Stream of consciousness

Prompt by the great

Using the word brake two times lets see how it goes

i hate to brake when i´m doing something i love to do
i feel that if i don´t finish it i feel empty so i will
not brake since that will make me stop whatever it is, it
truly is harder to take the first step but once i take it
i can´t stop in the middle i have to finish, so i hate the word

I´m actually cooler and used the word three times……

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and have a great weekend.

Tuesday… so smile !

Prompt by the great Mr Trent

So I´m not in jail 🙂
I don´t have money 🙂
The cell phone doesn´t work 🙂
The room I´m staying at is cold as hell 🙂
I have a computer wich not everyone can say that 🙂
I also just bought some smokes 🙂
But tomorrow I will see my mother, and that
is a freaking smile, get things resolved.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hey buddy

Hey buddy,
you are just not anybody
for us you are a life saver
for us you are part of the team
so we don´t have to hear too many to scream
that is your job
to be part of eating that crazy mob, sniffing the bomb
Hey Buddy!
you to will get bloody
so, thanks, even if it seems strange for some
but we are just a little zero sum.

Charlie the duck

Prompt by :

“Hey! Where you going?” The little bastard didn´t respond.

“Charlie! Come back here with your siblings.” Her beak was starting to turn red.

Meanwhile Charlie was heading for the brown brush, he knew something was up there.
Suddenly he was grabbed by the neck and engulfed in a big human hand.

“I got you, ha, you little…..” Before the kid could finish the sentence Charlie
took a bite at his eye. The kid went back to his house crying, and without an eyeball.

“Charlie! What have you done?” His mother cried out and all his siblings looked at him
in dismay.

Charlie just shrugged and said, “That kid ate my friend Jonas the other day, I just wanted
to know how he tasted.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The ninja

Prompt by

Story starting with the words “The last time, everything fit in three duffles…”
under 200 words.

“The last time everything fit in three duffle bags we didn´t get much.”

“You´re an idiot.” His partner said


“Look at you, is day light and you are all dressed in black, looking like a ninja,
except they can see you much better now!”

The other one gave him the middle finger.

“Hurry, I see a lady coming.” His partner said while he grabbed two duffel bags
and the `grabber´ as he called his friend filled the last remaining one with watches,
i pads, i phones, anything of value.

“What are you doing?!!” An old lady exclaimed from the lobby at seeing a man dressed in

Suddenly his partner appeared with a glowing smile, “Hello, how are you doing Mrs. I´m
Jack, the hotel manager. And this over here.” He pointed at his partner, “is Manuel the

“Ninja?” The woman said bewildered.

“Yes mam, the hotel president thought it would be fun to put on this show and have later on
a game to see if people can remember what they brought. It´s also a lesson for the toursit.
It will all be guarded under key in the downstairs vault.”
Having said that, both men walked away.

“So stupid ninja right?”

His partner smiled.

Stay Frosty gents and getesses.

Where is Gorgie Mr. Napoleon?

Prompt by

Historical fiction under 100 words

“Get your man up there!!” Napoleon shouted to his Lieutenant.

“Where?” The Lieutenant asked a bit confused.

“On the Chateu de Sable!” Napoleon´s voice barely audible under the heavy
barrage of gunfire.

“It´s the Chateu.” The Liutenant said with his eyes watering.


“My grandmother lives there.”

“Take her out, now, and stop crying like a little woman.. You pissan!”

The Liutenant went inside and moments later came out, he dropped to his knees
and said. “He is gone.”

“He?” Napoleon said with a confused face.

“Yes, Gorgie, my granmothers dog is gone.”

They lost that battle that day, and the Liutenant was hanged for “idiotocracy.”

110 words…come on

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Driven crazy by technology

Prompt by :

“See that mom?”The eight year old pointed straight up in the air.

The mother as always was busy with her cellphone and her wassaup, talking with her
girlfriend and some sexually charged conversations with some online people. She love
the freedom that it gave her, her little and often dirty escape from her day to day
life reality of marriage and taking care of her son.

“Mom! Did you see that?”

“What honey?” She still had her eyes glued to her i-phone

“Dad is up in that building.”

“Honey please.”

“Mom!! He is shouting for you to pay attention.”

“Honey I don´t hear anything.”

All around them people had gathered staring up at the pyramid form skyscraper.

One passerby said, “What a wuss this dude, asking his wife for her attention.” All
the guys around giggled and slapped each other in the back.

High above Frank, was in tears. He had tried to make his marriage work, even during
sex she would pick up the phone and text, while at the same time moaning which was even
more incredible to him.

He had enough, he was going to get her attention real good now.

“To heeeeeeelll wiht yoouuu!!!” He shouted as he felt one hundred stories to the floor.

The next day, the mother. Teresa, was called in all the local papers “The most abnoxious
woman in sillicon valley” followed by “married to one of the dumbest in the valley.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hunted words

Prompt by:

“Enough is enough”. Those were the last three words that Mike and Matilda Adams
heard from their son five yars ago. They had tried to reason with him about
him being gifted in math, and how having a Math scholarship to Harvard was a
great honour. But their son wouldn´t listen to reason.

Parents never lose hope, but the homicide detectives had lost hope. Mike jr. was
somewhere deep underground rotting away.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, there was a knock on the Adams house. It was a young female
detective. They welcomed her in quite apprehensive. Then the bombshell.

Corporal Smith, had received the medal of honor medal because of actions taken
in a remote mountain in Afghanistan, while firing his machine gun
covering the retreat of his squad to a helicopter, being the last man on the ground.
After running out of ammunition he took out his 45.caliber handgun and charged the enemy
when a strain bullet hit him in the head and he was dead before he hit the ground.
She explained that Smith was the legal last name his son had chosen.

Both parents teared up. “Enough is enough”. Those were words that would hunt them for the
rest of their lifes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesess.