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“Mayday! Mayday! The first engine is on fire.” Mike said to the forward air controler.

“You got to pull up Jack, pull up.” His first officer Danny said in a calm voice.

“Extinguish the first engine.” Mike ordered, after all he was the captain,
he knew it was a risky maneuver but it had to be done.

“I can´t do that.” Danny replied with a stern face, he was unflinching.

Suddenly the door opened and in came their father.

“Again playing with the buttons?” He asked his ten year old twins.

“We want to be a pilot, just like you daddy.” Mike said.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The failed escape

It´s another edition of

“Hit it Mike, hit it !! ” John screamed at the top of his lungs as he looked back
and saw the U.S Sheriff right behind them.

“Hit what?!” John screamed back at John while the water splashed his face, ” you couldn´t
have stolen a more shitty boat!”

John looked up at the hill and saw the white house of his ex wife, He grimaced. She took
his most precious thing and now she had paid for it.

“Hey John, you´re the most incompetent criminal I have seen, you know that?”

“How many have you seen?” Came the reply from behind of the boat.

“Enough to know that you´re an idiot.” Mike said with a grin.

John looked down at his feet, there she was lying on the floor. Her feet tied up. He laughed
out loud. They had to put her to sleep until they reached some kind of safety.

“Dump her!” Mike screamed at Jack as the Sheriff cut them off.

“You´re nuts, no way.”

Eventually the Sheriff just gave them a warning as they untied Lucy, Johns best friend, the dog
that was his, not his wife´s. He would go to courts for eternity and until he ran out of money
so he could be reunited with his dear Lucy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

It went a bit over 175 words.

Sailing through the river of blood

Another great prompt by 11 September 2015 | Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

Photo by: PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

“Honey this is so beautiful.” She said to her husband.
“You deserve the best for our second anniversary.”
“How is Jack and Mark?”
“Great assets to the law firm.”
He turned around, smacked her two times over the head with a crowbar,
knocked her unconscious and threw her body to the river, the water turning red as she
“Two strokes for the two you fucked at the same time on our second anniversary you whore!”
He then  took a cigarette out of his jacket and smoked his way down the river,
with a smile on his face appreciating the green trees.

102 words.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Dumb and Dumber

This prompt was given out by FFfAW – Week of 09-08-2015 | Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
and the photo taken by pricelessjoy.

Both men wearing a black ski mask exited the Bank of America on a rainy day
with half million dollars.

They got into the car.

“You kidding me?” John who was the mastermind of the robbery asked his accomplice.

“What?” Michael responded.

“A freaking mini van?”

“It´s a car.”

“A slow one idiot.” John said a bit irritated.

As they started to pull out of the parking lot they heard a cry from the back seat. Both men
looked at each other with eyes as big as plates. They slowly turned and saw a baby sitting
there crying his eyes out.

“Michael, when you robbed this piece of crap  you really didn´t check that there was a
small human being in the back? First rule of car jack, make sure there is nobody inside and less
off all, a baby!!”

“Just drive!”Michael shouted.

“Can´t do my friend, not with a kid.”

They looked outside the soaked front window of the car and the blurry lights of police cars where visible.

The gig was up.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

On the brink (prompt)

A great prompt by…Friday Flash – Shattered | The Dark Night Chronicles

He walked the long dim lit hallway
Other inmates yelled his name
He knew one day this will become his reality sway
It was time to take full on his blame

They shackled him to the chair

He could feel the leather straps burning on his skin
He looked at the audience and he just had a grin

Eyes looked straight at the audience
Who had come to see his last act of conscious

The clocked ticked
as he predict
phone call came in
Governor´s pardon was in

He smirked
The audience jerked

The three little girls he brutally sexually abused and killed
They´re families now will not have their wishes fulfilled

Shattered  life´s all around

He would live for now in his tiny dingy cell
Until the day he would escape and keep  raising hell

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The prompt!!!

O.k,here I go found this other prompt also interesting since it was deep. So I´ll try myself to be deep. That´s going to be a challenge.

Here it is“Wish you could change your past? Learn to let go and create a life you love!!!” | Kruti Mehta which is a talented and full of of potential writer so…..hit it!

1) What I absolutely love in life? So just one pick? I´ll give it a shot. I love my family don´t know how in the world have they taken me back at age 30, but I´m quite certain that if I hadn´t entered the ICU and been diagnose with severe pancreatitis I would have never re established my relationship with them. And chances that I´d be dead by now are quite real.

2)What are my greatest accomplishments in life so far? Staying sober. That´s a fucking battle day in day out. No break, even worst than military discipline.

3)What would I stand for if I knew no one would judge me? That´s a hard one for me, I do suffer from a condition, a chronic one named “shameless”, so I really don´t give a fuck what people say about me in a negative way. I can´t figure this one out, holy shit. I don´t care what people think of me. I´ve been staring at the screen for a couple of minutes and nothing has popped up in my little head. Maybe peace in the world would be a nice answer, but not really I stand for that(it´s just impossible to ever be peace if your realistic about it you can hope all you want but then there is reality) since I´ve actually contributed to completely the opposite. That´s fucked up that I really can´t come up with an answer. I just stand for what I belief regardless of who judges me.

4)If my life had absolutely no limits and I could have it all and do whatever I wanted, what would I choose to have an what would I choose to do? I would choose to have a pretty lovable funny smart wife, two kids a girl and a boy and I might as well just add a house in the prairie. I´d definitely choose to write and earn a living with it.

5)What would I do if I had one billion dollars? Buy myself a woman with the same characteristics  I stated in number 4 including the two kids but instead of a house just a mansion in the prairie. Help returning veterans integrate themselves back into civilian life. Give some dough to my parents. Help Alcohol and drug addicts. Create a magic pill that will make you vomit if you drink alcohol or take drugs.

6) Who do you admire most in the world? Sounds cliché, but it is my parents without a doubt.

So here it is my prompt from other prompt….? Man, that didn´t sound deep at all. Maybe check out what the other person said since I´m quite certain he or she, you can never be sure who you are talking through this internet thing….just kidding. Anyways, she actually did write a more profound and deep blog.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



Petrichor (prompt)

Another prompt by…..


I wake up at seven a.m on a Sunday, ready to go to battle, a battle between my neurons. They are still a bit sleepy and I know I have to make them start functioning at a semi normal pace. I move my fingers, those are my rifle but the logistics as to how to shoot move and communicate is in my neurons, they are ready to go to battle. But first I need coffee for the logistics. I pour it in my favourite pink cup, people think I´m strange drinking out of this but is sooth´s me. I step out and before I look up at the sky the smell penetrates deep inside my nostrils, it had rained this night, leaving behind the aroma of moist, wet dry land,an aroma of hope, so HOPE is what I call the story and and with my logistics in my head clear, my fingers as a rifle at the ready I start typing away.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

In every girl´s life….(prompt)

fwf-kellie-elmore-badge Yet again a great prompt from…… #FWF Free Write Friday: Quote Prompt | Kellie Elmorea


So here is the Promptfwf2.

It was the summer of 1997 and little me was barely 15 and I was out of my element. I was in another country, the great United States and being a kid that had never left his little town in Spain this was the equivalent of setting foot in the moon. The awe of everything; trees, houses, cars, hell they don´t drive with stick in this country they´re all are automatic cars!, school which leads to strange new specimens that where named people and I believe they are still are named that way. So there I was in the middle of it, looking at everything, my eyes darting from side to side my mouth open a little bit. I tried to tell myself that I was confident and had nothing to worry about.

I was sitting by myself in the school cafeteria, the new guy, Spanish guy, the bullfighter. Everyone that talked to me only said “You´re from Spain? Torero bullfighting” O.k I said to myself. No direct insults yet, we´re not all that bad. And  while I´m eating alone staring out the window with all the noise of all the hundreds of kids around me I hear a sound next to me. As I look to my left I see this brunette girl,not all that bad looking just staring at me with a smile on her face.

“So you´re the new guy from Spain?”

That´s it? I was used to hi how are you my name is…… Nothing like that. So I nodded and replied that yes I was the bullfighter. She seemed to find it funny. She looked to her left where all her girlfriends where seated. I guess she was the designated one or she designated herself to be the one to give a hard time to the new guy.  A boarding school in the middle of nowhere. A landscape so foreign to me like it must have been for those astronauts walking the moon. Except that this landscape had strange humans. It was June, and I was going to spend the summer there before I move on to another school, yet another place and yet again be a new guy in some place. This boarding school seemed it was for all the screw up kids that didn´t do well during the school year but their daddy´s like mine had money to put them through intensive courses so they would be better prepared for the next year. But they had already been here other years so they knew each other.

She asked me a couple of questions more, and I notice all her girlfriends giggling in the background. Then she said if I wanted to go out to the woods after lunch. What? No I thought, she must be planning a prank for the stupid new guy. But I finally said yes.

After lunch we entered into the forest and there they where, black berries! Never in my  life had I seen so many bushes with blackberries. She started running around and picking them up and throwing them at me and eating them at the same time. I thought this girl was nuts, Spanish girls didn´t do that normally. She saw my face which was probably the face of a person who has just seen a ghost. She laughed and came to me.

“Here” She held her hand and gave me a blackberry. I was skeptical, are these edible? I thought to myself.

“Don´t be scared, you look scared all the day.” She pushed her hand into my face with that black berry. So I ate it.

“What´s your name?” I finally asked, usually in Spain we introduce ourselves and then talk.

” Cindy.” And she started running again through the bushes and laughing and throwing these black berries at me. And me….just dodging the bombardment.

As the weeks passed we talked more, she had a boyfriend one of the cool kids. He thought I was an idiot, good thing was that after establishing myself that if you want to come and pick at me and physically put a hand on me your going to be getting hit back, the cool guys sort of left me alone. They would insult me, but thought twice or three times before getting into a brawl with me. But Cindy, there she was. There we where every afternoon in the black berry bushes and one day it happened and I felt her lips. That was our own private spot, for the afternoon that was our spot, our magical spot.

Time went and the summer ended, so did she, but she ended it with a letter, which I still have stored away in some place of the house. That was her, Cindy. The mysterious happy go lucky Cindy and I was her serious, the one she confessed all the things, friend semi lover Charly. I can´t say in every girls life….I was her dream boy, but something special happened since she could be hanging out with all of her other friends but she chose to hang out with me. And kiss me and show me other things. But her happy go lucky, nice personality is what struck me and my way of being was probably something she found in some way strange and nice to be around. And she was a one of the cool girls that had a lot of personality and a lot of heart, a heart that just led her to talk and be with me even though I was not popular.

nightmare (poem-prompt)

write-a-poem-to-help-someone-overcome-their-nightmaresPoetry Prompt 7 – An Antidote to Nightmares | Pooky’s Poems


You´re going to die


go to the sky.


I´m going to die


not going to the sky.


make peace with it

today I feel like shit

my pancreas is killing me

today I hope I don´t travel to the hospital

suck it up like a champion is my capital.


So make peace cause your going to die.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses cause I feel like shit.