My story

Where is privacy? At this point could care less,
even the fucking Marrocan criminals have a video of me on cell phones, so sell the phone,
just happens that they are actual criminals and from Marroco country,
Pisses me off by the way, we the Spanish paying for them? Fuck off
you shit rastafaris or whatever name came to mind, shit face for example.
Quite interesting the video so you might go and tell them to sell it to you,
don´t know, whatever you want. It is ironic though, maybe sad too, or just B.S could be.
Who gives a fuck. Going to watch Mr. Laffer. Yes, the economist,
the Laffer curve. Quite interesting this guy.
(The shit can´t get weirder, still will fight but it is just a bit weird)


Waiting waiting
For that Moroccan
He did call me 3 times in a day
For our dismay,
Fucking spent 4 hours in that park, at least there is water, a fountain,
waiting waiting…. he comes, finally since I was getting a bit bored,
no hits, me just drinking water and looking at his eyes, not scared,
maybe he was, just dealing with too many of these gets me bored, and violent if need be,
so what am I telling… have no clue, just came out. It is because I don´´t drink!!
(what a fucking title)


At the end of the day you want to be part of a tribe,
example-Maroccans in this town of Spain they think they own
selling drugs and bitches blown
example- No Spanish person will rent a room for the overwhelming part
seems it is not our art.
example- living with 2 of Peru,
I had to give them the ice glue
a bit nasty, yet they bullshit stuck together.
example….. fuck that, it is in human nature to stick to your tribe, you can pretend
to no end,
but at the end of the day if you know what is best for you and yes it seems we as selfish
holy shit, i cought a fish ( had to rhyme), point …………
Since primal days we as humans have lived in tribes. Got me? Now I even feel smart,
ate a tart.

Proud Boys (video)

They call themselves Proud Boys, it is a catchy title. Knowing a bit about the
movement it has become a ground up movement when they see Antifa anarchist
destroying, looting, stealing, the list goes on. For every extreme so called movement
there will be a response, in this case the response against Antifa is the Proud Boys,
living in soicialist Spain I can tell you most of them are not racist, they just want to hit these idiots.

4 a.m political thought

Woke up a 2 a.m got my writing done, and now watching this

3 hours and something of this podcast, so I watch 30 minutes here, stop it and see it later.
You have the podcast guy a Navy seal, with two black guys that one was a Seal and the other one
was in the U.S army rangers. It´s a good discussion about race relationships,
I can only tell you that my best friend and friend of my mother is a Marrocan.
And still today when I see him I just go off on the Marrocans and the Latin Kings idiots
that are very predominant in my small town. Not a good town to say the least. Today walking
with the groceries I encounter my friend the drug dealer, he from Ecuador I believe, he starts
telling me “come here, come here” but with a smile on his face. Me thinking, “Yes come here into
that street that nobody there is not even a bird overhead”, I did tell him to come to me, he insult me
saying I own this and that to him, I saw the opportunity being in front of a restaurant where all the
“normal” people were eating and drinking in the terraces, I just gave him one punch and down he went.
I was actually hoping for the police to come, is this criminal going to say… what?

I guess my ADD point is that is good to have those conversations about racism, yet don´t overload it
talking and talking about it constantly it does more harm than good. Also I do believe that is all
in each independent individual. For example my father was born after the Spanish Civil War and you
can understand there was no money. He had to survive how he could, and surviving as he could
did not include stealing, selling drugs, he just worked in all types of things and by his nature
he in an entrepreneur so always looking for something new to sell.

So racism… last time I checked
Obama was the president of the U.S. I might not agree with his policies, but something right he had
to do to having reach that job.

For me is simple, each individual is their own and they either will
make good decisions taking them to have a better life(economically e.t.c) or make bad decision
and take them to a bad life. I was given everything monetarely as a kid and I fucked up,
from job to job ended in the army and now a bad writer. Not my father, he was born poor and
now he is a succesful man.

Regardless of race, if you are a black person, or whatever colour you are if you can add value
to whatever job you have or simply add value to your own personal self which will inevitably lead for
job success, then you´ll do fine.
We do live, mostly in the Western world, and not all countries, but it is human nature that if you
can provide something to add value people will respect that and pay you whatever the colour of your skin is.

My writing therapy

I have been in the hospital room by myself with my mother in a comma.
When is she going to expire? Nobody knows, I do know that I am the one
and only one seeing her deteriorate day after day hour after hour. Point.
Next to the hospital there is a grocery store, sort of cheap so I get food from there,
here in Spain is very usual to see guys out of the store asking for money.
This guy happened to be black, whoever read me for some time knows racism doesn´t enter my mind,
I called him some racial slures and physically attacking the idiot that is a smartass.
He does not only ask me for money, he starts bullshiting me, me thinking
“Is this guy serious? He is actually talked to me first in Spanish and then in English…
go figure that one out, you fucker”, So I did snap, he had better clothes than I have
and that is not kidding, there are organized, I have seen the same black dude in different
towns, not kidding, they are a mafia since they are organized, I just could not take it.
I slaped him on the face while at the same time took his cool hat that was better than mine
took the hat off him, smack him again, people screamed after I called him from dumb nigger to
who knows what, nothing good for sure. I was about to go full out on this guy, they are not poor
they are taking advantage of us people that try to make a decent living, not taking that shit
from these criminals. So I went off, smack a bit the shit out of him, called him some colourful names
and back to the hospital to be with my dying mother. Fuck, gonna start drinking again to calm me.

Feminist-socialist fucked

That was a good title for the video. I do have my little one neuron and don´t agree all
my half neuron that all in the video is right. But I do pretty much all. ALL….again,.
Reality it is reality, and most socialist will be over their mind if you don´t have
their own opinion. Hence that translates into being a dictatorship. Yep, seems the left
can also have dictators, Venezuela to name one, mixed with Iran and my country Spain,
seems they are working together. That is a fact actually it´s no conspiracy.
but with the same goal So there ya go….. And I liked that gay(Milo Yiannnopoulos) guy being
what he is, smart as hell also. 1.8 seconds into the video, plus other characters in the video
really saying what humans think. The black dude and black dudess called nazi (basically)from a white
old lady, hence keep away from politics if you lean to the right.(maybe that was another video)
Watch the Video I say as a priest! For me I hear the “celebrities” and is common sense.
(I´m watching too many videos)

I´m a nazi(over 99.1 years old)

I´ll make my thoughts quick and if you want to watch the video your decision. Hopefully
WordPress bans me.
Living in a country ( I do know these people) that you are threaten by ….Spanish communist
Honduras, Ecuador, Latin Kings(where the fuck these idiots came from?),
Colombia, Marruecos, fuck me! Even Brazillians, that was a new one for me.
And they are in a country, most of those illegaly and very few % working to not sell drugs, or steal, or…
just to fuck Spanish people up? So there was the point,.
while smoking a joint. Had to rhyme. People, the silent majority are not fond of it.
To say the least. I´m not a Nazi,Nazi… they don´t even think straight. I am a person that
sees and experiences those threats, should I be scared then? Justice system works here perfectly…
Video! He did took a life, but no wonder for me if I feel surrounded.(126 words, was quick)

white privilege!

Going political on you, should I make it rhyme? Na, fuck it.
Quick story, my best friend is a Muslim Marrocan guy called Omar,
which I tease him for his name, and he alway tells me that he is going to cut my balls.
Freaky the guy. Story continues…When I got to the U.S at age 14 my White privilege
has the norm to be in a school, obviously not cheap. The first day, still remember, I got there
there was a big black guy ( that is also my white privilege) standing on the entrance door,
and he did say something about these lines, ¨Where yo going bro, not for you¨, I´m literally half
a meter from him looking up at this idiot, he smiles after giving the bullshit, and at that age
he was a good kid compared to how I was with that age.
He did find the time to smoke cigarets with me at
his own time, funny guy by the way. If not we wouldn´t sneak out to smoke cigarettes.
But basically he didn´t want the other black guys seeing him going with a White Spanish guy.
Hope he turned out good. I never saw colours, I see people, and not because of how I was raised,
it´s just natural for me, I judge the person, good and bad, but a person. Have a little nice video,
I like it and she….is black! I probably like it since in my dumb mind she thinks like I do.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You dirty muslim

Omar I love you, this man that is Marrocan he has known me since I was

that little,(Not all moroccans are muslim, got that but a bunch and nothing wrong)
I know his son and after I got 3 or 4 scars in my face from this shit town,
from the moroccans selling drugs. A nice person it´s Omar´s kid. He is a hardworking boy,
he is 18, and he literally grabbed the neck of another moroccan and the other bitch went
two feet above the floor, nice to have those kind of friends.
Both father and son are respectful to my mother( I wonder why) and
that is most important. But the kid, I saw him the other day here in town. Lets go down!
Sorry…. had to rhyme.
A big fat smile on his face to see me and I just grabbed him and held him. Nice kid.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.