw white people, they will extrapolate that video
for their own selfish agenda, and they don´t even realize that they are pawns of the people that pay or don´t pay
better said, they pay for them, them being the rich, obviously is you have money and a agenda you can manipulate,
they just use the idiots to protest, kill police, destroy shops, e.t.c.
Never say “all lifes matter”, that is an insult for them would be my guess, reason is quite obvious,
you can´t have a sincere conversation with them, and that is what they want. They will create the problem
and then act as victims if you retaliate to their physical threats.
What about all these names mostly black persons, anybody cares about them?,

Those black people…..evil!!!

Here goes the video of Candance Owens( black woman and very smart in my opinon)
Interviewing this white Navy Seal, there are a lot of elements there, so please comment
or just hit the LIKE button, I make money out of it. Like like like, very interesting
those two people which I can relate in some senses from both sides.
(I had to put that title, it was catchy, think what you want about it but politcal correctness is not what I write
I do write the truth though)

My new idol(video!!)

Apart from Julia Roberts that I felt in love as a kid, this woman is hot and smart
plus loyal to the president agree with him or not. She has all these sharks reporters
with the “catch you question”, it´s not even a question they are just saying their own thoughts
making it look like a question. Having family members and knowing a bit about
politics and specially journalist, these reporters get worst and worst, I think Trump just made them nuts.
And Trump loves it. I actually think he woldn´t get out of bed if he didn´t have to fight his opponents.

Great optics seing the hottie, and a very smart lady to deal with those sharks of media reporters,
so called reporters that eventually have turned into comentaries of what they think,
but putting up as a question. Nothing new at this point.
Just interesting to see the back and forth, a very intelligent woman this person.
Tough as nails and she got the reporters in check. Has to be hard that job,
I myself would literally smack the reporters after so many “catch you when I can questions” bombarding her.
I thought she was great at dealing with that situation and it is day after day for her.

4 a.m political thought

Woke up a 2 a.m got my writing done, and now watching this

3 hours and something of this podcast, so I watch 30 minutes here, stop it and see it later.
You have the podcast guy a Navy seal, with two black guys that one was a Seal and the other one
was in the U.S army rangers. It´s a good discussion about race relationships,
I can only tell you that my best friend and friend of my mother is a Marrocan.
And still today when I see him I just go off on the Marrocans and the Latin Kings idiots
that are very predominant in my small town. Not a good town to say the least. Today walking
with the groceries I encounter my friend the drug dealer, he from Ecuador I believe, he starts
telling me “come here, come here” but with a smile on his face. Me thinking, “Yes come here into
that street that nobody there is not even a bird overhead”, I did tell him to come to me, he insult me
saying I own this and that to him, I saw the opportunity being in front of a restaurant where all the
“normal” people were eating and drinking in the terraces, I just gave him one punch and down he went.
I was actually hoping for the police to come, is this criminal going to say… what?

I guess my ADD point is that is good to have those conversations about racism, yet don´t overload it
talking and talking about it constantly it does more harm than good. Also I do believe that is all
in each independent individual. For example my father was born after the Spanish Civil War and you
can understand there was no money. He had to survive how he could, and surviving as he could
did not include stealing, selling drugs, he just worked in all types of things and by his nature
he in an entrepreneur so always looking for something new to sell.

So racism… last time I checked
Obama was the president of the U.S. I might not agree with his policies, but something right he had
to do to having reach that job.

For me is simple, each individual is their own and they either will
make good decisions taking them to have a better life(economically e.t.c) or make bad decision
and take them to a bad life. I was given everything monetarely as a kid and I fucked up,
from job to job ended in the army and now a bad writer. Not my father, he was born poor and
now he is a succesful man.

Regardless of race, if you are a black person, or whatever colour you are if you can add value
to whatever job you have or simply add value to your own personal self which will inevitably lead for
job success, then you´ll do fine.
We do live, mostly in the Western world, and not all countries, but it is human nature that if you
can provide something to add value people will respect that and pay you whatever the colour of your skin is.

Don´t depend on anybody

The title is not subtle
The sayings of my father “don´t depend on anybody”
The other phrase I remember from this man is ” At the end of the day you are alone”
So make your own home.
Maybe is not the things they say now a days with all the “safe spaces” and BS really,
that is too much silly.
Overall he does have a point, but ” at the end you are alone” well, the man calls
me when I least expect it, guess what, now without mother I also call him.
Goes both ways, yet not call him day after day, not in his nature
to be that creature. Nor in my nature really.
Yet overall
I do take his sayings seriously yet with a grand of salt.
And having one neuron left do know who is who, try to asses their loyalty-morality as best I can,
and then eat a meatball can.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Alternative pronounce

If people right not now are having a debate in the media, normally is always the crazy left
which does translates to good viewing for some or sommess or orgees,
really? we are off the cliff. We are just sky diving without a parachute.
Where does these type of people come from? And I thought I myself was from Mars.
Although I do get their broader agenda.
You are not dumb, so simple is simple is, you start with gender pronuonce to be the law
little by little you are in charge. Probly? Is that only few people will be in charge of the government
and all those dumb protesters that I actually believe they believe in their dummy cause,
eventually (it is history and history if you know it or not does repeat itslef in different forms)
they will become the slaves of their own “great”cause, by people in power.
But it is all about gender prounouce….
damn, I already hit the drug dealer quite lietrally so now gender pronounce,
tell this idiot drug dealer I smacked him to tell me about gender prounace, “get the fuck outta here,”
I´m from Brooklin.
Got the point bitchess or bitch-men? or … might come with another word at this time.YOu.

You are smart, try to follow bitches… or… got mixed up with gender pronounce.


The day in February when we in Spain had an attempetd coup, the interesting thing
is that my father was there, also interesting is how the only one that does not
go to the floor is a specific man, quite man. I should my father. Having been in the army as humans you
do run, but in my case nor anybody that they don´t go through army, party! (weird that one)
Just interesting to see the reaction, apart from the current president at that time.
Coronnna Coooooorona, not really, good to go. But it is yet a very interesting video.
And history that seems it repeats itself in different forms.

My new hero! Video

What a woman this one, Beatriz Fanjul, she is from the Vasc Country a providence of Spain.
That providence is ruled by PNV party that wants the independence from Spain.
Not to bore you with all the little details, but damn this girl is hot and smart.
They should have her more on media pushing the message than she is on this show of …
I call him Fede, Federico Jímenez Losantos, I was in his house with his children,
when I was a kid that is,
he eventually worked for my father long story that one but he is an A-hole.
This can get me in trouble, but is the least of druble.

Stay with what I said about my new hero, you got to understand that first she is a woman
second she comes from the region of Spain the Vasc Country (like me and my family)
with all the terrorist there fighting for their own fucked up independence, sorry not
fighting but killing innocent people that they don´t agree with their own ideology.
This woman is taking on the fight in not only that form but also the so called
feminist that want to put each single guy in jail. A courageous lady. Very few people now a days,
be it male or female will talk outloud for their personal and right principles. That is to be admired.
Hope I expressed myself a little correct, tried to make it as quick as I could.

(Hey, Federico… I´m even doing you a favour you A hole, but a funny A-hole)

The First Jewish President

The name of the title according to the “New York” magazine or whatever that is,
not going to look it up. It seems as they say the First, God bless, Jewish
President from the U.S was Barrack Hussein Obama (probably spelled that wrong
funny thing is that they put the guy on that little hat they Jews weare
on the black guy)
Who took him into office? Progressive Jews amongst others, who had his problems with
Benjamin Netanyahu, quite understandable if you know the history of these two guys,
I lean more to Mr. Ben Netanyahu, he will protect his country, the world is against him
and this is a PBS documentary so obviously is leaning left, and he will fight for you
and quite literally he did fight in the SEAL version of Israel (Sayeret Matkal)
That was interesting specially when Netanyahu gave a speech in the U.S Congress
bypassing the authority of that president, what a guy this Obama….
and others but he is the top dog at the end of the day, he didn´t expect
that one from the leader of Israel, and if he did expected he was not happy.
Plus all the little details of surviving as a Nation State fro Netanyahu point of view,
that could be applied to us individually. Out I go to watch….. read better.

A story

Be quick with this one, I did hit a liutenant in my army days
two weeks before deployed. Guess what, it was a woman liutenant
Seems after month and months of training with a male seargent
the politics got involved, but point being is that you are trained
for months and you operate as a team, this woman, could be a guy also,
just turned our way of maneuvering through open ground, and one guy got shot.
I went punched her on the face, dropped her. It could be a man, again…….
Would have done the same with a guy, even worst really if it was a guy.

Fast Forward to now in the civilian life, Corona Virus and the rest.
My so proclaimed Landlord “lady” she brought this apartment into a Whore house,
specially now with the Corona Virus. People entering and going, what do I do?
I have to put a chair blocking the door to at least give me some seconds to react.

Today I was really pissed, I fucking shut the entrance door when I heard the other fuck head
going out for a quick ” snack” She heards me shutting the door on him, she comes calling me
to my bedroom that I´m paying to much, in that time of the military that I said
before, I didn´t punch her but just expose her for this ” Whore CLub” she created.
Once the switch is on, she could really see it. I did told her, ” This is a joke, I´m monetary paying”

I sound like a little bithch talking about it, but it´s my only way to get the frustration out
if is not writing I might go physical, so better write it and expose it to the world…..
I don´t know, I only know I feel beter writing this weird things, which seems are not to weird
to this house becoming a whore house.

She does has the reuter on her room, I´m paying for that the others…no, so might as well
publish it now before she does some fuck thing, but I advise you to not begin.