Deputy of Social Security services (Hello gal)

Nice to receive a note saying now I owe you money, basically,
hence in the first place fix the fucking system and don´t
give me and millions more 400 Euros a month. I would take care
of myself, there was a wise saying, ” Never depend on anybody”,
I might have invented that one, but at least is true.
So thank you Mrss. Deputy of Social… destroying,
start making it easier to get us employing.
Fuck you bitch, cut me out now? If I´m in the streets next month
you might have a problem. I just said this out loud? I did.
Not gonna do anything obviously, except venting frustrations
for you to get rich and stay in power. Bunch of us idiots by the way
that they will make you think the State will be your mommy, then.. down the drain.
You can´t fight the State, might as well join them in this Spanish climate with
the Corona, it did came handy for the socialist-communist, and not very good
for the rest of us. Might as well enjoy what I have for this month to sleep
in a room. What a fucking system of ass-holes, just put out something
that provides for jobs and I´m willing to do it like not a lot of people actually
but do not put your socialist-communist system in place, I should have been
earlier on in that curve and took precautions, but not much we could do
regarding to jobs. I probably exhausted all the job applications that my body
as fucked as it is phisically can exhaust.
You Americans vote for the socials-liberals, there you go the consequences.

Socialism-Communism, I´m screwed

Ever seen a socialist-communist leader poor? I haven´t.
Now with all this corona going on they will take extreme leaps to
destroy what is innate in human nature which is to have money, earn money
by working. Now they want us all in Spain on food stamps. Good news…
I really can´t think of good news, at least I have a room to sleep in this month.
Not even my social security service agent, I call her “the agent” doesn´t really
know much of what the government assistance, they assist themselves, she is still
rapping her mind as to what papers to process for the new assistance. And me?
Got 5 Euros for the rest of the month. Next month? Go figure, any jobs? No. Assistance, who knows.
The socialist-communist government we have?
I think they got a little more than 5 euros, bunch of hypocrites this ones.
Dangerous hypocrites since they are in control of a country and it´s citizens,
although a good chunck of Spanish citizens voted them so lets sleep in the bed we made ourselfs.
If someone can give me the name of a socialist-communist leader that is in the present not Bernie Sanders
for example he seems not a poor person, or Sanchez our current president,
just someone from the past please share.

Send the dog of war (video)

I think this guy is the Trump card. Attorney General Mr.Barr.
You want the attack dog on your side? Unleash this one.
Not talking about politics, you can agree or not, just the human behaviour.
Loyalty, moral compass in the right direction overall, leadership,
and the so called independent journalist Mr. Wolf Blitzer of CNN gets verbally destroyed.
When Mr. Blitzer asked him the first question, the guy actually played dummy and
asked him back if he could repeat the question, plus his gestures, priceless.
I want that guy on my team for sure.

Billy the Belasio.. New York!

I don´t even know if I got that name right, he is just Italian….
Nice people I met in Italy and in Amercia, that would be the 3rd generation of them,
point being Mr. Warren Whilhem de Belasio Jr( I guess that would be J for Junior)
What a mouth full that name, but I just hate hypocrites.

I´m imperfect to say the least- check
I do hate (sorry God, but He has humour) immigrants-check, well my check money is going for them
I hate.. I just hate the hate
I hate that there is not stature of me having pacience
I hate no statue of me saving people
I hate me I
Point I guess: Apart from watching youtube the videos, not good, but my other option is to
have fun with criminals, my option that is.
Point- Major of New York Mr. Belasio, you are full of crap.
(I feel better now, why? no clue)

Mr. Churchill

The last lion, was the name of the book I read some time ago.
Very few times do I watch these motivational videos, although once I hit
one of them suddenly the next day my Youtube is filled with them.
I thought this was great, Winston Churchill a master of words and he did
actually fight in WWI, at least he can back his words.
He ecompasses his little speech in this video when WWII was going in one word, VICTORY.
No choice really.

The congresswoman

I stoled that quote from Mrs. Ammy Phan, Congress woman in Cali!!!I Lived there in California.
A woman originally from Vietnam, I just saw the video maybe she was born in the U.S, didn´t
do the research. A great woman trolling on her trolls. What the F is that white guy calling
her a Nazi with his “bad ass” sign. And this woman has balls as you can see in the video.
( 3 posts in one day I´m done)

Read you all you alligators innovators.

George Floyd

Yes, you watch a video of this cop killing this person, I was in the military so I do know something about killing,
this idiot police was enjoying his moment. He is in jail now and hopefully they rape him at the very least.
Having said that the system did work, the police officer is in jail as well as the other 3 police men standing by.
We had a protest here in Spain of “black lifes matter”, I just saw white people, they will extrapolate that video
for their own selfish agenda, and they don´t even realize that they are pawns of the people that pay or don´t pay
better said, they pay for them, them being the rich, obviously is you have money and a agenda you can manipulate,
they just use the idiots to protest, kill police, destroy shops, e.t.c.
Never say “all lifes matter”, that is an insult for them would be my guess, reason is quite obvious,
you can´t have a sincere conversation with them, and that is what they want. They will create the problem
and then act as victims if you retaliate to their physical threats.
What about all these names mostly black persons, anybody cares about them?,

Those black people…..evil!!!

Here goes the video of Candance Owens( black woman and very smart in my opinon)
Interviewing this white Navy Seal, there are a lot of elements there, so please comment
or just hit the LIKE button, I make money out of it. Like like like, very interesting
those two people which I can relate in some senses from both sides.
(I had to put that title, it was catchy, think what you want about it but politcal correctness is not what I write
I do write the truth though)