proud boys

Humans…fucking with the router

I should stop with the bad written poetry and just talk about my life…..

The router it´s in her room,
hence she got a broom:
called hands, she will disconnect it just to piss me off,
she knows, the so called landlord lady or proclaimed as such,
but not a single much,
she will take it out with her two little hands to piss me off
it wouldn´t agravate me to be without internet,
but it does agravate me when I´m the single one in the fucking house paying for internet
she got trapped now in my net.

Now I feel better, might as well go now and punch one of these criminals around town.

Stay Frosty gents znd gentesses.


Not really obviously tremendously, my excperience in the Spanish army…we faught
street wise with these communist, apart from fighting in other la la la lands.
So I might as well get some adrenaline out with the video. My Karma.
Better this one than the one yesterday, in the street that is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.