Cool homeless?

Early in the morning
Rising to get high
Smoke me up a cigarette
Thinking I don´t know why
how the fuck am I going to pay rent next month
i might go see a monk while feeling like skunk

Have a great day gents and gentesses read you all(as much as I can) you alligators innovators.

Being semi poor

No money for 10 days this month….
Little to no eating at days, but I didn´t go back to the old ways.
No food, except half of those days small plates of rice,
so nice.
Today was supposed to be the day I received the S.S pension,
I couldn´t sleep I was with tension.
So read 20 books, got bored, read I don´t know how many WordPress people,
priceless you that I don´t find here in my townspeople.
Waiting until 7 a.m to see if I received the money in the bank,
reading you I almost forgot my mental crap.
How was I goint pay the room, food, you don´t know how much I was craving normal food,
not just plain white rice,
making me a person low price.
I wait all night while reading and you entertaining me, and then at 7 to the bank,
baaaaaam! Got the money for this month, since the situation here in Spain is quite unsteady
so you got to be ready, I had my bags packed already…..to go to the street
that is a big bleep.
Whoever said money doesn´t make you happy….fuck you, I paid the rent,
rest of the bills I had pending, and at least now I´m not sweating bullets and can focus more
on bad writing and bad rhyming and bad spelling.
I know I can survive in the street sine onece upon a time it was part of my deed,
but I definately like something more neet.
So I´m doing this,

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m not homeless so…. happy new year!!

Yesterday I was sweating bullets, no money to pay rent, literally 0$ in the bank.
And the part of sleeping outside when is minus 0 degrees celsius is not very appealing.
But family came to the help. So at least I can pay that shit hole that I live in which is
is only 130$.
I have, as you can see a computer, a screwed up one but at least something
is better than nothing. That´s for sure. I´m not too sure yet about food and cigarettes, yep
almost homeless and thinking about cigarettes…go figure. So does make you think about
the people out there that are not nearly as lucky as me. Already been homeless and certainly
is not very cool. It is cold though. So lucky me that I have the family that I have.
Hope you all had a great, party party party! surrounded by people you love, and at the
end,that most important. Money too, but like family there is nothing.
At least in my case this time, other times….alone alone alone no money and freezing cold.
So I´m quite happy this first day of the new year. Hope you all are happy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentess.