I´m a racist

Today, hitting with post after…last one this one.
I can read you later since I am the innovator and creator.
Debate me, WHITE PRIVILEGE. I get bored so debate me, noooow!
I did see a cow, flying.
I had to laugh at the first woman on the video, you disagree with me?
Then you got the card of WHITE PRIVILEGE. I did heard a word or swords?

Personal Responsibility.

love bullies—video

Got to love them when you beat the shit out of them,
and now since I have enough money to pay in this town,
guess what, yep, the fucking marrocans, wich they are drug dealing,stealing,
making the life of SPANISH people fucked up so once in a while
we, not only one, we put them in check. It is SPAIN, you fuckers.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the town

That is the view from my window,
kind or a bit weirdo,
under that,
it´s full off Marrocans and also from Peru,
all dealing drugs and making this SPANISH town look like shit.

You tell me how in this small town I can´t get into fights,
hate them, is my country i hate them, yet….
I always say that I´m a ¨ selective racist¨
My best friend almost like a father is what,
a Marrocan, hard working, good person in general,as you well know,
nobody is perfect but that does not distract,

Actually it does, I think I hit and got hit by half of the town,
latest was with ¨Enrike¨ ( he is just robbing someone so I doubt
he will be very interested in this), point being that was my last fight,
I did pretty good by the way, so….. say Haaaaay!
Not really, getting bored of this shit
so I will spit
and try to avoid
that dumb decay

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m a racist!!


I hate black people, brown people, asian people, white people…

I’m a universal racist
with all the races
are a mess
because we are all humans
and we can all do things called unhumans
or misbehaviour
or we can be also a savior
so not a racist really, you people silly
but the title was catchy
to cause some initial scratchy
is called
judge the individual
just my case as my own behavioral

Qick story.
First day I went to the U.S to a private highschool, the first person that I see standing in the
door of the dormitory is a black basketball player, big big dude. And there I am with all my bags
trying to find my way where is my room and this guy starts bullshiting me, I’m looking up at this
beast of a guy and thinking what the fuck is wrong with this guy, i didn’t think what is wrong
with this black guy, then he laughs smacks me on the back and tells me he’s just bullshiting.
So here I am my first day in the U.S, and I’m no pussy, so he could see that I was not scared of him
nor him of me, I was just staring him…. up and up, big ass dude this basketball player obviously.
So for me it never entered into my thoughts about this guy is black, I was just thinking this guy
is full of crap. We eventually did became acquaintances, but it was there when I realised that
the blacks went with the blacks the jocks with the jocks and all that shit, me? On my own here and
there, they did respect me since the americans found out that the new spanish kid was no pussy and
new how to give some smacks. Point being, judge the individual as I did when I was very young and
not my parents or teachers had to teach me that, it just came out of me by nature.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Crazy Charly, or not?

That’s a little weird….

Ha, I got you,uuuuu,uuuu!
I didn’t even notice
until a so called friend told me,
and yes this was a real good fight,
it seems the photo went down…go figure,
anyways that is not me now tha was a fight long time ago.
I can’ t put pictures of me or of my town every now and then
is not the best of the towns but there are a bunch of clowns.

Specially since the fucking “sudaca” look that up in the dictionary,
the south american idiot with a criminal record,
wich i can’ t say shit about that, since i too have one
but the idiot started going after me after i went to the cigarette stand
or in spain “estanco”, so this fuck head starts asking me for one euro
then went up to two euros, and then went up….to the my last point,
so i get into a fight with this fucking idiot, it is a small town,
so you knaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw? anyways he did seem surprised i kicked his
ass, actually it was another spanish guy that grabbed me and told me to
go home, wich i did, i have a little of a black eye on my left eye,
and the other guy, you tell me if he was bent down not bein able to hold
a tree, so fuck this idiots, what the fuck are they in my country
in the first place and these guys in my town they are a bunch of criminals
and they know where i live, doesn’t bother me.

I’ m still waiting……
so fuck them, they are in my country in my town it is SPAIN and
what do i gain for paying to the IRS….these fuck heads, good i hit the
shit out of this one, and he wasn’t small but i should add that either
my face is used to punches, which it is, or he really didn’ t know how
to hit well, so, in comes me with 4 or 5 or 6 whatever in discover,
did knock him out, that is why the other spanish guy that was with him
told me to leave it and get going to my home, wich i did.

Fuck the immigrants.

That’s the point.
GO DONALD the TRUMP, probably a bitch when it comes down to the real
fighting, but that is others job to do, i was in the army so fuck it,
and i don’t like to have to go to buy cigarettes and being harassed by
a guy from Peru, that has a criminal record and he is not legal in my country,
asking me for money and then try to jump me, he got the worst so, goooooo
D the Trumpy…. I can can handle this fuck faces every day, remember i
do live in a small town and you see the same people at the same time
at the same day at the same and same and same and is boring.

But it seems that even now that i do not drink, military training…..
na, ha! that sounded good and cool i think in my stool,
just street fight, wich i should add i did not do in a long time
until the other day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.Foto 274

That is not me this time, that photo was from a loooong time ago,

right now I just have a little black eye, this photo was taken probalby

a year ago, and that is another story.


White versus Black. The great revelation.

“Hey man!”
” What?”
“You´re black.”
“You´re white.”
“I said your white idiot”
“I said you where black ”
” yeah, I´m black”
“Told you”
“And I told you you´re white”
” Yeah, I am”
“Fuck, that hurts, what was that all about?”
“Holy shit, you´re bleeding red”
“No shit, what did you expect. And why the fuck did you just stabbed me!”
“I don´t know, haaaaaa! What did you punch me in the nose!”
“I just felt like it….moron you just stabbed me, so I´m getting back at you.”
“Shit, I´m bleeding…and it´s red!”
“Holy, so we both bleed red……..”
They just sit there staring at each other and then,
“Yeah, wasssssuuuuup!”

This great piece of art was inspired by another blogger, which does seem to have some racial issues. Seems everything it happens to him or her in life, it´s because of race. Always blame race. Of course there are racist, as well as ass holes, idiots, smarts, bunch of people. But overall, just take responsibilitly for what you do what you fail to do, and if life is not fair, stop crying about it constantly. Says a wise man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.