Bored (last post so see)

What a fucking title that one,
Yes I do get bored talking to people, which is kind of weird.
I even get bored with replying to comments in this wordpress,
not get bored when it comes to talking about writing,
even lost my way to flirt with women, fucking weird,
I even get bored of living in this whore house, it is quite literally
a whore house that this bitch turned it in to. Quite the design she made
and now I have to put up with….$$$$$$$, loooooong story,
so just bored, not even fighting gets my adrenaline going, actually the last
two fights was me just not even trying really, bored, even bored writing
might as well get a purpose in life.

Read you later.

O my… Humans

Jesus Christ,I might be the weird one on this one…..but do you
read and literally follow comments of certain people in other blogs you read?
I rarely look at my own statistics why the hell would I want to read the comments
of others in other blogs and be consistent about it, jeeesus. I´m sure this person
(not sure really who knows) is not bad intentioned but it is kind of freaky to
see that she likes all my comments it seems. I might go to comment something and see
another person I follow and then hit the like button if I like what he or she comments
but quite rearely. This person had me pinned on almost all my comments, and they are not
alot of them neither sinister nor nothing about them. Just saying pretty much how much
I liked the post, why would I comment if I didn´t like it? Just me, I know others like this
other idiot talking about the king of Spain when I posted a great but grreeeeeeet poem
about shots fired. What the hell does this idiot has to comment on a post that has nothing
to do with our King? He might feel better after releasing his hatred I guess, I hope so he
feel better. And the other lady….. keep on reading me, you are a bit freaky though.

Psychology one o one

Wax on Wax off, turn your mind to this then to that, then shut it.
Apart from my personal tragedies and all this Corona,
be Victoria (had to rhyme sorry)
I´m capable of that, I know it´s not for most normal people,
for me it is. Turn the abnormal not to normal,just accept it´s not normal
make it work.
Never let the head go nuts. They should study my brain process and how
I conciously and other times unconsciously train my brain,
I see the angles. Just deal with them, and most important swithch it off.

Today I actually think I went to bed for my mental thing, I couldn´t be
physically tired. I know that, but mentally it broke me.
I let it rest without thinking of nothing, literally I went blank, and now good.

Quite a story. I probably knew it before it happened, if not I wouldn´t train my
mind that way.

Tried to put the least words as I can in this wordpress thing
that I don´t know when the sentece is going to be cut and the rest, you know when you write
it in the so called private it comes out all sentences right in the line and then
you publish it and the fucking sentences got cut. End parenthesis, no double meaning.

Have a great day gents and gentesses.

Never understood

Just my magical quick thought.
I never understood the mindset of the fans. Be it girls to concerts, girls to soccer games,
men to soccer games, men to concerts, e.t.c
Might understand a bit, I can listen to the same music group time and time again, or
mafia documentary, or history documentary or… you name it. But in the back of my head
is always the thought that what can I get out of this for me. I think is healthy, got to
be aware of not putting yourself off the top, just basic things to live by like do not obsess.
Not good if you obsess in any part of your life. Step back, see it as it is, and function function
for your best interest. Human behaviour, saying anything new? Maybe there was some clue…
Says Dr. and PHD. Priest.

crawling insecurity

I feel so insecure and I can´t find a cure,
it makes me angry, the devil inside me;
flourishing by my insecurity.
I used to play pretend and it had a meaningful end,
it makes me disappointed, I can´t pretend I´m anointed
Anointed I am now at this exact moment suddenly
Jesus talked with me
He said
“You make it”
“They will make it”
I´m not the only anointed one then…
Insecurity was crawling but now is gone and I´m done.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

one of your espisodes

Easy for people
to see,
there goes one of your psychological episodes,
it´s o.k,
i´m empathetic
a writing addcit
most people are not,
keep crying outside your car
or drowning your sorrows in a bar-
reality it´s difficulty,
did you have one of your episodes?
keep calm, cool, collected= Staying Frosty.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The vulnerable

I´m going psychological on you, endure.
Today I felt like a little piece of shit. I felt afraid.
To my dismay, I started watching this guy named Jordan Peterson,
a social psychologist,
who thought there was such a career?
but he is making good money so he can stick it up your rear.
He said that admitting to being vulnerable is actually a sign of bravery,
I thought for it, women don´t want to be around a pussy, nor men,
that is the end.
When asked why so many young men heard his lectures
in my case a 36 years young man….. figure that dumb shit out,
so then lets go about, our day.
Real reason is basic, he makes you feel or remembers you what is truly to be a man.
Sometimes this shit happens to me, the vulnerable me,
but it only lasts one day, I´m just weird.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Me and the pshychologist

It’s already Wednesday
Took too long to achieve this day

I went to the psychologist
No apologies
And all for being a drunk
You really need a psychologist for the drunk skunk?

She told me
I won’t reveal that was something I agree

The psychologist is a woman
And at her job is a gentlewoman
The problem as I told her is not only alcohol
But I’m a “bit off” with woman I only think about sex in a stall

Stay Frosty gents and getesses.

Dr. Charly is in the house!

Foto 273

About the shirtless thing, just woke up I do have a shirt on actually but if I had to take a picture it takes and eternity for this fucked up computer to get into photobooth so I just took one from the media part of the blog, plus it gives me more credibility as a doctor.


Sometimes I go by the name of Charles other times by Charlie and others by Charly. Either way, you might not believe it but I am a Psychiatrist hence the Dr. part before the name. Not a licensed one or the conventional one, but I have found out that I do give quite good compliments and have a deep understanding into human nature. So if your in dire strait please contact me.

If you feel suicidal…….take a deep breath, count to 9 and one quarter, take a step to the edge of where you are going to throw yourself and really look down at the people that are crossing underneath you. Would you really want to end up falling on top  of someone and making them also look like cream pie all plastered through the floor? You could be charged in a second degree murder, maybe not technically since you are already gone but you will be remembered as the suicide killer. You really want that? I doubt it. That would make you pause ad think twice. I know there are other methods of killing one self , but lets go slowly at least one of the methods is out of the table, the round table of options now you have one less.

Are you feeling lonely…….buy a dog. A study from the University of I don´t know in which part of the U.S but I´m sure it was in the U.S since who in the world would spend millions on studies such as studying the dogs brain and finally coming up with the official conclusion that dogs have feeling. Not kidding they actually did a study on that. Are you fucking kidding me? It took a bunch highly trained highly financed and equipped nerdy perdy dudes and dudess to reach that conclusion, Jeeesus only in the U.S, love the country though. But really, I´m not a pet psychologist but I do have two mean nasty farting machines dogs and I can tell when if I yell at one of them because they just peed on the balcony that their ears will go down so as the tail and specially the girl dog I have, like most other females that are humans( ladies! yeah woaw!) does keep more resentment towards me during a longer period of time than the male. The male couldn´t give a shit the bastard, he´ll be doing it again in a couple of hours so that one is a lost case. My mother goes away for holidays, the dogs are used to certain hours when she takes them outside, since they themselves won´t go outside by themselves and they are suppose to be attack dog, what the fuck are these two going to attack I ask myself, anyways at certain hours usually at 7 p.m they start walking up and down the house and looking at you sideways as in saying “come on dude!” so up you go, stop my writing or reading or maybe masturbating depending on the day and I walk them outside to see them, well just take more pisses more  shits, run a couple of meters, getting fruits that have fallen down from a tree and bringing it to me. Point being, feeling depressed buy a dog and your depression will turn to anger. No more feeling down just thoughts of murder.

Feeling agressive…..No problem, go out and buy yourself a male whore or a female whore. It has been proven that sex is the best antidote for agressive people. It has something to do with the neurons and receptors, I won´t go to deep into it since it´s kind of boring the technical thing.

Feeling that you are in a deep hole and you can´t get out of it…….that your world is falling on top of you kind of thing. No worries, take my example, I´ve been to two nasty pasty screwed up nasty rusty countries, been shot at, lost 3 guys, decided to become a cool drunk, and a cool homeless person, nightmares, bad memories, and at age 30 almost died of pancreatitis, and look! here I am. Alive doing the funky chicken dance at 8:30 in the morning, so always remember that out there  there is some one always a little more fucked up than you. And that they do climb the hole out, quite amazing what humans can do if they put their mind to it.

Last, and most important, take what I said very seriously, or not, then go to the mirror and have a nice laugh at yourself. Giggle like a little girl, don´t take what people say to heart nor what they do or not do. And all this advice free of charge.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.