president trump

5 a.m news

I can´t sleep, so I´ll write a hit….thinking
even in Spain we live in the “Trump world”
so we swireld,
I will bet you, whatever are my political inclinations,
damn, I should be the one running nations
I bet he wins 2020, I can tell my view point as to why,
but then this would be a ” by by”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I love trump

Sorry. that was one of my ex girlfriends, what is wrong with you women?!!!!
If I was a woman I would pay to be with me. She is sexy though. True by the way.

I love Trump
I saw him pushing and aunt

I love…love?
Good in the DOF, or department of defense
And he build a big fence
A player
He is the mayor
Smart hardworking
And he doesn´t do the smoking
He does deals that are choking

That´s it, I won´t go into my personal politics. Hope you read a fun!!
You, and you punk……sorry Little sister I thought there was a skunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

One of trump supporters…..

“In this dark time of too-few heroes” That’s how the article of one blogger started, I won’t even give his link,since when he or she writes poetry I actually like the poetry. This blogger goes on to tell the story of her name a 50 plus year old woman, has numerous university degrees and calling her a hero.
Forget about the people who serve in the military,police,firefighters,people who serve in charitable events and help the helpless,even those pacifist that I find their work pointless but at least they walk the talk and put themselves in danger going to dangerous countries,teachers, and I can go on and on but.. nope the hero is a 50 plus year old biker in a free country giving the finger to POTUS, great hero,try to do that in Iran, lets see where she ends up, and great way to teach her children how to react when they don’t agree with others.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Thank goodness for the tolerant left….
Imagine one from the other side doing it, they call him a fascist.
Nothing new to me living here in Spain, but I didn’t think it got that ugly
over there. And if some great person shows me a video were in the U.S there is
some guy from the right doing or hitting or just fucking up really, like those punks,
please share it. You will not find none, at the most you will find the Trump supporters
fighting back. Why do I know? Because I know the extreme left. By the way I’m not a Trump supporter,
I have better thing to do and survive in my life. But this was funny…..sortta

Hit it ! Fuck… I had a damn good poem written, this just got my attention
and I had the extreme urge to hit publish.

A world in shock

Don the Trump…
Trumping Trumping
The world is jumping
Both the establishment left and the right
Have been struck by the not normal light
Heads spinning
I´m grinning(I predicted it by the way)
What a show
Against all imaginable odds he has bestow
The president of the United States
And it seems the world shakes

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.