climate change rant

Here I am sitting with my friend Bearry Bear. It´s quite nice.
So this climate change summit is here in my country, Madrid the great capital.
We got this nutcase girl that came from I don’t know where in a katamaran,
she is the idol of all the youth. To me she does has the eyes of a killer, then
I see in the news that an astronaut is talking about climate change-pollution.
Is this idiot up there to give me even more lessons about this topic? Doesn´t
he has to figure out how to reach Mars or at least keep the International shit station
working, just something that astronauts might do instead of giving me their moral
superiority ideas. I can go on, forgot, the cows shit seems that pollutes more than cars.
So now what a dilemma….we start killing cows right and left?
I got it, humans have something to do with climate change but do they have to bombard
me day in day out at every hour with these nutcases telling me to not drive or use this
or that, or watch out with the…everything! Bunch of bullshit, it´s cool now to be the
crusaders of keeping the climate great.
O.K, go to India where they pollute more than all the countries put together and tell
the poor bastard that is making just enough money to eat a day if lucky to stop working
on the factory, lets see what he says.
At least give me some type of rational solutions instead of making it a spectacle where
everyone seems to be part of but in reality not doing anything in their day to day life.

Bunch of hypocrites. The other day while I was having a smoke(polluting) in front of the
hospital were my mother has to go on a reglar basis I see this incredible car, I´m just
waiting for the driver… to pump it up baby! Let me hear that engine and….shhhhhhh
it was an electric car! It pissed me off and that made me have to smoke 3 more cigarettes
to calm me down hence I polluted the earth and polluted my health.
By the way, wasn’t there an ice age some years ago? Just saying.

Blog, kill bunnies,kids march… I´m on a rant!

Rant one I saw the other day a post that was talking about what to do after
you hit the little button ¨Publish¨. Meaning that for this person she is waiting to see all
the LIKES, FOLLOwS,COMMENTARIES, STAT´S. Really? What the fuck, I normally have read quite
a lot of posts before I hit publish, there are days and weeks that I don´t even publish,
lately yes, but I truthfully rarely look my stats (most likely is because I´m lazy).
I hit publish and keep on reading others and make my little notes that I may or may not
use later on. When that freaky bell we have on our top right gets illuminated bright orange,
after I put on my dark shades I´ll see what is up, but not in a hurry.
If this would be my stress then I´m truly screwed in life. What a fucking post…

Rant two Kill those bastards! Yes the Little cute bunnies. People have them
as pets? I can´t believe that shit, they even have pigs as pets, that would be good for me though,
wouldn´t have to spend money on meat. I´d just adopt pigs and bunnies kill them in the
living room and eat them while watching the ¨dog whisperer¨. Fucking bunnies here in a region
of Spain the population has grown so much they have eaten all the grass so now
they go after the crops of the farmers. Literally,they have put thousands of farmers out of work,
forget about the government taxing them and their products to an extreme which translates
for the consumer to buy that product at a higher price in my cool socialist country Spain.
I think the cute bunnies work for the government. Just kill a lot of them.
Or hire me, I´m a pretty good shot.I can make myself a mercenary of the war against rabbits.

Rant three This famous kids march 3 days ago….against global warming.
In 115 countries. They skipped school to go for themselves to that march, so that was
intelligent of them. Did they drive themselves there? Point being it is a very well
organized effort and my guess is not by 12-16 or whatever year old kids. I won´t get
into the global warming argument (although in most of the pictures I did see all the
little kids with wearing t-shirt….). I think is disgusting to use kids as props to push
an ideological agenda, kids that are being indoctrinated since their minds are not fully
formed and informed about the issue. Again, using them as props and saying the ¨kids march¨
as if they themselves got together, drove by buses, made all the show happened.
Whatever your position is on the subject…..you really think is good to exploit kids?

Wooooooo! Now I feel better, my anxiety level has lowered, going to smoke a cigarette,
just to pollute a bit the air.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Thursday Rant!! aaaaa!!!!

Tuesday I put on up these images Yes, scaffolds.
Not at as easy as it seems to mount them trust me and I tore a ligament.
For a 6 your a day under 33 heat celcious the “boss”, bastard, paid me
20 Euros, he was nice enough to buy me a delicious hamburger before I fainted.

Wednesday, great day! I´m in freaking pain in my back, you know how much those freaking
scaffolds weight, and they are not as nice as in the picture, these are old rusty, you have
to make the pieces fit by hitting it with a hammer and bending and e.t.c. plus they don´t
have weels like that picture so when he or me finished a section of the roof, we were fixing
the freaking roof, we had to move it, it felt once almost on top of us and again putting it back
together, now Wednesday! It was this images-1
Doesn´t he seem happy the old man, fuck that, me and my a-hole “boss” had to cut two big
oak trees, again, not as easy as people might think to get a electric saw and that´s it, you
have to know where to cut it so it doesn´t fall on top of the house or on us, but first you go up
the tree, that would be me, and cut the “small” branches, obviously when the hole tree comes
down you have to clean all that shit and satck it nicely, So gardening day of hell day, still
with my ligament tore and as of right now I think my back has gone numb. That was 8 hours under
the beautiful sun and heat of 33 degrees, but this time he did invite me to a “Chorizo” sandwitch,
and gave me 30 Euros. Nice guy.

Thursday! I just got back from “helping” and old lady that is moving out of her house, well,
I moved all her freaking furniture, I hate old ladies, bitching about “be careful over there
is going to hit the wall, or it is better if you go that way is closer to the entrance”,
shut up! I should put you in a casket you´re not going to live all that much longer and
and this rate neither am I so I might as well commit murder against this old lady.
This was 4 hours today and payment… yeeeeehaaa! 10 Euros.

I´m high roller baby!! After all this I might take a trip to Vegas and spend all this money.
So what I do is what a great bunch of people do here in the land of the wild bulls, by
the way, why the hell was I “to cool to go to school?” F-me. My back hurts, arms, a torn
ligament or ligaments who knows I can barely walk without limping that is, but I got enough
money for food and cigarettes until the end of the month. Great pay for those hours and that
much work don´t you think?

Man, I should have stayed in school and study economics, become one of those greedy Wall Street
guys, play around with the world economy sitting in a desk inside a tall building that has
air conditioning and smack around once in a wild those spoiled college kids that they think
they disserve education. Lucky you are, or at least smarter than me too, but if I hear one
of those college kids bitch about that their feeling have been hurt in the classroom or that
they pay too much tuition I´ll just smack them.

Now going to lay down and cry in pain. Have a great day, will try to read you people
if I can sit up for more than 15 minutes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Freaking cell phone!! Rant

Foto 366

Anybody saw that, yes the cellphone
wich it could be called a nasty troll
Freaking cell phone has been giving me a hard time lately
and it was untimely
Well now the bastard has decided to got to sleep
so i can´t communicate with even a sheep
Great, and on Monday I have to go to court
hope they do not snort, me.
The freaking cell phone from the stone age
has lost his page, and went to sleep in some cage.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. And freaking cell phone went dead on me!!
Anybody can let me borrow theirs?

International women´s day! Proud….

What a day to be a man then
when? what an idiotic thing
lately there is a day or a week or a month for anybody and everybody,
don´t women say ¨ I´m a woman and independent¨, so if you are
which you should be then start acting like it,I´m not talking about
all women, just the blogs i read about this idiotic day or so they portray,
you are a women then i´m a man, why do you have to bunch in a group together
that is quite sad and that is what all those women, lets call them that
not to say another thing, since you lost your bling bling,
if you can not stand up for yourself, as well as me, a man,
and have to take refuge in a group instead of being valuable as
an individual, i say again, individual, i look at people for what
they are, as individuals be it man or women, sad thing that some of women
have to seek refuge in a group, which by the way, no wonder it was a socialist
movement who started this, and socialism means to put people in groups, see
people as a group, and not value their individualism, wich is what is most
important in a human being.
Just a thought, and now come to me with a response since i have all day….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Sentimentality just went out the window

is not my hour plus hour day to day mentality
but, I do have sentiments
that I don´t find the point of being of relevance
of, constantly writing about by life story of:
he didn´t like, I thought he would be different
I don´t get as many views in my YouTube channel as I want
I have so many choices in life like;
too many cars to buy
too many shoes to buy, too many restaurants to eat from,
too many, it´s just too many…. I can´t handle the pressure!
Sorry, but those posts that appear in my reader
I like to call them write on Mr. Peter she/he spiritual fucked up
emotional criminal, priorities go off the window into the spin zone.
There are real tragedies out there, there is real hardship out there,
that you couldn´t handle to even stare,
so keep things a bit in perspective and stop constantly bitching
and crying about those silly things.
You´re lucky, and those of you
like that don´t even realise it nor appreciate what you have.
Now I´m gonna have you to take a water shower of shove.
Plus, and Minus and Devide and Multiply…just go take a hike.
With all those sentimentality that is driving you to insanity and
depression bound quality, but I ain´t going with your memory fucked up lane.


Skip till you do what you do best
on by behest I´m taking a rest
have a great book to read
much grateful for that need
cause, I need the need for, speed!!!
happy pappy is so naughty
Peter pusher is not a constant cushy crusher
wake the fuck up and operate in this unfair life
instead of trying to mold it as you would want to have a perfect wife
so, skip till you do what you do best
gonna take the test
to shoot a rabbit hole nest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just a great advice……?


I have no clue what to write or why I put this photo up
I do know later on i might need some makeup

By the way
The other day

Why am I writing in two sentence phrase?

So here it is! I just came up with an idea
and believe it or not i stole it from the evil Russians in Crimea.
So I was talking with, or I should say commenting with this girl
maybe she had a messed up curl, but at comment number 4 i did realize
it was a minor. I was telling her how great writing i was finding in
her blog but the litte snob goes on a rampage in her little mind cage
as to how she wants to publish 3 posts a day, and she wants this amount
of LIKE´s and she wants this amount of followers and that this girl said
this and that….fuck, i almost snap, what´s with the new generation and
computer technologication…..if i was her father, i would take a hammer
and smash her devices so she wont go nuts in what is a kind of vices.

So there you go, i even think that i froze snow and Santa? Didn´t seem
to find the freaking chimeney, probably because Dick Cheney shot him
with a grin.

Sorry, this just came out that way, but it´s a cool picture that spidey dude
and he´s not even nude.

And I know technology is essential now a days,
for most of us, but i can go without it, i don´t have to take a picture of me
to put it in Instagram and say “look! I just got out of the bathroom”. Just
talking about wordpress, that is, i´m not going to lie, ofcourse i like when people put a LIKE and follow this poor guy´s writing sorrows, or clown-ows,
but if they take it away from me, is not the end of the world, which i tried to
convey to this girl, and………silence. Didn´t hear from her again, and she just
started following me, so let it be my great diplomacy skills that go down strange
wind mills. Or maybe i´m the strange one, for thinking like not many one.
A great quote, “Be able to change at any moment who you are for what you will become.”
Easier said than done, but i could become a nun, if time need be.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Cecil Cecil !!!! the lion rant

America is angered they are staggered they want blood and revenge for the act
of cruelty of killing poor Cecil. Agreed, not something I would do nor think is right,
I know it´s a big industry and the rest.
if I hunt, and I have, I do eat what I hunt, gut it and fry it. The old way.

Poor Cecil , by the way aren´t there other lions out there that are killed by their own
or lions who kill the little cute puppies of their own.

Point being, I´m fucking tired of hearing people moan about a freaking lion. Yes, it was
not a good thing to do but get your priorities straight will you. What about those videos
that has surfaced that show Planned Parenthood literally dismembering fetus, you know
as in little human being where they discuss how much is the heart going to cost, and a leg,
arm, e.t.c. They say is for advancement of science….well you have to admit then that the so
called fetus is a real person since they´re chopping of his or her little parts to then make a profit
from it. And that is fucking disgusting.

What about all the problems in the middle east with terrorism.

What about the great deal with Iran, I think they Ayatollas or however the hell you spell the name of
those nutcases, they are rolling in laughter. Came out the other day that neither American nor Canadian
inspectors will  be aloud to go into inspect, also the UN part that is suppose to monitor these idiots have
an independent agreement with Iran than what the U.S a.k.a Mr. Obama, has made. Lifting sanctions giving
them billions and I´m sure they will use it for health care, gay rights, and humanitarian aid. What a joke.

What about hunger in Africa, how can we help  other humans live a better life? But nope
forget about all those things…..Cecil.

And here we are, everybody mourning Cecil. And my theory is quite simple. It´s morally easy to do so.
But when faced with issues like you see with Planned Parenthood or issues of terrorism and how to deal
with it let alone letting a bunch of nutcases that after the deal was struck to lift sanctions in Iran so they can get easier the A bomb the same day they are shouting in the streets ” death to America” Great deal this one.
But nope, forget about that, it´s poor Cecil. Since it´s morally easy to do so, and not so morally easy to face
the others. And that is cowardly, which I fucking hate cowards and also hypocrites, that their moral compass
is a bit to say the least screwed up and priorities are up their ass.

Did I piss anybody off? Maybe I loose some readers…what can you do. My father always said “that if you don´t have
enemies, then you are doing something really wrong with your life.” Like for example in this case not to write
what I think is the real problem.

R.I.P my dear Cecil, you have the whole planet with you. And ofcourse we should hang the hunter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Show me the money!!!!! (rant)

Hey Greece and the people from that fucked up country, show me the freaking money!!!!!

These guys have borrowed 1.8 billion dollars from the European Union and they are still going broke and worst off they still expect the rest of the countries which by the way are made of people who pay taxes well for those people in those countries to pay for their bills, fuck you. Spain is in debt 98% which basically means that if I have one hundred dollars I owe the other person 98 dollars leaving me with only two dollars of my own.

Here is what happens when you vote for a radical socialist fascist party.

17% of Greece´s gross domestic product goes to pension´s for the retired, and there they retire at age 55. So do the math who has to pay for those pensions for the rest of their life´s, quite a lot of money spend there.

Then there are other type of pensions, like, for people who don´t work, for disabilities, helping people buying houses, and the list goes on. So you can say that roughly 30-40$ of their gross domestic product goes into pensions. What does that mean?

That there is more money coming out than there is money going in. So no freaking wonder  this country is broke.
It´s just basic math, like you, me, and the rest of the world as individuals if we spend more than what we have what happens….broke.

Greece is lucky to have borrowed all that money, I know that for the U.S which is 17 trillion in debt ( say whaaaat?!!!) is nothing, but for Europe and for that stupid little country it is a lot. And who is paying their bills? The rest of the tax payers that reside in the European Union, that means me, that affects me directly.

Now the European bank has said ” You´re not paying back my friends Greeks, you might have invented democracy but it seems you have screwed it up over the years, so no money.” The ones that have paid more of the debt to the Greeks is Germany, President Obama Wama Wama Ohama called the president of Germany cool Angelina Merkel to say to her, to tell her, who the fuck is this guy to tell the Germans what to do with their money by the way, to not let the Greeks go completely broke. Merkel said to him ” That sounds cool and very humanitarian so are you the one who is going to pay the bills?” Then Mr. Obama said “NO!!!” and Merkel said, ” See ya”

The people there voted for this leftist party they have there, as in Spain, what it´s an old strategy from the socialist, create chaos and then come as saviors and people slowly but surely will start looking up to the government to solve their problems, and this is what I call a parasite society. So now they´re fucked and the can only fault themselves.

So Greeks, unless you don´t bring out the 300 Spartans, well…. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! or I´m going over there to rob you as you did to us, and at least get my cut back.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

They have stole my face !!!

aaaaaa!!, wordpress just stole my face. You know that beautiful face that appears on your comments section or in the like´s, yes this beautiful face3cc6126e29a8d86c446aa0dc96995cb7  her you go look at that beauty. Well I tried to change it today and what the hell now there is no face, I see the changes are made in the section where you change your face and actually I can see the new face I was going to put up( I´m a narcissist) in my little bubble there to my upper right hand corner but only in certain pages of wordpress and then I go to hit like or comment on somebody and only appears a strange green square other times it appeared  also a green creepy serpent. And went to the forums and they actually found the instructions there as to how to change that face and the gravatar thing or what not, and I did it correctly the freaking wordpress people told me so in the web, it said “changes are completed you may return to you blogging” or something to that effect but key phrase is “changes are completed” screw that, what changes I just wanted to update, and don´t ask me why because now that i think about it is stupid and a terrible idea, well I ma a narcissist did I say that?

Actually I wanted to update a bunch of stuff really starting with that change of the face for this other beauty over hereFoto 327 and then wanted to upgrade and see the widgets and gadgets and improve the blog theme or make it easier to navigate, but it all came crushing down when the basic most simple thing just didn´t work out. So I said to myself why start now looking to change or upgrade this stupid blog if it´s going to be worst than it is now. Plus what the hell, my little notifications thing on the top right still does not work if you hit a little section of white thing comes down so I actually have to type out wordpress.com/notifications, in order to respond to comments and my statistic page went also blank since now they seemed to have changed to another name so I have to type out instead of going directly from the dashboard I have to type wordpress.com/my-statistics. What´s with these fuck up´s, they´re worst than me. Starting to aggravate me. Now that I have all the time in the world with my broken ankle to sit around the whole freaking day even my butt hurts from sitting down so much, it has even gone to sleep on several occasions here in this stupid white chair while I “improve my wordpress experience” improve what? Every time I make a change it sure changes but for the worst. So forget about touching the widgets or gadgets or whatever the hell they call them. I´m not doing anything. I´m faceless now, and I actually like it. They said it would take two hours to change at most, that was at 8 in the morning and here is now 20 to 8 in the evening. Stupid wordpress, making the pain in my ankle go to the extremes now, going to sue them for malignant something, something malignant.

I´m actually going to hit my own like button and see if I see my freaking face which I doubt, by the way what´s with people and showing their faces? Never understood it, but i did do it also, and now i want my freaking face back, i don´t want a creepy strange box, I want my face that way easier it is to disgrace. But I want  back my face, and scared shitless to touch the widgets and gadgets and next thing they tell me this wordpress  people saying they have upgraded this or that, fuck them, I´m not touching anything.

NowFoto 329 puff puff goes the magic dragon, I´m the narcissist dragon by the way, so now I have 3 faces of me in one post. I´m actually thinking of putting faces all over. I want my face back wordpress people, don´t know why i need to put up a face but i do, so give me back my face. And screw also this computer, runs slower than I do right now on crutches. Damn I´m bored.

bored to the snored
wicked Alfred the snipped
ching chang is my wang
wang bang you go mam
I´m you man