I´m a racist

Look at that young WHITE pretty kid, that´s me.
I live in town of Spain that, to keep it lightly, is not the best to raise a family.

Friends tell me, ¨don´t go to that part of town¨. My answer, ¨ If I step out of this cool
room I rent for only 130$, they are right in front of me.¨ The fucking muslim marrocans.
They come here, most of them don´t have papers, they get the full benefits of a welfare state,
and then they go to do their job wich is selling drugs, stealing and the rest.

Specially the muslim marrocans, the youngsters are the worst, have the Spanish people scared.
You can ask the mother of 2 kids that is my neighbour.

Spanish people are scared shitless, when moms and dads take their kids to school here.
My rational Friends that made good decisions in their life to have a comfortable life
don´t want to step a foot in this town. So I am basically a one man army. I´m not saying
this to sound cool. I was in the army though and deployed but with friends.
That is probably while I have 3 or 4 scars because of fighting with the marrocans.
Is not in my nature to run away, although it would probably be a good decision to run.
Maybe even more actually, I just stop counting the scars. Weird. There is no assimilation to
become Spanish from them. When I was in the U.S living It was my duty to assimilate
to that culture and not expect that country to assimilate twords me.

Having said that, my best friend is Marrocan, I live with a South American woman,
and they do assimilate to this country and they are really hard working people.

So I´m a racist?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m going crazy

I look so normal,
that is a betrayal,
no rhyming,
but the are days,

fucking days
I can´t sleep
tomorrow i have to eat

you shits think is bullshiting munnylly
let me in to your surbuan familly

punks, be in war and come to a shit hole of 130$ month
I´m cold, the good news is that the wáter on my bottle is,
coolder than putting it in the…..refigetore

it is 4 a.m, cant sleep, i want to see the fucking muslim marrocans,
and at least beat the shit out of one, before the whole group comes to his hand,
i did serve and deployed 2 times, and now i live in spain wich is my country,
but overwhelmed in my yes it is mine, county, fuck the fucking marrocan muslims,
even the spanish people are afraid of this fuck heads, truth, ask the mother of one kid that i asked her to have a sight on me as i was crossing the road, she was scared of this muslim maraoccans and took her two Young kids into the vehcle, after i did fight with two of them,only two?
Thank goodness, I´m back to my pent house and now after spending time with spanish people,
we did go after the fucking pieces of shit muslim muslim hibrahim uncording, yes sirs fuck the women, you have to go to the kitchen, you hear!!!!

I´m a terrible MAN.

bitches you end up in ditches, yep,,,,,,,,,, i´m calling for……. fuck i´m drunk. but i probably wake up tomorrow or not wake up since it is 4.30 a.m and have to do shit at 6 a.,,,m.go figure this one out, so my point…..fuck you, and you and the other jew, just a racist i am. so suck my, scam

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

the town

That is the view from my window,
kind or a bit weirdo,
under that,
it´s full off Marrocans and also from Peru,
all dealing drugs and making this SPANISH town look like shit.

You tell me how in this small town I can´t get into fights,
hate them, is my country i hate them, yet….
I always say that I´m a ¨ selective racist¨
My best friend almost like a father is what,
a Marrocan, hard working, good person in general,as you well know,
nobody is perfect but that does not distract,

Actually it does, I think I hit and got hit by half of the town,
latest was with ¨Enrike¨ ( he is just robbing someone so I doubt
he will be very interested in this), point being that was my last fight,
I did pretty good by the way, so….. say Haaaaay!
Not really, getting bored of this shit
so I will spit
and try to avoid
that dumb decay

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

preview for the next interview

Marrocans… I’m a nazi (did I sepell correctly ‘nazi’?)
don’t you see
we go in not so much harmony

Marrocans…. My name is not Daisy
but you make me be a bit crazy

Marrocans… pulled a kife on me
well,so let it be

Small town here
O my dear! and what did I do next?
The great Shakespeare will tell the X

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
That is what I call a tough guy……

This man is a racist and fascist!!!

Don’t have much to say myself about it, he just said it perfectly and he is
the one that has lived it. He does look people as individuals not as groups
and the last sentence he said, or one of the last is the real deal.
“if you put your mind to it…” paraphrasing here, anyways it seems
I did have something short to say.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m a racist!!


I hate black people, brown people, asian people, white people…

I’m a universal racist
with all the races
are a mess
because we are all humans
and we can all do things called unhumans
or misbehaviour
or we can be also a savior
so not a racist really, you people silly
but the title was catchy
to cause some initial scratchy
is called
judge the individual
just my case as my own behavioral

Qick story.
First day I went to the U.S to a private highschool, the first person that I see standing in the
door of the dormitory is a black basketball player, big big dude. And there I am with all my bags
trying to find my way where is my room and this guy starts bullshiting me, I’m looking up at this
beast of a guy and thinking what the fuck is wrong with this guy, i didn’t think what is wrong
with this black guy, then he laughs smacks me on the back and tells me he’s just bullshiting.
So here I am my first day in the U.S, and I’m no pussy, so he could see that I was not scared of him
nor him of me, I was just staring him…. up and up, big ass dude this basketball player obviously.
So for me it never entered into my thoughts about this guy is black, I was just thinking this guy
is full of crap. We eventually did became acquaintances, but it was there when I realised that
the blacks went with the blacks the jocks with the jocks and all that shit, me? On my own here and
there, they did respect me since the americans found out that the new spanish kid was no pussy and
new how to give some smacks. Point being, judge the individual as I did when I was very young and
not my parents or teachers had to teach me that, it just came out of me by nature.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.