absolutely no clue what to write plus I´m bored

No clue what to write in that little short story I was in,
so I decided to screw it and now begin, to… do
the Scooby Doo!
Silly Silly is willy nilly
I´m bored
I didn´t score-yesterday
so now is today
my way
get the hell out of this house
kill a mouse….
I hate PETA
I hate…I just hate, I´m the hater
they call me the alligator
or fornicator? Forgot which one.
Damn, I´m bored……just in case somebody wanted to know
say, wow wow! put your hands up in the air
I love Tony Blair…… damn, this was a random post

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

This was weird…and random thought from me

So today I´m standing at the bus stop and there´s this South American lady who was probably from the Dominican Republic ( they all are here in Spain) who was sitting down by my side and suddenly this Spanish lady about 100 years old sits down and says to the South American out of the blue

“So the ice is great for the back” to which the Dominican  replied without missing a beat “yes, and also if you put the ice to the eye”

That was the freaking conversation, now they start a deep dialogue as to what the ice can do to different parts of the body,go figure each to his own at least they where not bored. If you don´t get bored in a bus stop is because you want to get bored or you are listening to music or texting or whatever duuuude.

But my thought process was, why would you say to put ice to the eye instead of saying putting the eye on ice……….there is a difference.

Just a random thought

What´s the reason for sleeping?

Can somebody tell me why humans sleep. I don´t see the point in it, you don´t do anything except have dreams. Which are just fantasy, although I have to say I do like some of my dreams, a bit kinky but hey at least those are the fun ones. But apart from that what is the whole point of sleeping, productivity in the day is degraded by this monster. Why God or if you don´t believe in Him why in the world did either He created us with dreams or that evolution was also a bit screwed up since it has let us with 6-8 hours of a 24 hour a day being in a comma. So what in the world is the reason for sleeping?……Just a thought I had after waking up from my nap.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.