The First Jewish President

The name of the title according to the “New York” magazine or whatever that is,
not going to look it up. It seems as they say the First, God bless, Jewish
President from the U.S was Barrack Hussein Obama (probably spelled that wrong
funny thing is that they put the guy on that little hat they Jews weare
on the black guy)
Who took him into office? Progressive Jews amongst others, who had his problems with
Benjamin Netanyahu, quite understandable if you know the history of these two guys,
I lean more to Mr. Ben Netanyahu, he will protect his country, the world is against him
and this is a PBS documentary so obviously is leaning left, and he will fight for you
and quite literally he did fight in the SEAL version of Israel (Sayeret Matkal)
That was interesting specially when Netanyahu gave a speech in the U.S Congress
bypassing the authority of that president, what a guy this Obama….
and others but he is the top dog at the end of the day, he didn´t expect
that one from the leader of Israel, and if he did expected he was not happy.
Plus all the little details of surviving as a Nation State fro Netanyahu point of view,
that could be applied to us individually. Out I go to watch….. read better.

A story

Be quick with this one, I did hit a liutenant in my army days
two weeks before deployed. Guess what, it was a woman liutenant
Seems after month and months of training with a male seargent
the politics got involved, but point being is that you are trained
for months and you operate as a team, this woman, could be a guy also,
just turned our way of maneuvering through open ground, and one guy got shot.
I went punched her on the face, dropped her. It could be a man, again…….
Would have done the same with a guy, even worst really if it was a guy.

Fast Forward to now in the civilian life, Corona Virus and the rest.
My so proclaimed Landlord “lady” she brought this apartment into a Whore house,
specially now with the Corona Virus. People entering and going, what do I do?
I have to put a chair blocking the door to at least give me some seconds to react.

Today I was really pissed, I fucking shut the entrance door when I heard the other fuck head
going out for a quick ” snack” She heards me shutting the door on him, she comes calling me
to my bedroom that I´m paying to much, in that time of the military that I said
before, I didn´t punch her but just expose her for this ” Whore CLub” she created.
Once the switch is on, she could really see it. I did told her, ” This is a joke, I´m monetary paying”

I sound like a little bithch talking about it, but it´s my only way to get the frustration out
if is not writing I might go physical, so better write it and expose it to the world…..
I don´t know, I only know I feel beter writing this weird things, which seems are not to weird
to this house becoming a whore house.

She does has the reuter on her room, I´m paying for that the others…no, so might as well
publish it now before she does some fuck thing, but I advise you to not begin.

Father paper translation

re post… fuck that was hard to do by the way. You tell me if with all the variable in it…
I think I did add value. And thank dad for making my one neuron work. Evil this one,
I do appreciate all that you are doing. And you know specially to whom, and love you
although it might not be reciprical that I can understand. You´re a great man.

The repost!!!!

Yep, the crazy Priest had a translator job… yo hot!!!
A translation from Spanish to English…. fuck I´m not drunk!
I think it came out good in a general sense, or actually specific.
Did write my little notes there changhing names and… hit it!
Thank´s dad, you made a bit of my brain go to work. And he will use it I know that much,
It has been used in the past, so is no wonder. Yo dad! Love you.
Really do love you.

Putting the text he sent me in Spanish then the google translation and then my translation.

Estoy haciendo una prueba con un sistema automático de traducciones de Google para la nueva etapa, y expandirnos en los mercados de otros idiomas. Aquí te envío el texto que he escrito en español y la traducción que ha hecho el sistema de Google en inglés. Para que me digas si se ajusta al texto original o que tipo de fallos tiene.

Texto en español

España es una referencia actual de como una democracia entra en el desorden social, económico y político por el desastre de la gestión de su gobierno de socialistas y comunistas, de la crisis provocada por la pandemia del virus corona (COVI-19).

Al desastre de la gestión hay que añadirle el uso ideológico que hace de esta crisis el gobierno para cambiar el régimen constitucional desde dentro, e implantar un estado de índole totalitario. No en balde el marxismo utiliza el principio de desorden para subvertir el orden de la democracia liberal.

Esto se refleja en la vida cotidiana. Se implantan normas para impedir la libre movilidad de los ciudadanos, y se cambian constantemente en función de la edad, los negocios y tipos trabajos. Se obliga a cerrar negocios mediante criterios arbitrarios del poder utilizando como argumento las directrices de un superpoder desconocido hasta la fecha que es una comisión de expertos nombrada por el propio gobierno

Google translation….

Texto en inglés

Spain is a current reference of how a democracy enters thesocial, economic and political disorder due to the disaster of the management ofhis government of socialists and communists, of the crisis caused by thecoronavirus pandemic (COVI-19).

To the disaster of management must be added the ideological use it makesof this crisis the government to change the constitutional regime fromwithin, and establish a state of a totalitarian nature. Not for nothing theMarxism uses the principle of disorder to subvert the order of theliberal democracy.

This is reflected in everyday life. Rules are implemented to preventfree mobility of citizens, and are constantly changing independing on age, business, and job types. Forces to closebusiness by arbitrary criteria of power using asI argue the guidelines of a superpower unknown to datewhich is an expert commission appointed by the government itself.

My translation

Spain is a current reference of how a country enters into a social and political disororder due to it´s socialist government management disaster of the pandemic of the COVID-19

Do to the disaster of management the socialist government takes advantage of the ideological implications which is to change the constitutional nature of the country from within
(yo añaderia ” like the Troyan horse,” suele captivar mas a la mente) and establish a totalitarian regime.
Never the less as we all know through history,Marxism utilizes the basic principle of disorder to subvert the normal order of a liberal democracy.

This is reflected in everyday life, rules are implemented to prevent free movement (no “mobility”) of citizens and rules are changing depending on the age of each citizen and their job descption. Buisnesses are forced to shut down based on a higher entity that is unknown for the citizens but directed by the government.

Google translator…..

What joke and is no hope
My father actually send me a text
to translate for him,
I´m the hym,
He made my one neuron work overtime,
but at least I own him that dime.
It´s all about the politics in Spain,
He sends me his writing on it in Spanish and below the google translation,
so had my one neuron working to the english-ing
but not all that hard really, it comes natural to me,
to not only see the gramatical errors but to see the whole context of what he is
trying to express in a very rational way to the world. He does has published
a book that was translated to Chineese, no punt intended. Or evil intent.
Not all that easy for most people to get all those intricate political details in a context
that makes sense and true and then me figuring out the context and how to write it for him
in English. I do go back and forth to google when I think this word or that word is spelled like
this or that and at the same time having in mind what he wants the message to be,
always been pretty good at it really. Actually some of my translations are in his web,
he is quite the figure in political circles,
that was not a ficticious of others cronicles.
Point being- He made my one neuron think, now is tired
lets get hired? Google translator sucks. I´m your google art, and fart, this is called my art.

Alternate pronounce

The He and She…. when you talk, last time I checked it was using he as an overall,
now you got “neutral baths” or somthing to that effect on campus, or “safe zones”,
What´s with all this shit political correctness. There has to be a reason apart from
individuals in the day to day, there is an agenda. A political one. If you track it,
is not something new. Is my own view. But jeeeeesus christ, now I even find myself
saying to my own “co-conspirotors”… she and he told me… what the fuck? Really?
This is getting silly and dangerously.

Social justice warriors!!! Are these people trying to change human nature? My guess,
then it is a mess. By your own techniques since these so called ” social justice warriors”
are actually using very deep fascist techniques. By the way that goes for my cool follower
that he literally names himself social warrior and a picture of his mask… at least I do say who I am
you little piece of shit. See? That was not political correct, yet is the correct thing
since you can´t back down of these type of people that think through a completely reverse
engeneering of society but actually are bullying you.( Not talking about me, just a comment)
That idiot hasn´t said nothing to me, he better though, he is just keeping watch as a great
social justice warrioiur.

Kipping watch on me and guess who? All of you. Not very good I think, just fascist since
they will try to shut all you people down if you don´t agree with their agenda.

Try that in Iran by the way instead of Western countries, if you go there and say the same
BS (for me that is) I bet in Iran they cut your head off. Quite sure actually.
So apart from being wrong you are a bunch of cowards. I went to the military and did my thing,
life and death situations, you go and do the same in Iran for the women, tell the Ayatollas or whatever
their fuck the name of those ones are spelled and tell them directly, protest there, for
gender pronounce and the rest of the liberal agenda. Go Goooo! Fucking Pussises they piss me off.
Actually it pisses me off because you are HYPOCRATS! Fuck you you little blogger called Social Justice,
you don´t even know what is social nor what is justice.

Candence Owens

Thank you You Tu Be for putting me up this video,
in the studio.
You got a black woman(I did say black not African American)
That even rhymed.
You got this Lady and a White member of the military SAEAL,
take away whatever it is for you.
My conclusion with no delusion: You own it.
For better or for worst all the angles, you own it.
(shussss…. it was kind of funny that the SEAL guy is making money out
of writing kids books, he even wrote like a poet this guy) Corona in captivity,
a bit of reality plus creativity, at least I have books to read and the internet.
Point being watch the fucking video. These two are smart.

Game Changers

(sorry dad, but I think people have to know this)

At a very young age….never mind, but he changed the Disco arena in his small town,
How he did it? No clue in my brain. Apart from smart, and this man has no
Harvard degree, although he eventually got Bill Gates to support him
or better said, took my dad idea and promote himself.
Think I´m kidding? Look it up, you´ll figure that one out.
Point being.
These type of people fascinate me and should fascinate you to.
Whatever age you are.

Stay Frosty( corona virus)

With quarantine…I live with 3 other people, plus figure out who comes
and who goes of many people, quite a lot in this house. So quarantine….not happening
my situation in our SPANISH nation. Or just fuckhead fucking around,
happens would be my guess after living what I have previously lived,
that would take me that the Virus is leaving me a lone because of
the so many fucked up things (live or die situations) I lived, and still will live
the virus said, ” Fuck this shit, Charly is going to attack me”. I´´m just strolling around
like nothing. Unless it kills one of mine and I would go to war by myself against these
China fuckheads. They fucking knew it since at least past November, you have a bunch of
credible sources to seek. It is literally and I know is hard for people to comprehend,
WW3. World War Three, it all came into place for a lot of different factors, but mostly
it was economics. Won´t write more, going to be poor, so might as well get my shit together.

Stay Frosty

Capitalism Love

Capitalism is based on human behaviour,
I´m just a saviour,
Who saw the pretty girl? But who did the smart pretty girl end up?
My father, not the handsome man of men, but the pretty girl being my mother
she found this one, mutual advantages,
I can progress,
on that thought, just interesting why my parents spend 50 years together,
not perfect I would imagine,
Capitalism 101.
The whole story with a lot of anominity trying to make it creativity with a point,
just sitting here and smoking my joint.
But the metaphore does stand true.